Isn't There More

Life in a comunity can be hard when it's underground, when you're paralysed, When you can only see a girl watch you, watching every expression on your face. When her new intern accidently mixes up the chemicals I am able to walk again and am able to show everyone else that there is so much to see if we could only reach it.


1. Prologue

I lay there, still, paralysed. There is a window in my room, I look out at the busy streets of New York. There are four of us here for tests, I'm not sure why but I am determind to find out. There are two girls including me, and two boys. I would tell you my name but I don't know it. Jennifer calls me Human 3. Jennifer is the professer here taking all the tests. As I look out of the window I can see people walking by, most on their phones. Some in suits, some in casual, everyday clothes. I start to feel like there's more beyond the four walls I'm trapped in, more for me to see and do if I could only get to it.

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