Isn't There More

Life in a comunity can be hard when it's underground, when you're paralysed, When you can only see a girl watch you, watching every expression on your face. When her new intern accidently mixes up the chemicals I am able to walk again and am able to show everyone else that there is so much to see if we could only reach it.


4. Mixed Up Chemical's

I heard the doors open the next day, Liz walked in, tightining her ponytail as she did, it was only now I was close to her that I could really see what she looked like, her lips were a very light pink colour since she wasn't allowed make-up in the lab andshe had hazelnut eyes. She came into my room and put some golves on and picked up one of the chemicals from the shelf and gently poured it into my mouth. She walked out and I started to feel a tingling feeling in my body. I felt free and I tried to move my leg, it moved and I managed to pull my self out of bed. I can get everyone out of here I thought. Liz must of got the chemicals mixed up because Jennifer has kept me and the others here for three years and she wouldn't just let us go like that. It's time to live the life I use to have and have the freedom I've dreamed of all this time.

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