Supine Thoughts

1. lying face upwards.

Poetic thoughts on love, life, mental health and the state of society.


2. The state of things

It is a slow Manchester morning,

in the Autumn of 2017.

The kind of morning

where a coffee cup becomes a heater;

scarves are pulled over scarlet noses.

Conversation is best avoided

to prevent the tremor of cold in tired voices,

telling of alarms at 5am

winter fast approaching.

A slow, Manchester morning.


A young man as ordinary as you or me

stands on a Piccadilly platform.

He straightens his blazer,

reminiscent of his school days not long ago,

checks the time on a phone screen.

Others do the same.

Mystified by Facebook time-lines,

sleeves pulled up like gloves

defend cold fingers from colder glass monitors,

as articles flicker by.



Dreamers in America,

shipped over borders like cattle.

A businessman runs a nation,

with the cold cynicism of any corporation.

The brutality of public defenders,

deadly bombings of the defenceless,

and nationalists threatened by innocent belief,

banishing the faith of millions.

The young man scowls,

and closes the app.

Too bloody early for politics.’

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