Sugar Lips

****Off my Quotev account****
Roselina has no interest in being in the popular a.k.a 'The Hotties' group at school. She's made an amazing new best friend who she's happy with but when a certain blonde haired boy starts taking an interest, it might change. But she also has to think about Andrea who seems to have a major disliking to The Hotties.


1. Roselina Sanchez

Wey hey!! I'm Roselina Sanchez and I'm 16.
This world got a little bigger on February the 15th.
I love music, skate boarding, fashion, tanning and singing.
I don't like bugs, darkness, metallica, assignments, dirtiness and messes.
As you can tell I have blonde hair with the ends dyed red. I also have green eyes to match my clear complexion. 
Nicknames are; Rose, Rosie, Lina, Flower.
I'm sweet, a bit rebellious, girly, care free, brave and confident.
I'm new to L.A as I've moved from Australia Queensland.
My family consists of two brothers and two sisters.  Trixie (24) is a teacher. Luke (20) is in the army and is currently in Afghanistan. Leah (19) works in our department store 'Your Closet' and Nathan (18) works part time in our coffee shop 'The Pots'. My mum owns the fashion store and dad owns the coffee shop. 
My style is whatever I feel like wearing on the particular day but it's kind of girly.
Although I don't like to flaunt it, I'm rich.

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