Sugar Lips

****Off my Quotev account****
Roselina has no interest in being in the popular a.k.a 'The Hotties' group at school. She's made an amazing new best friend who she's happy with but when a certain blonde haired boy starts taking an interest, it might change. But she also has to think about Andrea who seems to have a major disliking to The Hotties.


2. Characters

Hi Everyone!!! I'm just going to name the characters that are going to be in this story hope you enjoy the story xx

*Alli & Cody Simpson                             *Drew Moore              *Carly Mights

*Kylie Jenner                                    *Billy Unger                *Greyson Chance
*Ryan Beatty                                    *Madison Pettis         *Jaden Smith

*Jake Thrupp                                    *Ruby Green
*Nathan Sanchez                                 *Andrea Brookes

*Mia Mills                                       *Samuel Walker 


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