Introspection -3-

poetry, love, self-view, memories


1. Introspection -3-

When I look into the mirror,

I see myself in million parts  

Of me as some are unknown,
 From my far away past,
 Some are shining and sweet
 As memories of childhood,
  Some are covered with dark 
 (but when I see them turn my
 head aside)  and some have
 my face with your eyes,
 some have short hair as a boy,
 some have long silky hair of a doll,
 some have wildness and insanity,
 some have romantic lonely dress...

 How can I simply look, observe them all?
 Forgetfulness is growing in my soul,
 But your image and your piece of puzzle
 Here missing, I want to find it in the night
 With your red kisses,
 I want to hold you in my heart,
 To feel the timeless breath of love,
 Of my need, of silence and eternity
 And look again deep into your mirror core.

- nour -

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