Anna Pollak is a feisty redhead who wants to do great things after she graduates high school. She is on the honor roll, on the debate team, and she has the greatest boyfriend anyone can ask for. She and her boyfriend, Charlie, have been dating since their freshman year. They wanted to take their relationship to the next level on their 2 year anniversary. But sometimes there are consequences to having a great time....


6. Author Note

Sorry! I haven't posted in forever!!!! School just has been very hectic and time consuming. I will write and post more from now on. So please stay and I will have competitions coming up for the story. 

Thank you for everyone who is reading this! And thanks for everything you do to contribute to the story! And also, sorry if the last chapter was unrealistic. I got inspiration from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High. But, my next chapters will be a little more realistic. So again, thanks!


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