Like an illusion

Like an illusion (intro)
Intro: You're a 18 years Justin bieber's fan . You graduated from high school 2months ago. You're originally canadian but you live in California. You don't have any friends and cody ,your cousin, is the closest person to you. He's your age and you've been best friends since you were in diapers. He has a crush on you but he's never told u. You think of him as a friend and nothing more.You're suffering from a rare psychological disease . You have illusions from time to time depending on your mood. And it's always related to tour thoughts and feelings. Once you have an illusion You forget about everything around you and just live in the illusion like if it's reality.


24. Shopping


"Morning!!" You yelled as you ran downstairs. 

"Morning !! C'mon breakfast is waiting" your uncle , Sam , said. 

"Where's cody?!" You asked as you pulled a chair and sat down. "He left for work" sam answered casually. 

"So what are you up to today ?" Sam asked as he stuffed a piece of pancake in his mouth , chewed and swallowed it. 

"I'll go to the mall .. What about u ?" You asked. 

"I'm going to see an old friend ... When are u going to the mall ?" He said as he put his plate in the dish washer . 

"Now" you blurted as you took your empty plate to the dish washer as well. 

"Aha take !! You'll need some cash for the shopping" he said as he digged his hand into his pocket and pulled out some cash handing it to you. 

"Thanks a lot .. You really don't have to" you said in gratitude. "But i want to ... Take it" he demanded and you took the money. 

"I'll go get dressed" you excused. He nodded and you went upstairs. 

You wore a cute outfit and grabbed your purse. You went downstairs and goodbyed sam before you left.

The mall was 5 minutes walking from the house . You plugged your headphones in your phone and listened to some music on your way. When you arrived at the mall , you turned the music off and put your headphones in your purse. 

You went to many shops and bought lots of clothes. You had about 5 bags full of clothes. You gotta admit it ... You're a shopaholic. 

You glanced Starbucks so you went to have a drink. You ordered your Mocha , you waited till it got ready then you took it and walked to the empty couch on the corner and collapsed on it. You were so tired from the shopping and your legs hurt badly as your fingers felt like crashing from the heavy bags. 

You opened your purse and took your iPhone out . You used their free wi-fi and went on twitter and Instagram as you enjoyed taking small sips of your Mocha . After you had finished , you decided to head back home. When you were on your way to the exit , you saw Virgin megastore . You immediately changed your mind and decided to go check it first before you leave. You went inside and scanned each and every alley and shelf . 

Your eyes laid on some stunning posters of Justin , you walked to them and started picking some. 

You ended up buying 4 big sized posters and 5 ones smaller . 

You existed the mall and walked to the house , you were actually pulling yourself forcefully like a little baby as you couldn't walk from tiredness. Your turtle steps made you reach home in 10 minutes instead of just 5. 

The house was empty , you assumed sam had already left for his friend appointment. You went to your room upstairs , threw the bags on the couch and threw your exhausted body on the bed. Your body flew few inches up and went back down on the mattress. 

You sighed in tiredness. 

You glanced at your watch and it was 4 pm. You decided to take a short nap. 


Cody's POV: 

It's almost a week since YN moved in to live with us . She hasn't talked about the concert again but i'm sure it's still on her mind. Last night i was thinking to myself that maybe i should make her dream come true. I thought i could buy her tickets to the concert so i woke up early today and went to the stadium where they were selling tickets. I've heard of how fast his concerts get sold out so i made sure to go early. Even tho i was there at 8 , there was still a quite long line. I sighed at how long it was and i stood there. More people kept coming and the line went longer behind me. I stood there for about an hour and finally it was my turn. 

I bought 2 tickets for the concert and 1 M&G 

, the M&G was so expensive so i bought only one ticket for her. I imagined how happy she will be when i tell her but then i had a better idea , i decided to surprise her on the concert's day which was after a week. 



I woke up at the loud yelling. Someone was yelling my name from downstairs. I glanced at the side clock beside me and it was 7. 

Ugh !! I sleep too much. 

I jumped off bed stretching my arms as i yawned. I looked at the bags on the couch and decided to unpack when i get out of the bathroom. 


After i walked out of the bathroom , i headed for the bags and when i was just about to take the clothes out of them , i heard door knocking. "Come in" i yelled and kept taking clothes out of the bags and hanging them in the wardrobe. 

"Dad made dinner" i heard , it was cody , i could recognize his voice so well. "Ok i'm coming" i said not looking at him as i were busy with the bags. 

"What are you doing?" He said as he walked over to me. "Where did u get this from ? You went shopping today?" He asked as he held a piece of cloth , it was a pink strapless dress . "Good choice btw" he added examining the dress. 

"Yeah i went to the mall this morning and thank you" you said as you took the dress from him and hanged it. "Oh cool hope u had fun" he added as he jumped on the couch.

"Yeah not to mention the exhaustion" you sighed. 

"I'm done !! C'mon let's go" you said gesturing him to walk outta the room with you as you finished unpacking the clothes. 

"Wait there's still this bag .. What did u buy from virgin?!" He said looking through virgin's bags. 

"I can see many Justins here" he said sarcastically as he took the posters out of the bag and scanned them. "Yeah yeah c'mon sam will be so mad if we didn't go downstairs now" you said changing the topic as you shoved the posters back in the bags. 

Cody smirked and walked out with you. You turned the lights off and closed the door behind you. You looked at him and he still had that smirk on his face. "What's that for?" You asked pointing at his smirk. "Huh? Nothing" he snapped. "Really?!" You asked raising an eyebrow. "Really" 

He replied confidently with a certainty smile. 


"Thanks for dinner" you thanked sam as you put all the plates in the dish washer. "No problem sweetie" he replied nicely. Cody came up to help you. After you finished , you went to the living room followed by cody. You all sat there and watched a movie. It was horror and sam&cody kept laughing at how you were so scared and kept jumping from frighten. You just gave them a death glare after the movie ended and they both chuckled. 


"*yawn* i'm sooo tired ... Night guys" you said as you stood up and stretched your arms, your left arm slapped cody's face and you pretended it was by accident. You just wanted to tease him. "Ouch watch your arm" cody whined. "Oh i didn't see you" you lied sarcastically. "I know you did" cody said giving you a dirty look. "Whatever" you said waving your hand at his face to tease him. Sam chuckled at both of your childish attitude. Then u went to your room and changed into your pjs. You jumped on bed then, and soon you were drowning in your dreams.

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