1D adopting me?

my name is emma and I am 14 and live in an orphanage iv been in there for now 3 years. today I finally get adopted and I cant wait to see who it is!!

3. 3

Louis POV

today me and the boys are going to adopt a girl today her name is Emma and she is 14. also since i am the oldest i am going to be the father, i cant wait. right now we are on our way to go pick her up.

-at orphanage

were here now and we go to the head office to speak to the person who runs the orphanage (Miss.Katie). we talked yesterday to get the info on Emma. we walk into her office and in there is kaitie and Emma. Emma has long blonde hair and big blue eyes, she is very pretty. we all talk for a bit before leaving. we all get into the can and me, harry, liam, niall, and zany all start asking her questions.

-skip car ride

we are now back at our house and we help her get settled in.

authors note: hey its me i hope you guys like it i have to go now but i will try to post another chapter tomorrow if i can bye.

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