You'll Never Know

Hannah Was just another girl who loved to tattoo. What happens when 2 guys enter her life? Will she choose Oliver Or Oscar


7. Telling Oscar

For the past couple of days, ive been off 

And it was obvious, but ive been trying my best to hide it

"Hannah" Oscar sighed and i looked up to see him with a bag from HEB

"Yes?" I asked, lifting my head from the palm of my hand

I havnt noticed how much zoning out ive been doing 

And if its not that, i shut off all emotions withought noticing

"We need to talk, we havnt actually talked for about a week"

He whispered, nervous but worried at the same time

This is just what i need, to feel even worste about myself

Im such a horrible person for not telling him right away

Why am i so stupid? I shouldve told him right when he walked up to me.

"Hannah why are you crying?" He asked, more worried than ever

"Your going to think im a horrible person" I whispered wiping away my tears

"I'd never think of you like that love" He whispered,grabbing my hand

I looked down at our hands, how cute we looked together

That feeling of love made my heart brake

"That day you came..." I breathed out shakily, taking in a deep breath

"To the shop, i was tattooing oliver" I whispered and he nodded

His eyes seemed to be a bit cold now, knowing Oliver had done somthing

"..and?..." His voice almost broke, and a lump got caught in his throat

"And when i was getting gauze, he started telling me things..."

I whispered and his voice became hard and cold

I could feel the tension rising in the room each second

"What things?" He asked

"He kept telling me that he loved me, and that i drove him crazy"

I blurted out and felt my bottom lip quiver

"When i told him i couldnt do it....He kissed me"

I spoke, feeling each and every bit of me brake

He froze, falling back onto the couch, not looking at me

I began to sob looking at his hurt face

"I was scared to tell you..." I whispered wiping the stream of tears off my face

"Im so sorry" I spoke, and he sat up, looking at his fist

I couldnt even look at him, all it would do was make things worste

He stood up, and stomped off to the door

"Oscar" I called out and he opened the door, and slammed it

Making the whole house shake


Its been 14 hours since hes been home and ive been going mad

Ive tried sleeping, but every time id close my eyes, my heart would hurt

I closed my eyes tight as i looked at the door, which i hoped opened any second

But i knew was most unlikely

I sighed, turning away from the door

Then a click roared throughout the whole house

"Hannah" I turned to see Oscars blood shot eyes and ran up to him

"Oscar" I exclamied, running up to him, examining his droopy lifeless eyes

"Your ok" I whispered, having a slight relaxation in my shoulders

"I talked to him" He whispered and i swallowed

"And.." I whispered, and he looked down 

"You wernt lying he did kiss you" He spoke and looked me in the eyes

"So i punched him" He spoke and i sighed

"Are you ok tho?" I asked and he chuckled

"Im fine, i was worried about you tho" He spoke, rubbing my arm

"I love you hannah" He whispered and i smiled touching his face

" I love you to oscar" I spoke softly and kissed

The most passionate kiss ive ever had

And in the bak of my mind stood in the same position

The same person


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