You'll Never Know

Hannah Was just another girl who loved to tattoo. What happens when 2 guys enter her life? Will she choose Oliver Or Oscar


1. Pilot

I entered the room, ready for another day

"Hannah" My boss called sternly from his desk

"Yes?" I asked, putting on a smile, which was obviously fake

"There's a client named Oscar, he wants a neck tattoo"

"Yes sir" I spoke, and nodded, before shutting the door and leaving

I walked out towards the front desk and opened the schedual binder

"Oscar Wylde!" I called out and In the corner of my eyes he stood up

I havn't looked up yet, so i dont know what he looks like

"Follow me" I said, still not looking, and grabbed some tattoo ink paper

He followed me into my office and i sat down, finally looking at him

And wow, he was amazingly handsom

I smiled lightly and opened my tattoo paper notepad

"So what would you like?" I asked and he smiled, pilling out a binder

"So id like this from my throat to my chin" His voice was so beautiful

The disign was lovely

"This is beautiful" I spoke, and looked at the 3 layered tattoo

"Yea" He spoke proud of his choice "And so are you"

"Thank you" I softly spoke,pulling my hair behind my ears

I grabbed the ink paper and put my hand on his shoulder

"Can you lay back?" I asked and he smiled, nodding

I slowly helped him lay back and he store into my eyes the whole time

"Your eyes are so big, its pretty" He spoke, making my cheeks turn red

"Thank you, but you cant talk while i tattoo you" I whispered and he nodded


I was halfway done with the outline, when i realized the blue was missing

I reached back with my arm, and he began moving his finger on my other arm

"What are you doing?" I asked, and he chuckled softly

Making sure he didnt ruin anything

"Your tattoos are amazing" He said, tracing along my deer tattoo

"Your just full of compliments arent you?" I asked and he smirked

"Your british accent just makes you cuter" He said and i found the blue ink

I shook my head, a big smile spread across my face

I slightly pushed his head back, and blew on his now red skin

"No more talking" I whispered and he nodded

He put his hand on my thigh and i began to get butterflies

After a while of buzzing, and him grunting, the tattoo outline was finished

"Ok, your going to have to come back next week to color it in"

I spoke, putting the tools behind me

"As long as your my tattooist" He spoke, sitting up, and scooting towards me

"Well if i work that day" I whispered and he just gazed at me

"What?" I asked, feeling my face flush a brighter red

"Can i have your number?" He asked, pulling out his phone

"Sure" I whispered, pulling out mine

"Your shyness is cute" He whispered, standing up

He was about 6 foot and had a skinny yet built body

I stood up, and was about 2 feet smaller than him

We swapped phone and typed eachothers numbers in

"Selfie" He exclaimed and took a picture of him with duck lips

I giggled at his silliness, and took a serious picture of myself

"Here" He said , and we swapped back our phones

"Lets go sign you out" I whispered and he nodded, walking out behind me

His hands were on my waist, and i felt my stomach flop 

He pulled me closer to him, as i wrote down his costumer receipt 

"When do you get out?" He asked and i looked at the front desk clock

"In about 4 hours" I spoke and he smiled lightly

"Ill see you then" He spoke, and began gathering his stuff together

He kissed my cheek and walked out, looking back and winking

I just watched, mouth dropped, and felt my heart race faster than ever


Thank you for reading, click the arrow for the next chapter and Oliver will come in soon <3 

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