The Girl With The Broken Glasses - On Hold, Editing

I met her under one of the most unusual circumstances. I never knew she would have a strange impact in my life. I never knew she'll become a part of me. And I never expected her to leave my side.


1. Prologue

Josie just laid there while she was being kicked in the stomach. The grass she was lying on had stained her new dress. That dress was just bought by her aunt three days ago for her birthday. A girl she often saw walking past her house pulled roughly at her hair. The boy she recognized as one of her aunt's friend's son kicked her in the back as he screamed "Freak!" at her. They were only two among the other seven year old kids surrounding her.

But she remained calm while she kept her lips in a tight line. She would not scream. She would not give them the satisfaction. She tried to curl into a fetal position to decrease the blows she was receiving. She felt her lungs give way when one of the boys managed to kick at her chest. Crying was making its way into her mind but she fought it from happening.

There's no reason to cry. Eventually they would stop. She knew it. 

And they did.

They finally got tired and left her there on the grassy playground all alone. When she was sure there was nobody else around, she stretched her body and lied on her back, staring at the sky. She felt something on her cheek and when she touched it with her tiny hands, she saw blood.

It was weird for her how kids her age didn't look like what they really are when in front of their parents.

She lied on her side when she heard the familiar rumble of engine. She tried her best to sit up without wincing but failed. She managed to stand up but held her stomach. The van stopped by the park entrance and saw her aunt waving for her to come. Josie tried to hide her limping as she approached the vehicle.

While walking, she fixed her hair which she was certain looked like a bird's nest. She plastered a smile despite her aunt's questioning gaze.

"What happened?" Aunt Susan asked after Josie had climbed in and pulled on her seat belt in the backseat.

"We were just playing..." she lamely lied. She could never lie.

Her Aunt shook her head. "I'm going to talk to the parents of those kids," she said with finality. Josie went to protest but she cut her off. "No, you shouldn't keep on defending them," she scolded her, "What if you end up with broken bones, or something worse?" She now said in a gentler tone.

Josie wasn't able to reply but instead sniffed the air. "Is that spaghetti and meatballs?" Josie asked, peeking into her aunt's bag.

Her aunt shook her head in the lame attempt of her niece in changing the subject. "Yes, it is."

Josie smiled widely from her seat.

"You're too kind for your own good," she muttered and began to drive home, but Josie only smiled wider if that was possible.

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