I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


11. The Fight with Beth..

'Where's Taylor?' Liam asked as I walked inside. Slamming the food on the table, I walked to the couch and sat down sighing.

'She went home' I muttered angrily. I ruined everything because of my feelings and didn't think of the outcome.

'Why'd she go home?' Louis asked, already knowing

'Because Lou, I was an idiot and got back together with Beth, who by the way, is never around. Then I went and kissed Taylor and now she's acting weird and I just- I just don't know what to do!' I told them, getting angry.

'WAIT WHAT?! YOU KISSED HER?' Harry asked, standing up.

'Uhm yes?' I said uncertain

'Why would you kiss her? You are dating Beth!' Harry exclaimed

'You don't think I know that Harry? You don't think I could back to that night at the club and push Beth away and stop you and Taylor from kissing? I know I made a mistake, but the last time I checked, Taylor and I were the ones going on dates, and you just stepped in, like you always do, and try to get the girl from everyone. So this time, I'm getting the girl, because I actually really like her ' I said, almost yelling. I was sick and tired of Harry always getting every single girl. Yeah, he was one of my best mates but why can't I have the girl I like for once? Sure, I'm not a charmer like Harry but I can make girls like me for me. Not by flirting and complimenting them every five seconds.

'Niall I-' Harry started. I didn't want to hear it.

'No Harry, I don't care. I'm done acting like it doesn't kill me everytime I think about you and Taylor kissing, or holding hands, or even being together. We went on dates, she saved me from fans, she invited me to stay the night at her flat. All you did was kiss her when she was drunk' I said standing up. I needed to leave, and I needed to leave now.

'I'm going out' and with that, I walked right out the door.

Taylor's P.O.V

'Beth, what are you doing here?' I asked as I walked towards her.

'Like you don't know' she scoffed

'Actually I don't so would you mind informing me? Also, who did you find out where I live?' I asked her

'It wasn't hard really, all I had to do was look at all the photos of you and Niall. KISSING!' she yelled.

'Ok look, I'm sorry I never meant for it to happen honestly, and I didn't think Niall even wanted it to happen, I mean he's dating you, so I don't understand why he would kiss me, or even be interested in me so..' I trailed off. I didn't know what to tell her really, I couldn't tell her what Niall said to me, I couldn't tell I enjoyed it, I couldn't tell her anything but that I was sorry.

'Of course Niall isn't interested in you! Why else would he get back with me on your 'second date'?' she asked. I didn't say anything, just stared back at her.

'Have you seen yourself lately? You're too short, your bangs are uneven, your eyes could use some make-up, you really need to invest in some new clothes, and maybe get your teeth whitened. Then look at me. Then look at you. See the difference? Exactly' she told, smirking. Now I shouldn't do what I'm about to, but she just crossed the line. I raised my hand and the next thing I knew it made a loud SMACK and I realized I just slapped her square in the face.

'WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?' she asked, clearly being an idiot

'You're a bitch. You have no right to come to my house and insult me. I may not be exactly like you, but I'm myself and I like the way I look. You're just a sad miserable girl who dumped Niall and came back into his life after he became famous to gain fame for yourself. You're never with Niall and when you are it's out in the public. You don't deserve fame and you sure as hell don't deserve Niall. Now, if you would be ever so kind to move out my way and get off my property, I would gladly enjoy it' and without another word I shoved past her, leaving her stunned and holding her hand up to her cheek. Once I got inside and closed the door, I went to the ground and leaned my head against the door. Oh god now Niall is going to be even more mad at me. Well I didn't regret it at all. She got what was coming to her and I couldn't be nice forever. Picking myself off the ground I went to the kitchen to make myself some dinner when I heard a knock at the door.. Thinking it was Beth I was ready with fighting words. I was wrong.

'We need to talk' Niall said, inviting himself in

'What about this time?' I asked, slightly annoyed.

'A lot of things' he said sitting down in the kitchen.

'Are you hungry? I was just making pasta' I asked getting back to cooking.

'That'd be great' Niall said, half smiling. We were silent as I started to cook the sauce and noodles. To make things less awkward, I turnt the radio on and hummed along to some Justin Bieber song.

'So what was it that you wanted to talk about?' I asked

'A few things actually.. Uhm first, did you, uh, did you enjoy kissing.. Harry?' he asked, struggling.

'Niall I was drunk. I don't remember kissing Harry' I responded laughing

'Ok, reassuring. Beth texted me and told me you two had a little talk..' Niall said, trailing off. At this I stopped what I was doing and tensed up.

'Niall I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to slap her, it just happened but she kind of deserved it really..' I said apologetically

'You slapped her? She just told me what you said, not that you slapped her' he said, not looking mad, but not looking amused.

'Oh.. Sorry about that too' I said looking down

'And sorry for leaving today. I would love to be friends with you, because I know that's all we can be. I won't kiss you unless you ask me too, I won't hold your hand unless you hold mine first, and I won't ever talk about Beth' Niall said smiling.

'Niall it's ok. I love being your friend more than anything. You're a really great guy and it would suck if we weren't friends. And here, foods ready' I said getting plates out.

'You seriously amaze me with how good a cook you are' Niall said taking a huge bite.

'And you seriously amaze me with how fast you can eat' I said shoving the food in my mouth. We ate pretty quick and decided on watching a film. I threw Spider-Man and sat on the opposite side of the couch from Niall. Halfway through the movie I felt my eyes start to drag and Niall pull me into him so my head was on his lap. Honestly, I was to tired to care. I heard him mumble something before drifting off into a deep sleep.

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