I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


6. Rehearsel

I woke up, not in my ow n bed, but in someone elses. My head hurt so badly and I didn't move. I tried to remember last night but I couldn't. Did I seriously drink that much? I got up and then realized the throbbing in my head. I also wasn't wearing my own clothes. Ok, so what do I remember? Well, I went over to Niall's, met Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis, then we went out to the club. That's all I remember. OK, well let's see where I am. Walking out, I heard a couple boys cleaning and the smell of bacon and eggs was flouting through the house. Oh I was at Niall's house! I walked into the kitchen as everyone looked at me.

'What?' I asked. Harry came up to me, smile, kissed my cheek and put his arm around my waist.

'Hey babe' he said.

'Uh hi?' I asked looking confused.

'You don't remember last night do you?' Liam asked, laughing slightly.

'I remember coming here, then going out, and the first couple shots. After that, nothing' I sighed. At that, Harry laughed.

'So explain!' I said, wanting to know what the hell happened.

'Should I tell her or you?' Liam asked

'Go for it' Harry answered.

'Ok, so we went out, you guys were doing shots, then you were getting tipsy. Then you were dancing with everyone and kept telling Niall he was cute' Liam told me

'I DID WHAT?! NO!' I said shocked

'Let me finish! Then you did a couple more shots and were getting drunk, and by that time, you kept telling me you loved me. Flattering really. Then well, you were dancing with Harry and you were both drunk, and you guys, uh sort of, snogged' he continued

'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh' I kept repeating, hand on forehead.

'Then Niall met up with his ex-girlfriend, well girlfriend now, and we came back here, you were a mess and kept saying you were tired, so you and Haz went to bed and here we are now!' Liam finished up.

'Wait! Niall has a girlfriend? I went to bed with Harry? Oh god we didn't?' I asked

'We did not, you feel asleep as soon as you hit the bed' Harry reassured me.

'Oh thank god' I sighed. WAIT Liam said Niall has a girlfriend.

'Uhm, Niall has a girlfriend?' I asked, trying to not sound hurt.

'Well, he didn't, now he does. Him and this girl were dating a while back, but they broke up and Niall hasn't really gotten over her, when he saw her last night, they talked and got back together' Liam told me. I mean, I know Niall and I just met, but I was crushed by this news. This was heartbreaking, I couldn't breathe, it was a strange feeling.

'Oh! Well that's great for Niall' I said, trying my best to look happy. I heard a door open, and I turned around to see who it was. A tall, lanky blonde girl, with brown eyes and pale skin walked out, with Niall behind her. She was very pretty and I could see why Niall would go for her. I turnt myself around and looked at Liam.

'That almost ready?' I asked, gesturing towards the food.

'It's ready now!' Liam said grabbing plates. Niall and his girlfriend came up to the table. Harry's arm moved from my waist to him holding my hand. Why he was doing that? Not sure, I didn't really mind though.

'Hey Niall and Beth' Harry said smiling at them.

'Hey Harry!' Beth said back. Well I guess I should befriend Beth. They both sat across from Harry and I at the table and I looked down.

'Are you Harry's girlfriend?' Beth asked me

'Me? No, I'm not, I'm just a friend' I answered her

'And do you have a name?' she asked me, not in the nicest tone either.

'I'm Taylor' I said giving her a fake smile.

'Well if you're just Harry's friend, why are you holding hands under the table? she asked smiling.

'Why does it matter to you?' I asked back. Niall looked a little stunned at my answer. I got up from the table, and went to change into my clothes. When I walked back out Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Beth were eating. I looked for my keys and found them on the living room table.

'It's been fantastic meeting you all, and last night was grand, but I've got to go. I have a ton of homework, and cleaning to do. So, thank you, and goodbye' I said, smiling and heading for the door.

'Taylor wait!' Liam said getting up, but I was already out the door. I walked down the steps and dropped my keys. Picking them up, someone grabbed my elbow. It was Liam.

'Are you ok?' he asked. No Liam, I wasn't, I got led on by Niall and kissed Harry.

'Uhm, yeah I'm fine Liam thanks' I said trying to break free from his grip.

'Are you sure because as soon as Niall and Beth came out, you looked upset' Liam said

'Yes Liam, Niall and I are just friends so I shouldn't be bother that he has a girlfriend' I reassured him

'But are you?' Liam pressed.

Sighing, I answered honestly.

'Yes, I mean I don't have a right to be, but he sort of did lead me on, our 'second date' was last night, so yeah, I'm a little bothered by the fact that Niall is dating his ex again, which so happened to start on our second date' I told him. It felt really good to say.

'But you did kiss Harry' he told me

'Yes, when I was drunk' I told him

'Well...' Liam wondered off

'Well what?!' I asked, getting concerned

'You did kiss him when you were drunk, however, he kissed your cheek, had his arm around your waist then held your hand and you did nothing, so maybe you've got feelings for Harry and you haven't realized it yet' Liam stated

'I don't have feelings for Harry!' I said starting to walk to my car. This was not happening.

'Ok.. But if you ever feel like talking, text me' Liam said walking over to me.

'I will' I said getting in my car and driving away. I couldn't wait to go home and sleep.

Liam's P.O.V

When I walked back into the flat, Niall and Beth were kissing by the door. I just shook my head and walked into the kitchen.

'What's your plan Harry?' I asked him

'What plan?' he asked looking confused

'With Taylor' I said looking at him, dead in the eyes

'There isn't a plan. I like her, she's funny, incredibly cute, can drink, has a nice laugh, has beautiful eyes and didn't refuse to sleeping in a bed with me' Harry explained

'She feel asleep when she got in the room, so you didn't get lucky Harry. You're only doing this to make Niall mad' I told him getting mad.

'I think he likes her' Louis added

'I'd like her if I was the one she was kissing last night' Zayn said smiling. By this point, Niall came back into the kitchen.

'Who was kissing who?' he asked, sitting down eating. Of course.. I tired to tell Harry not to tell him, but that didn't work out well.

'Taylor and I kissed last night!' he told Niall smiling. Niall stopped chewing and looked stunned.

'You what?' he asked, looking upset. Why would he be upset? He's dating Beth

'We kissed. Why does it matter to you, you're with Beth again!' Harry said

'It doesn't matter to me! I just didn't think she'd go for you' Niall said eating again. To be quite honest, this whole situation was messed up. I didn't understand why Niall was with Beth again, she wasn't the nicest person for Niall to be with, she also broke up with him and she'll probably do it again. Harry and Taylor didn't belong together, he knew it. I reckoned he was just doing this to make Niall realize he shouldn't be with Beth.

'I think I'm going to see if Taylor wants to go out tonight' Harry said, typing on his phone. Niall just kept his head down. I stood up, shaking my head.

'Come on lads we've got rehearsal' I told them, walking to the door.

This was going to be quite the situation we've got on our hands..

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