I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


15. My Boyfriend.. Niall gets jealous

After Niall had left, I left for work. Walking in the cafe I was more than glad to see Parker. Honestly, I was getting real tired of everything to do with Niall and the rest of One Direction. I walked to the back, putting my stuff in the closet I walked back out and said a quick hello to Parker and got to work. Parker and I just worked casually today, giving the quick hip bump and smile to one another. No pranks were pulled as we just worked normally. I checked the clock and saw that I was off in five more minutes so I went to the back to get my things. Then I walked back out and smiled at a working Parker.

'Parker do you want to go get some food?' I asked. He looked at me, smiled and nodded his head.

'Where would you like to go love?' Parker asked as we walked outside.

'I was thinking my place, I can cook?' I said, making it sound like a question.

'Oh yeah that sounds lovely!' he said, taking my hand in his, entwining our fingers. I smiled, looking down at our hands, then looking at him. He smiled back as we made our way to my front door. As soon as we got in the door, I automatically went to the kitchen and started looking for food.

'So what were you thinking of eating eh Parker?' I asked, smiling as I heard myself subconsciously say 'eh'.

'Tacos? I love tacos!' Parker answered happily. I nodded and got to work. As I cooked, we talked about our interests and we were a like in come ways and completely opposite in others. My feelings for him were growing and growing as we talked and his accent made me smile. I was glad to finally get Niall off my mind and find someone who was completely different from him.

'And they're done!' I exclaimed handing Parker his plate. He took a bite and his eyes widened.

'Taylor, oh my gosh this is amazing you should become a chef, love!' he exclaimed. I laughed before explaining that I was studying to become an author. We ate and talked until we both realised it was getting extremely late.

'It's almost two in the morning! I should be going, I'll see you tomorrow at work?' Parker asked walking towards the door.

'Yes you will! I had a great time, thank you' I said smiling. He gave me a quick peck on the lips before taking my hands into his and looking into my eyes.

'I would like to ask you something, and please stop me and tell me if it's too soon for you. But I've been having the time of my life working and hanging out with you. From the moment you came into the cafe and asked for a job to this moment right here, you have been on my mind constantly and when we kissed it was amazing. You are such a amazing girl, and you are truly gorgeous, you make me laugh because of your laugh, which is so cute, your eyes make me melt and your smile is like the sun. What I'm trying to say is, Taylor, would you do the pleasure of becoming my girlfriend?' Parker asked, ending his incredibly beautiful speech. I did like Parker, but we just met. But we have been on dates, and we kissed. Oh what the hell, I have feelings for him, I'm going to take myself on that.

'Parker, that as amazing. Of course I'll become your girlfriend. You are such a great guy and you make me laugh so much. I would love to become your girlfriend' I answered smiling. He looked relived.

'That is awesome! Ok, well I'll see you tomorrow then, love' he said, kissing my cheek, giving me a hug and walking out of the door. With that, I went back into the kitchen and cleaned up the mess. I looked at my phone and saw I had a few messages from the guys. Most of them were from Niall and I saw that he called me as well. I sighed and pressed the call button.

'Hello?' I heard that Irish accent through the receiver.

'Hi Niall, it's me. Why'd you call?' I asked, wanting to get this conversation over.

'Oh right! I was going to see if you wanted to come over but you never answered' he said, sounding upset.

'Oh sorry, I was at work then Parker came over here for some food' I said, smiling.

'What? Why was Parker there?' Niall asked. Here we go..

'Because he's my boyfriend' I answered. Then the line went dead.


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