I can love you more than this

Read, and you will find out.. I don't want to spoil it..


5. Meeting the Boys...oh fun. :/

Parking and jumping out of my car, I ran across campus and luckily made it to class with a few minutes to spare. I sat down in my seat and waited for the professor. He was a few minutes late, and I heard some girls whispering behind me. I tried not to eavesdrop, but one of them mentioned Niall's name which, of course, got me interested.

'Oh my gosh, they were leaving her house! Do you think they're dating?' one of them asked

'I don't know, maybe! They both look really happy!' the other answered.

That little bit of information got me looking at my phone. I went on Twitter and saw Niall This Morning was trending and clicked on it. There were loads of tweets talking about how Niall was leaving some girls apparentment earlier today. I saw a link to a photo and click on it. I nearly dropped my phone and my jaw hit my desk. The photo is of me and Niall leaving my appartment. Oh my. This was bad, very bad. Before I could react any further, the professor walked in and I put my phone away. Through out the whole class, I couldn't stop thinking about that photo. We both looked incredibly happy but I wasn't dating him and I don't want people thinking that. I hope Niall hasn't seen that photo. But what if he has? What would he think of it? I won't mention it to him, until he does. Soon enough, the professor dismissed the class and I went to grab my bag when one of the girls stopped me.

'HEY! You're that girl in the photo with Niall!' she said completely shocked.

'What? What photo? Who's Niall?' I asked, trying not to give away the fact that it was me in the photo.

'Don't lie, this is you' she said showing me the photo.

'Oh.. That photo' I said nervously. I hope she wouldn't ask if we were dating

'Are you dating?!' she asked. Wow I spoke too soon.

'Uh no, were not, we just met yesterday' I answered, wanting to leave.

'Do you like him?! Is he as amazing as he is in interviews? Does he really eat as much as he says? How cute is he in person?!' she asked.

'OK, look, I'm sorry, I don't want to seem ignorant, but I've really got to go' I said instead of answering her thousands of questions. She gave me a dirty look as I turned around and walked out the door. Oh god, I hope no one else would stop me. I did not need this. I reached my car, and got in. I drove straight home and went inside. Great, there was probably going to be photos of me entering my house as well. To keep my mind off things, I wrote my essay on why I was late. The reason I gave was I spelt in, then my car wouldn't start, so then I had t call a mechanic to fix it, then came to school. It seemed pretty legitimate so I hoped my professor would believe me. Looking at the clock, it was 3:56 pm and I remembered Niall and I were having our second date, and honestly, I was kind of nervous after seeing that photo. Maybe I could say I'm sick? No, he saw me this morning and I was fine.. Well, I've got no choice but to go. I was just about to call him when my phone rang.

'Hello?' I asked answering

'Hey Taylor, it's Niall!' Niall said. I could feel his smile.

'Oh really, cause I didn't know that from my caller ID' I said sarcastically.

'Didn't think so. What are you doing?' Niall asked

'Come on Niall, just ask her already!' I heard someone shout from the background

'Shut up Harry! Sorry about that. Uhm, second date, which is tonight, I was thinking you could come to my place?' Niall asked nervously.

'Your place? Like we're going to be there for our second date?' I repeated.

'Yeah, is that ok?' Niall said

'Oh yeah! That's fine! When do you want me to come?' I asked smiling.

'Uhm, now?' Niall said.

'On my way! Bye!' I hung up. Running to the bathroom, I fixed my hair, brushed my teeth and threw on some perfume. I ran out the door and jumped in my car.

Niall's P.O.V

After Taylor hung up the phone, I couldn't stop smiling. But I couldn't help but wonder if she saw the photo. Maybe she did and that's why she sounded so nervous. Turning to the lads, they all looked eager to hear if she was coming or not.

'She's on her way!' I told them

'Oh my god she actually wants to see you again?' Harry asked shocked

'Shut up Harry' I said. I was starting to get really nervous.

'Don't worry mate, it'll be fine. We won't embarrass you. Much' Lou said smiling.

I was just about to tell them to be cool, when I heard someone pull up. I looked out the window and saw it was Taylor. Giving the guy the 'be cool' look, I went to the door. I opened it and she stood there looking beautiful. Her hair was curled and her bright blue eyes were sparkling. She smiled and I went weak in the knees. No one ever made me fell this way. It was unreal.

'Hi!' she said smiling up at me.

'Heey!' I said pulling her in for a hug. Wow she smelt good. 'Uh come in' I told her. She stepped inside and looked around. The boys suddenly came out of the living room with cheeky grins on their faces.

'I'm Taylor' she said to the lads, then looking at me confused

'Harry' Harry introduced, shaking her hand smiling.

'Louis, Liam' they both introduced themselves.

'And I'm Zayn' he said shaking her hand and kissing her cheek. I gave him a death glare, and he backed away.

'So you're the one famous one in the photo over the internet' Louis laughed

'What?! No, you guys saw it too?! Man, I was so hoping you didn't see it' she said shocked.

'It's not that bad love' Harry said, smiling.

'Oh no, I like the fact that I'm with Niall, but being in the public eye, that's bad for me. I'm awkward, and I talk to much, and I'm going to shut up now' she said, blushing. She was so cute.

'So I'm guessing all five of you make up One Direction?' Taylor asked.

'Never heard of us?' Zayn asked, quite surprised.

'Well, no, I just moved here, from Canada, and the first I heard of you was yesterday morning when I saved Niall' Taylor explained.

'How about some food?' I asked breaking their conversation

'Yes! I'm starving!' Liam said

'Right, we'll go get Nandos. Sorry I have to have it!' I said, grabbing Taylor's hand. Her hand fit perfectly in mine, and I could tell I was blushing.

'How bout Lou and I go get it and you, Taylor and Liam stay here?' Harry suggested. We all agreed and they left. I realized I was still holding onto Taylor's hand, and she didn't seem to mind considering her hadn't let go. We were all making small talk when Harry and Louis came back. We ate and all had a laugh.

'So Taylor, what are you doing tonight?' Harry asked

'As of right now, hanging out with you lads' she said in a horrible British accent.

'How about we go out for a drink later?' Zayn asked

'Sounds lovely' she said, British accent on, and laughing.

'Your British accent is rubbish' Liam said laughing even more.

'I'll stick to my Canadian accent then!' she told them, laughing now.

I couldn't help but laugh as well. This was going much better than I thought, and tonight would be even better.

'What time is it?' Louis asked. I looked at my phone and it read

'9:41' I answered.

'I say we leave at 10:30?' Taylor suggested. They were all shocked that she suggested a time, but looked happy about it.

'I like you Taylor, you're a good one' Zayn said, giving a small nod.

'I like you too Zayn, you're dashing darling!' she answered him

Her accent was so bad but it was so cute. Every time she did it, it made us all laugh uncontrollably.

'You have got to stop doing that' I told her smiling.

'I'd do an Irish one, but it'd be worse that my British one' she said pinching my cheeks. I laughed and removed her hands from my cheeks. She laughed and looked at the ground. I would kill for her to be mine.

Taylor's P.O.V

Things were going really well, Liam and I talked the most, and I could sense a good relationship between us. Harry was cheeky and very funny. Louis was hilarious and could make anything funny. Zayn was shy at first, but he was just like the rest. And Niall, well he sat there smiling the whole time, and he kept taking my hand in his. I was excited for the club tonight, anything could happen.

'Guys! Let's go it's 10:30!' Harry yelled for us. We all got up and walked to the door. Once we walked out, Niall stood close to me and sat beside me in the car. I noticed some paps around, but didn't think to much of it. We arrived at the club and walked in. There were many people here and it was very loud. We walked over to the bar and got six shots. One for each of us. I downed the shot in no time. This was going to be an interesting night.

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