1. Chapter 1

You have that look in your eyes, as if you want something from me. No one has ever looked at me like that before, with such intensity. It unsettled me, surprised me, I guess.


Those dark, dark green eyes, looking back at me as if I could enlighten them. They're pretty powerful, you know, those eyes, pretty beautiful, too. 


You didn't blink or turn away when I looked at you, which surprised me. 


There was a strange sort of familiarity about you. I've seen you before, somewhere.. My eyes kept fitting back to your face.


I turn away and look through the crowd of people at the club, in search for my friend.  I sigh in defeat. I never should have let her drag me here.


I didn't look back, but I knew you were still watching. It probably sounds weird, but I could just feel it. The hairs on my neck bristled when you blinked.


Soon I feel someone move up next to me. I turn. "Let me buy you a drink." Your voice was low and husky, and your accent was strange.


Your black low cut shirt showed off the wings of a tattoo on your chest. You smell lightly of cologne and your curly is slightly pushed away from your forehead.


Your eyes were too intense to stare into for long. You had a bill ready. You smile at me, it was more of a smirk, but I return it anyway. You took the drink from the bartender and handed it to me.


"Thank you." I say shyly. You nod. I couldn't say anything. I was too flustered by you being here, talking to me, to do anything else.


Your hand lay gently on my knee, your hand warm on my skin. "It's OK, I won't bite." He says noticing my hesitance. "I've only just escaped my friend." I say a little too quickly.


You look around and chuckle. "Well I don't see your friend anywhere." He says in a playful matter. I chuckle nervously. 


I look at your face. You were beautiful, in a rough sort of way. But you were older than I'd realize. Early twenties, maybe even older. From a distance, you looked about 18 or 19, your body tall and thin. 


"I'm Harry." He says making eye contact with me, while extending his hand out. He held my hand, but didn't really shake it.


"I'm Diana." I say. You nod, as if you already knew. "So, I can see your not from America?" I say trying to change the subject, getting nervous under his constant stare.


"Yeah, I'm from London." He says. I burrow my eyebrows. "Why did you come to America?" I ask. He looks around before bringing his head down to my ear. "I came to find you." He whispers only for me to hear. I laugh, thinking it was a joke. His expression remains serious. I stop laughing, searching his face for any sign that he was joking. There wasn't.


I freeze, starting to get light headed. Nerves start to settle in the pit of my stomach. "I think I should go." I gush out trying my best not to stumble off the stool. 


I quickly make my way to the exit. A cool breeze hits me as I walk outside. My chest rises rapidly as I try to calm myself down. I walk down the sidewalk towards the parking lot.


I feel a presence behind me, my head snaps back. Only to see that no one is there. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. It isn't until I hear footsteps. Okay maybe I'm not paranoid. I turn around again, no one. I swear under my breath and walk quickly to my car.


I fumble with my keys and finally it unlocks. A hand wraps around my waist, before I could scream another wraps around my mouth. 


I kick and squirm, trying to free myself. Something pricks into my forearm. A needle.


"I got you." Was the last thing I heard before everything went black.


















































































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