You Shine Like The Stars

Bullying. People, children, teenagers. Everyone is bullied, bullies, or witnesses bullying. This is the fictional story about a teenager named Clarice. She is a freshman in High School and doesn't really fit in. Her mom and dad are divorced and her mom recently got a new job in California. All the 'pops', or populars, call Clarice names and beat her up after school. Clarice is too ashamed to go to an adult. With this going on everyday, how will she explain all the marks on her skin and tears rolling down her face to her mother and father?


1. The Move

               "Clarice, honey it's time to go!" Mrs. Skye said. Clarice is a ordinary fourteen year old girl who's parents divorced about three months earlier. It is the day that Clarice and her mother leave New York City, New York and fly all the way across the country to Hollywood, California. "Clarice go and give your dad a hug we are leaving in ten minutes."

               "Now remember sweetie, your coming to stay with me for two months after you have lived in California for two months." Mr. Skye said. "I remember. I love you, dad!" said Clarice. "I love you, Clairie!"

               It wasn't until the next day, when Clarice started school, that she knew she would never fit in.

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