Take my Breath Away (Sequel to Saving aLife

This is the sequel to Saving aLife, Cam waking up for the first time in six months faces even more difficult decisions then ever before. The one she loved left her while she was gone, and there is nobody left to trust, nobody left to trust except for her brother, the only person that has been honest with her from the start. But is there a new man that can change her mind on everything? Can he regain her trust, and help her hurt go away?


16. Try something New

"Zayn take me home please" I said still in tears with a red puffy face.

He got into the car, and pulled away from the house leaving Harry only in the reflection of the mirror.

"I need to be alone Zayn" I said as I walked up the stairs to the house, and I could hear all of the boys asking him what had happened, but I never stopped.

I ran to my room, and slammed the door. I screamed as loud as I could.

"I hate him, I hate him so much" I said trying to convince myself, but it was no use, I knew I loved him, but how could you love someone that hurt you? Well apparently I had an act for it.

I turned on the T.v.  in my room, and on the news of one of the music channels was a head line.

"Harry going to be a dad?"

The picture was me buying the pregnancy test in the store, and I threw the remote at the T.V..

FOr fuck sakes I Thought to myself, I hated the, and it was bullshit. I heard the front door open.

"What are you doing here Harry?" Zayn said angry.

"I need to see my girlfriend"

"You need to leave, I am pretty sure she doesn't want to talk to you right now"

"No, let talk Harry" I said standing at the top of the stairs now.

"Lets talk about everything, lets start at the beginning shall we? Like when you used me to get more fans, and more publicity. Oh how about the time when I took a bullet for you, and told you I loved you, and you left me because, you 'needed somebody' You were the first person that I thought of when I woke up, and where were you.. with some slut. I may have cause you a lot of trouble Harry, but I never once asked you to deal with all of my shit, you decided to stay, and that was your choice, oh wait or was it Simon's? You cant make one simple choice by yourself, and now this."

"Cam, I didn't know that you were pregnant!"

"Oh okay Harry so just because you didn't know I was pregnant, it was okay to stick your tongue down some girls throat, and dry hump her? It was okay to hurt me again, and again, Harry I am just a little game to you, and that's all I will ever be, and I sure as hell don't need you anymore. I am going to keep this baby, but I don't need you, I don't need your stupid fucking money, and I really don't need this kid to end up like you, I will do that on my own, and you can leave, you can be with that slut that you care about oh so much."

He didn't say a word, and neither did any of the boys, they just all starred up at me.

"Cam I lo-"

"Harry don't even finish that sentence because you don't you really don't, and that is all I can say about you, I am just a game that you like to play. Please just leave"

He looked up at me, and then down at the ground, and at all of the boys, and walked out.

I broke down, and started to break down, and cry, and my legs caved in underneath me, and I feel to the ground.

Lou, came running up the stairs to help me up, and I just couldn't do it anymore. "I hate him, how could he do this to me" I said crying, and Lou just patted me on the back, Cam you need to calm down, this isn't good for the baby.



8 months had gone by after that day, and I was now 18. I was free to do anything that I wanted, but I couldn't. I couldn't go out, and party like all of the people my age, I was 8 month pregnant, and single. Not to mention all alone, the boys had gone on tour, in the states. Now that I think about it.. my life has never really been normal, and I don't think it will ever be.

I was starting to get sick of being alone, I had been alone for a month already. Harry had left me the house that he bought, and I stayed there by myself most of the time, well except for when the boys came to visit, I hadn't talked to Harry since that day, and I think that I liked it that way, he just broke me.

I got into the car that Zayn had left behind when he went on tour, and started to drive to the institution that Calub stayed at now, he had finally gotten out, and was staying in this facility. He was honestly doing so much better, and I was proud of him. He was honeslty starting to turn back into the old Calub that I fell inlove with, and I went to see him almost every week atleast.

I pulled up, and took a deep breath, my belly kept on getting in the way of everything. It was a chore to get out of the car, but when I finally did, I almost fell over.

"Hey Cam" Calub said helping me back to my feet.

He was being watched at all times, but I guess I came when he was on his play time, well that it was they call it. It is basically a time when they just let them stroll around in the garden. The man who took care of Calub was so good to him, and I admired him for that.

"Hey" His care taker said as he came up behind Calub, he didn't look old at all, and everytime before I left we would go out for a snack at the end of his shift.

"How are you doing?" I asked Calub, but I could tell he was doing good, he looked healthy, and strong, and just good in general.

"I feel a lot better" He said smiling at me.

"He hasn't had a break in four months Cam" His care taker said, I could tell that he was proud of him, and in a weird way him, and Calub became really good friends.

I remember when he had that break, it was when he found out I was pregnant. For some reason I didn't start to show until then, and when he found out he just completely lost it. It took 6 hours to calm him down, and they had to sedate him. He just snapped, and I could tell that it wasn't him in there anymore, it was somebody else completely. He just... changed I guess you could say. He started throwing shit all around the room, but he never layed one hand on me, or even yelled at me. I knew he snapped, but there was still progress when he did. He could restrain himself that much not to even touch me or anybody else.

By the time he was done throwing a fit, the room was completely trashed, and there were holes in the wall everywhere.

I sat there and visited with Calub for over three hours, and I liked it, I would never consider dating him ever again, but I was so proud of him. I have researched people that have the same thing as him, and some of them never get better, some of them just sit in a facility somewhere, being crazy until they die, or kill them selves, and believe me it happens a lot more then you think it does.

"I am really proud of you Calub" I said reaching for his hand, and he just starred down at my hand on his. He smiled, and giggled a little bit, "That means a lot to me Cam, It means a lot to me that you come visit, you are the only person that does anymore"

"Your mother stopped coming?" He flinched when I said the word, and that is when I remembered what he told me.

When he was little his mother wasn't the nicest person to have around, and he didn't know his father. His mother would beat him when he wouldn't pay attention, and nothing was ever good enough for her. I met her once I think, and I hated her, he was right nothing was good enough for her. She was a complete bitch about everything, and she even smacked his hand when he did something wrong. He was actually scared of her, and even thought the doctors don't think like me, I am pretty sure that she is the one that caused him to be like this.

I got up, and walked over to Calub, and kissed him on the cheek lightly, "Well it's time for me to go, but I will see you next week?"

"Yes Cam, and let me know when how everything goes with the baby when you have it"

I smiled, and nodded. I was almost to my car, when his care taker came running up to me, his name was Adam.

"Hey, wanna go out for a bite to eat?"

"Sure" I said, and we both got into the car. We always went to this little restaurant, it was rarely ever busy, well atleast not when I am there.

I needed an actual meal inside me, the little guy was hungry. I knew the sex of the baby now, and it was going to be a handsome little man.

"Listen, I was uh wondering if"

"Adam, you don't want to get involved with this, I am literally a mess"

"Cam, I know what you have been through, and I know that it is stupid to like a girl that is 8 months pregnant with another man's child, but I can't help it. I like you" I just starred down at the food on my plate.

"Adam, the thing is, My entire life has been nothing, but a mess, and that is all it will ever be."

"Well maybe I can help you out atleast. You will need someone there for you when you have this kid, and I can be there to help you out when you get home from the hospital, you will need all the help you need trust me."

"I just don't think it is a good idea, I am sorry" I could tell he was let down by my answer, but I couldn't help it, everyone I let in hurt me, and I can't handle it.

"I am sorry Adam"

He just smiled, "I get it Cam, I mean I don't know what I was thinking" He got up, and paid and left me there by myself.

I finished my meal, and then got up to pay, but the lady told me that Adam had paid for me to. I don't know why he did that, I mean I knew him, and he wasn't one to be throwing around money like that.

I got home, and heard a call come in, Niall was skyping me, and he always did between his shows.

"Hey!" I said excitedly, I missed him to much, he always kept me company.

"Wow, pregnancy has not been kind to you Cam" I heard Lou say"

"Thank" I said laughing, and it was true, I looked so pale, and just not good, I never did anything with my hair or make up.

I never seen Harry when Niall skyped me, and he has been so cold since our last talk, and I can't blame him, but he got what he needed to hear.

"I love you guys!" I said before hanging up, and going to bed.

I got a sharp pain in the middle of the night, and I just brushed it off, I thought that it was just cramps. Then I felt the wet warm fluid run between my legs. I knew I couldn't drive myself to the hospital because I couldn't even move out of bed, the pain paralyzed me.

I called the ambulance, and then called Niall on Skype, when he answered he was half asleep, and his eyes were closed.

"Niall, I am having the baby!" I screamed into the phone half with pain, and the other half with excitement.

"What? NOW?! IT WASN'T SUPPOSE TO TBE DEW FOR ANOTHER MONTH! I was suppose to be there for this, I was suppose to be there for my nephew."

"I gtg"

Before he could say anything I hung up, and the paramedics where coming through the front door.

"I am up here" I yelled hoping that they would hear me, because the pain was so bad, I could barely talk.

They came running up stairs, and had to carry me down because the stretcher wouldn't fit down the hall way.

We got to the front door, and they laid me on the stretcher so gently, but everything felt like a punch to the lower stomach.

We got to the hospital so quickly, and before I knew what was happening, I was in a room, and the doctor had to cut my pants off.

"Push Cam" He said, and he repeated over, and over again, but I really didn't stop pushing the whole time, I wanted this kid out of me as soon as possible.

They took him away from me as soon as he came out, I didn't even get to see him.

"Where are you taking him? What's wrong?" I demanded.

"He is premature, the doctors need to make sure that everything is developed properly." the nurse said without cracking an expression on her face.

"But he is going ot be okay right?"

The nurse didn't answer me, and she just left the room, I couldn't help it I fell asleep, the whole thing was so exhausting, and I was in pain.

Again sleep was the only time I could get away from all of this stuff, and it seemed to work.


When I woke up the doctor was in the room, and looking at my vidals, and everything like that.

"Cam , your baby boy is doing just fine, but we want to keep him just for some over night observations. You can see him now if you want, and I believe that there is someone here to see you'

"Yes I wanna see him right now, and who?"

"Harry" He left the room, and when he did Harry walked in right by him, "Cam, I am so sorry I wasn't there to help you with this, I wanted to be here for this"

I didn't even say a word to him or even look at him, I am still mad at him, and a part of me will always be mad at him for what he did.

"Harry just cause you came here doesn't mean that I am going to forgive you just like that"

" I know Cam, but right now all I want to do is be here for my son, and eventually get back to working things out with you"


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