Take my Breath Away (Sequel to Saving aLife

This is the sequel to Saving aLife, Cam waking up for the first time in six months faces even more difficult decisions then ever before. The one she loved left her while she was gone, and there is nobody left to trust, nobody left to trust except for her brother, the only person that has been honest with her from the start. But is there a new man that can change her mind on everything? Can he regain her trust, and help her hurt go away?


9. Scaring me


He kicked me, and everything went black, but it wasn't for very long, I came to in just a few seconds. I grabbed a piece of glass, and stabbed the one in the leg, and started screaming for help. The one kicked me by my breast, and I was laying back down, gasping for air. I was laying in a pool of blood, and it was flowing threw my hair, and all over the back of my clothes. He gave me one more good kick to the face, and I was out cold.

When I woke up I was in the back of a car, well I was in the trunk. I didn't even bother to try, and scream or get away. I knew what he was going to do, it wasn't a question of if he was going to kill me, but when is he going to kill me. For the first time in my entire life I missed Calub.

Ben had tried to hurt me, and do things to me many times before, but Calub would never let him even come close enough to reach me. Calub may have been a shitty boyfriend, but he still never let anyone else hurt me, not once. He would have stopped Ben, even if he was mad at me, I mean he had done it before plenty of times. Ben would always try to convince Calub to do things to me, but Calub never gave in. And in that weird way, I knew that Calub did care about me really deep down.

The car hulted to a stop, and I hit my head on the inside of the trunk, it hurt, but it wasn't even close to being hard enough to knock me out. He had my hands tied up, and I couldn't barely move, I think I was still in shock after that knock to the face. I could feel crusted blood on the front of my face, when I moved it slightly, and I knew that he had broken my nose, and it had been bleeding, and from the amount of blood on my face, I would have to say a lot.

He opened the back of the trunk, and lifted me to a sitting position by my hair, and then lifted me over his shoulder. I was looking around, and I could honestly say I had never seen a place like this. We were in a forest, I guess you could say, and the only thing that connected me to the rest of the world was a narrow dirt road that looked like it hadn't been used in years. Well atleast not by any other people besides, Ben, and his gang.

I kept my mouth shut, and he swung the door open, and threw me on the ground. It made my vision go for a little bit, and the dust that came up from the floor, made me cough. I looked up, and standing there next to Ben was Drake?

"Drake help me!"

He just laughed in my face, and turned the other way. I couldn't believe it, he was in on this whole thing, and I just wanted to cry, I seriously can't trust anybody besides the boys.

"Cam, you are one brave girl, but that bravery has caused you your life." Drake said still not facing me.

"How are you involved" I demanded.

"My name is Drake Prescott, does that name ring a bell hun"

I couldn't believe it, he was Calub's brother... Calub never wanted to talk about his family, but I thought he would of told me tat he had a brother. I couldn't believe it not one bit.

"Everything since the day I met you was a set up, the first day I gave you my number, we wanted to make it seem like you were going to cheat on Calub. We hoped that when he thought that he would finally get rid of you for good. You were the only thing that kept him soft, and we needed to get rid of that little problem love. Then when you came back me, and Ben thought it would be the perfect way to get you, until that curly headed asshole got in the way of everything. You sent my brother to jail bitch, and now I can finally get you back for that."

I couldn't believe it, and I never will, he seemed to sweet, I never could have excepted this, well not from Drake.

I couldn't even begin to fathom that Calub kept me safe from these bastards, I thought Calub was bad, but it was just what these three were turning him into.

"You guys were who turned him into a monster, he was perfectly fine without you three, and you destroyed him, you changed him into the monster that he is now!"

He just laughed, "No love, we just brought it out in him, he always had the power to be like that"

"You guys are fucked!" I screamed at them crying.

"HEEEELP HELP ME! SOMEONE PLEASE!!!" I was begging, and screaming.

"This sounds so cliché, but scream all you want nobody can hear you, and nobody is ever going to find you"

He smiled, and I was so scared, I was going to die out here, and now everything was real, I was never going to see the boys again, I am never going to see my dork Niall, and Harry... I am never going to see Harry again,  Harry the man I love, the man whos child I am carrying.

"Before we do anything, we are all going to have a little fun with you first, you know like that first date we went on?" He said smirking, and winking at me.

"Drake your sick, you are so fucking sick, just let me go please"

He slapped me hard, and I could feel the blood start to rush to my cheek as it swelled up.

"Talk when I say you can slut!"

I stopped, and he sat me up, and unzipped his pants, "Now suck like the trash you are"

I turned my head, and he hit my even harder the second time, I leaned my head in, and that is when the tip went in my mouth. I bit down as hard as I could, and he kicked me in the stomach.

I was back on the ground, and well I was I watched him jump around the room in pain, as he swore knocking down everything that layed in his path.

"I am pregnant you asshole" I managed to get out of my throat.

He got scared, and I remember the night we had sex, we didn't wear a condom, but there was no way possible it was his.

"It's yours Drake" I said in a desperate attempt trying to get him in a change of heart. He stopped, and looked at me thinking. I was praying that he would believe me, and take it easy on me.

"Nice try, we had sex 8 months ago, you would be almost ready to burst by now"

He was right, I only had a slite baby bump, and it would be huge if it was his.

He slapped me, "Awe babe don't cry, we are going to have some fun" He said as he grabbed my face forcing me to look into his eyes. They were going to be one of the last eyes I ever looked into.

"It's that curly headed fucks isn't it? ISN'T IT?"

I nodded scared.

"Well why don't we give him a little call, and let him know that we have you"

"No leave him out of this Drake"

He didn't listen to me, he grabbed my phone out of my back pocket, and slapped my ass while he did. I could see the screen, and I had atleast 20 missed calls from all the boys.

He opened it, and went under Harry's name, and put it on speaker phone.

"Cam? Baby are you okay?!" He was so worried about me, and I could hear the heart break in his voice.

"Hey bud, remember me? The guy you pulled off Cam?"

"You fucking bastard let her go!"

Drake just laughed at Harry's desperateness.

"No, see the way I think things are going to go is.. we are going to have a little fun with her"

Zayn was on the phone now, and I could hear Harry crying hysterically in the back ground.

"Listen you little prick, let her go, or I am coming to find you, and you aren't going to be happy when I do!" Zayn was full of pure rage, and to be honest it was sexy.

"Good luck with that" drake said as he hung up the call.


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