Take my Breath Away (Sequel to Saving aLife

This is the sequel to Saving aLife, Cam waking up for the first time in six months faces even more difficult decisions then ever before. The one she loved left her while she was gone, and there is nobody left to trust, nobody left to trust except for her brother, the only person that has been honest with her from the start. But is there a new man that can change her mind on everything? Can he regain her trust, and help her hurt go away?


12. Done

I woke up to Niall's  smiling face, and he had been crying I could tell, but I really didn't care. I was just happy I got to see him again, I was so happy that he was here. "What happened Cam?"

"Ben, and Drake grabbed me, they grabbed me, and took me to some little shack, and they hurt me Niall, he hurt me so badly. I said crying, as Niall grabbed my hands.

I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down. "Niall, I missed you" I said as he hugged me tightly, and it was so perfect.

"Calub saved me Niall, he came, and saved me"

Niall didn't even say a word, he just showed me the paper, and it headlined "Criminal saves the girl who puts him in Jail??"

"Criminal Hero" and so on, mine, and Calub's face were on the cover of every single magazine, and paper that I knew of.

"Great! Anyways where is Harry?"

"They are only letting family in right now"

The doctor walked into the room, "Cam you are a very lucky girl, if you would have been late here for five minutes you could have died. We managed to save you, but while we did surgery, we had to take your baby out. Cam, your baby didn't make it."

My heart stopped, and I was speechless for the first time in my life, I usually have something to say, but now there was nothing.

Harry walked in the room behind the doctor, and he was still crying, I take it he already got the news. He walked up to me, and hugged me. I could tell he felt the exact same way that I did. I was dead inside now, and I don't think that anything could bring me back.

"I love you baby" Harry whispered in my ear as he kissed the top of my head. The nurses must have bathed me or something, because I am clean from the last time that I saw myself.

I was cloaked in blood everywhere, and my hair was knotted, and tangled, and clumped up with dried blood, my face, and arms were covered in it, and my nose was broken.

My arms were all bandaged up, and I looked so hideous, I don't know how Harry could love something as ugly as me.

I think he could read my face because he busted out,  "Cam, you are beautiful, and perfect, don't look at yourself that way."

"Harry, no I am not"

"If you weren't you wouldn't take my breath away every single time I think of you, I have never felt this way before Cam, and I like it"

I smiled up at him, and he grabbed the tip of my chin, and pulled it up so that he could just peck my lips.

I looked down at the paper, and immediately frowned, I hate the media, they got in the way of everything, and they screwed up mine, and Harry's relationship the first time. Even though we still worked out after that, something deep down told me I should have just moved on.

Harry, and Niall never left my side once, and Zayn came to see me ever day I was in the hospital, he even brought me the biggest teddy bear I have ever seen.

Something about Zayn made me like him so much, and I can never put my finger on it, he was just so charming altogether.

I had to testify against Ben, and he was going in for the death penalty, apparently the police had found further back evidence of more murders in that shack.

I was just happy that now everything was done with, and I never had to see any of their faces again, well except for one.... Calub.

I had to go see him in prison, I knew I had to, I owed it to him.

I made Harry, and Niall leave the room when Liam walked in.

"What do you need sis? Liam asked as he sat down in the chair right beside the head of my bed.

"I need you to come with me to see Calub"

"Now do you think that that is the best Idea"

"He saved my life Liam, I have to"


The next day Liam and me left early before the rest of the boys could get home, and we were set for the prison.



Cam sent me away.. she sent me to this place, but maybe it wasn't all bad. I hated this fucking prison so badly when I first got out of here, I got into fights almost daily. The court ordered that I start going to therapy, and anger management classes.

Honestly I thought they were all just a big load of shit, they weren't going to make me better nothing could. But slowly they started to help, I could control my anger better then I ever could before, and I started not to get in so many fights. The warden even said that if I keep up my good behavior they are going to move me to some type of Anger facility in town, even though it would be heavily guarded, it was my step back to freedom.

In all of my therapy sessions they made me talk about Cam, and what I did to her, and looking back to it now, I was a real asshole. I was a monster even. I can't believe I hurt her like that now, and it hurt me to think that I ever did. I really did love her, and I just wish that I could make it up to her in any way. I know that nothing will ever make up for anything that I had done to her, not even close, but I had t start somewhere.

I mainly kept to myself in here, I mean I didn't really fit into a group here, I sometimes talked to my Prison mate, but other then that nobody besides the guards when the told me to do things.

I missed her, I missed those nights that we never fought, I miss those first dates we went on when my biggest fear was letting her down. When the only thing I wanted was to be the reason for that smile on her face, and then I was the reason that it was gone. I got angry at myself thinking about what I did.

Sometimes I would have to go to my anger management coach when I thought about it just so I could calm myself down. When they told me I had two personalities I couldn't believe it even thought it did explain a lot.

I remember one time I got home, and I was drunk then I blacked out, but now that I think about it, it was my zoning out to my other personality, and I could never remember anything that, 'he did'.

(He being my other personality) He just completely look over my body, and I couldn't stop it, and the next morning after that night her shoulder was cut open, and she wouldn't wake up. I remember being so scared, and thinking that I did that to her. The real me would never hurt her, but the other guy would, he didn't care. In a way from the things that I did to Cam when he took over, it reminded me of Ben, but the less violent version. I had seen Ben do some pretty sick things in my life, he lived to torcher people, it was like his drug. When he got a fix of it, he was okay for a while, but lately he had been getting worse, and worse, he needed more fixes, and he got them. Sometimes you could hear the screams throughout the entire house that the gang was in.  It made my stomach churn, and I threw up one time.

I still don't get how a human being can do that to another, the screams were horrible, and then they always stopped A LONG time after they started, and when they stopped you were just happy that the person was out of their misery.

The guard came to my room one day, and told me that there was a call for me. All of my calls were private because of the mental state I was in. They believed that I should atleast have privacy, but I had a strong feeling that they weren't private.

It was Ben, and I was scared, he scared me, I had no idea why he was calling me. Then I heard Cam's voice, and I knew what he was going to do. They always thought that Cam is what held me back from being a complete bad person, if that is what you want to call it. They always tried to get me mad, so that when I got home, I would do things to her, but I tried my hardest not to let  it work. Ben always told me he could get rid of her, but I love her. I didn't love her, I still do, and I always will. She may not believe it after everything I did, but its the truth, and I can't help it.

I heard her scream, and hatred flowed threw my body, and it was all for Ben, all for Ben, and what he was going to do to her. He was capable of things I didn't even know people could do to other people. It got him off, and he loved it.

I wanted him dead right there, I hurt Cam, and she didn't deserve that little own this, she certainly didn't deserve this, and it was all my fault.

Sometime I wish I never met Cam, I wish I could go back to that day I asked her out, and stopped myself. It would have saved her from me, and what I did to her.

I hung up as soon as she started to scream, and told my officer that stood by.

I told him where it was, and what he was doing. They all came in asking me questions about it, and all I said was, "Every minute you waste here with me is wasting a chance to save her!"

They all looked at me, and then I told them, "If you show up he will kill her before you can even get close to the shack. Let me come with you, you can watch me, and check me, please just let me go, I don't want her to get hurt.

The officers had to go check with my anger management, and my therapist, but they both said I was ready.

It felt like an eternity to get there, but when we did she had Ben at gun point, and if she killed him I knew she could possibly be charged, especially when the cops arrived.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I got out of the car, she was standing there right in front of me, and I couldn't believe it. She looked horrible on the outside, she was covered in blood, and I could tell that most of it was hers.

She was pale, and didn't look well at all. She was so surprised to see me, and it wasn't hard to tell.

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