For The Love Of Food

Will Niall be able to contain is love for food and put it all to Liam? Or will this be the end of Niam forever....


2. Chapter 2

“Do you want me to put on some tea for you?" Danielle asked. "I happen to have your favourite! Yorkshire!”




Liam smiled at the fact she still new his favourite tea brand. “Yeah, thanks Dani.” Liam sat down at the kitchen table and put his head in his hands and let out a huge sigh.




“Li-Li, I know it’s not just a surprise visit. What happened? Are you okay?” Danielle started to rub Liam’s back in soothing small circles.




“Yeah, uhm something did happen. I-I- caught-“ Liam was interrupted by the high pitched whistling of the tea kettle.


“Sorry babe.” Danielle got up and started to fix his tea. She brought a steaming mug of Yorkshire tea over and placed the larger one in front of Liam and the smaller one in front of her. “Sorry Liam. What were you saying?” Danielle raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him and Liam took a slight sip of tea before beginning his awful tale of what happened earlier today.




“We were about to eat dinner, spaghetti, and I had Niall wait in the dinning room while I finish preparing everything and bringing it out I was walking into the dining room when I over heard Niall…” The whole scene played through his head. He was standing in the entrance to the dining room. “I overheard Niall…he…he…” Liam couldn’t push himself to say it. It was like pouring salt in a wound.




“Just take your time. Drink your tea.” Danielle took a sip of her tea, hoping he would do the same. “I’m in no hurry. Please, I don’t have any plans for the next two months.”




Liam started into his cup, taking in the savory aroma. “What happened to you and Brody?” He knew him and Danielle started dating a few months after they broke up....She met him at a music video that she was a back up dancer for.




“Oh Brody? Yeah, gay. Remember Sarah?” Danielle paused for Liam to search his memories and remember. Sarah was Danielle’s older sister by four years. When he met her she also danced at Danielle’s dance studio but wanted to be a lawyer and not a dancer like her younger sister. “Yeah, apparently her boyfriend, Drake is also gay. They are now currently going out.” Danielle chuckled. “I swear, every guy I date turned out to be gay! Maybe I should date guys so they can figure if they are gay, straight or what not instead of being a dancer…”




Liam started blushing, he met Drake before and he was a Popsicle on a hot summers day. Apparently, Liam was the first person that Drake told that he was gay accidently over conversation. After that they were best friends. They lost touch after he and Sarah broke up because he announced to everyone that he was gay. Shortly after that, Liam took his lead and announced to the world that he was also. “Haha, yeah. I guess you should. What’s your plans in two months?” Liam was trying to make a conversation to stray from what happened earlier that night with Niall, so far it was working.




“Oh, I’m a back ground dancer for Justin Timberlake’s new single, Suit & Tie. It’s a very laid back song so they think I’ll be doing some jazz and ballet. The choreographer is going to show me the steps in a week so I have lots of time to perfect it and decide which style is better. I’m so excited!”




Liam took a big sip of his almost gone tea. “That’s awesome. I love Justin Timberlake. Especially in NSYNC. God, I wish I was in a boy band like that…” Liam thought back to his child hood dreams, an Olympic track star or a famous pop star, preferably in solo because he could last longer but he’d love a boy band because he always want brothers, especially little brothers. “Are you dancing with Justin? Or more of a back ground type?”




“I think I’ll be dueting with Justin.” Danielle smiled widely at the thought of tangoing or something close with Justin. “But let’s not stray from why you came to visit me in the middle of a blizzard!”




Liam groaned and rolled his eyes. “Fine.” He took one last swig of his warm tea and began up again.


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