The Initials on My Wrist - 1D Fanfiction

Leah has always wanted to meet one direction. She has a bedroom covered in posters, a billion t-shirts and lets not mention how many concert tickets she has pinned to her wall, because there are more than enough. When her Mom becomes their manager, Leah, being 19, would much rather take her Mom's offer and come on tour with them instead of staying home alone for six months and tags along. The only problem is that it is the middle of summer, and she wont expose her wrists. That counts as sweater's, long sleeve shirts and warm jackets, only to hide two letters, the initials of the person who she secretly loves, and always has. What happens when that same person, doesn't love her back?


13. Chapter Thirteen

Doctor Martin's POV

When Mr. Malik shows up at my office, I am hoping it is to tell me that Leah is awake. He nods, so I walk over with him to Leah's room. "How do you feel?" I ask her. "Sore. What is wrong with me, doctor?" She asks. "Well, nothing anymore I hope. You had an infection, but we operated on you to drain it. Tell me, do you have parents? They haven't been here." I tell her. She looks at Mr.Malik. "Um, her Mom is our manager, she couldn't come here because they were stuck in traffic and then they had to turn around and go to the concert. They should be here soon, it is only 6:30 anyhow." He informs me, so I go to check Leah's heart rate. It is steady. "Your pulse is steady. Remember to sleep on your back, I don't know how long you will be here. You are very weak." I tell Leah, before leaving the her with Mr. Malik.

Harry's POV

I wake up to the sound of my ringtone, it's Zayn calling. "Hey, How is she?" I ask. "They operated on her and her fever is down. She wants to see you all." He tells me. "Great. I'm so happy she's alright. Has she eaten?" "No not yet, the doctor needs to feed her directly from the stomach for a few days because she is too weak. He said in two days, so on Wednesday, she can eat herself. Hurry up and get here, I'm afraid she might fall asleep if you take too long." He chuckles. "Alright, I'll get the boys up. Bye." I tell him.

"Guys!" I shout. "Get up! Let's go see Leah!" "She's alright?" Louis asks, tired. "Of course she's alright now come on!"

Leah's POV

Zayn helps to prop my head up with a few extra pillows. It hurts my stomach, but I finally get up there so I can see more than just the ceiling. I am just drifting off when four boys appear in my doorway, wearing mismatched clothes obviously thrown on in a hurry. "Hi," I croak. Harry comes running to my side, pushing Zayn away. "I'm so happy you are alright," He exclaims, kissing me on the forehead. He throws the guys a Leave-Me-And-Her-Alone Signal, so they leave. Harry kneels at the edge of the bed, and I slowly turn myself over to face him. I'm terrified of what he will say, If I tell him Zayn and I kissed. I won't. I can't, he already probably hates me enough. "I, I'm so sorry, of what I said and what I did to you. I just thought you maybe liked Zayn more than me, and I hope you will forgive me because, I want you back Leah." He says. I nod, knowing that I want him back. Then I close my eyes, and drift off into sleep.

Harry's POV

Yes! She took me back! I watch her fall asleep, and then go and sit in the chair in the corner. "My baby! Oh my baby! Where is she?" Her mother says, running into the room with a shitload of paparazzi following her. "Harry! Is this your girlfriend? What happened to her?" A pap asks, shoving a microphone in my face, as I notice the rest of the boys being questioned. They all look at me and I mouth, "Don't say anything." They nod. "Yes, she is my girlfriend, now goodbye!" I shout, pushing them all out of the room, and bringing the boys in with me and shutting the door. Click, I hear the lock turn and then we are safe. Leah's mother is looking at Leah, "So the operation went alright?" She asks. "Yes." "Thank you Harry, for all you have done for her." She thanks me, giving me a hug. I nod at her, and she leaves the room.

Liam, Louis, Niall,, Zayn and I are all sitting in chair around Leah's bed, taking turns reading her One Direction book to her that I brought in from the tour bus. She is half-awake, but we don't care. We like reading the book. In the middle of a paragraph, my front pocket vibrates. A text. I pass the book onto Louis and pull out my phone.

From Zayn: What so she Is just suddenly your girlfriend again?


From Harry: Uh ya, I asked her and she took me back. Stop being jealous, it's not like she likes you anyway.


From Zayn: You wanna bet?


From Harry: Pshaw, what did you secretly cheat on Perrie when we were broken up for two days? I don't think so.


From Zayn: Okay, I don't want to fight with you.


From Harry: I know dude, Sorry. I get kinda protective of her.


From Zayn: We kissed.


From Harry: You did what?!



I look at Zayn and he has a tear in his eye.

From Zayn: I'm really sorry, it just looked like she needed some love right then and there. Please don't tell Perrie, and please please pleeeaaassseee forgive me bro :(


From Harry: Of course, just don't do it again please.


From Zayn: I won't. I'm getting really serious with Perrie. I think I might propose to her on our second year anniversary which is in a month. Don't tell anyone :P Thanks dude!!!


From Harry: Sweet! Congrats bro!


Thank goodness, he will finally take a step off of my girl.


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