The Initials on My Wrist - 1D Fanfiction

Leah has always wanted to meet one direction. She has a bedroom covered in posters, a billion t-shirts and lets not mention how many concert tickets she has pinned to her wall, because there are more than enough. When her Mom becomes their manager, Leah, being 19, would much rather take her Mom's offer and come on tour with them instead of staying home alone for six months and tags along. The only problem is that it is the middle of summer, and she wont expose her wrists. That counts as sweater's, long sleeve shirts and warm jackets, only to hide two letters, the initials of the person who she secretly loves, and always has. What happens when that same person, doesn't love her back?


17. Chapter Seventeen

Harry's POV

"Hi, Doctor Casey? Do you mind if I sleep in the bed next to Leah tonight? I want to be able to take her early in the morning. Zayn is coming at six am so I want to have her ready." I ask, hoping he will say yes. "Sure, it was just cleaned, just promise me you will not keep her awake, she needs the sleep. You remember everything that she needs in the bus, correct?" Doc. Casey asks. "Correct. I have the pills and everything too." I tell him, walking into Leah's room. It's 9 pm, so I get into bed. Leah is awake. "Hi sweetie. I'm sleeping right here tonight so you aren't alone." I tell her. "I'm nineteen, I sleep alone every night, but thanks. It does get lonely around here. " She yawns. " Goodnight. " she whispers, and then she closes her eyes. Boy, she does sleep a lot.


I check the time, 10:45. Great, I've been laying Here forever and I haven't gotten a wink's worth of shut eye. I walk over to Leah, so excited that she finally gets to be back with us tomorrow. Back with me tomorrow. With Zayn, Liam and Louis and Niall. We all love her so much, obviously I do the most. It's been two weeks without her being healthy, but she has been beautiful the whole time. I am almost starting to feel bad for Niall, he's the only one without a girlfriend. I laugh to myself. Oh, Niall.

I lay back down in bed and play on my phone. I decide to go through my pictures. There is a picture of Leah and I, nose to nose. I set it as my lockscreen. I love that picture. It was the day before I made the horrible mistake of dumping her, a mistake I will never make again.


I am just in the midst of a deep sleep when something clicks in my mind. Her wrist. Leah's damn wrist, with the drawings or whatever the Heck
she has on there, is now visible. It' still covered with a bandana, but she is sleeping, which means I can see it. No, I shouldn't be thinking about that, that is for her eyes only, and not mine. Well, it couldn't hurt to take a peek.


I slide out of bed and make sure Leah is still asleep. It's 5:30, Zayn will be here soon, but he isn't here to tell me not to do this again. Leah's arms are over the covers, so I carefully slide off the orange bandanna and turn her wrist over. It's still dim outside so I can't see very well, but my eyes process what she has on there. The second I read it, I burst with disgust. It's awful, what she has on there. I jam the bandanna back onto her wrist and I kick the nightstand, trudging back over to the door and leaving the room. I can't even look at her right now. I can't believe she kept that on, even though we were dating, and besides she didn't tell me anyways. Being mad at her about this made me realize what else I was mad at her about, like pushing me away, and kissing Zayn, that bastard of a bandmate. She obviously likes him more than me anyways, so she's basically cheating. Well if she can go and kiss Zayn, then I can go and kiss whoever I want, to be precise and make things fair.


Zayn's POV


I walk into the hospital at exactly 6 am, to find Harry in the waiting room, seemingly flirting with a nurse. Weird, he must be pretty tired to be doing that. Leah is just awaking when I walk into her room. "hey cutie, ready to go?" I ask, laughing. "yup! The doctor said we can go whenever we want, can you help me up?" she asks. I was surprised, usually she wants to be carried. " you sure you want to walk?" I ask. "ya! I can! The doctor had me up walking about ten minutes ago. Have you seen Harry?" She asks. "He's um, just out in the waiting room, waiting for you." I lie. Harry styles, you better not be flirting with that nurse when Leah gets out here, or you're going to be the one in the hospital.


Leahs' POV

Zayn helps me out of my bed, and I can finally go see Harry and go back to the bus. I can walk just fine, it just hurts my stomach a little. Zayn and I walk Down the long hallway to find Harry against the wall kissing some nurse. A tear escapes my eye, and I look over at Zayn, he looks ticked. Zayn picks me up, and runs me out of the hospital. I hope Harry is enjoying eating that nurses face, because if he does, he can date HER. I cry into Zayn's chest, and the second we get into the tour bus, the boys greet me, but I just keep crying. Zayn lays me down on the couch and covers me up. I continue to cry with my face in my hands. "what's wrong?" Louis exclaims, kneeling down to my level. I just turn around, facing the back of the couch. I hear Zayn hit the wall. "This day was supposed to be happy." He mutters, kicking a chair. " but he ruined it." "What?" Liam asks. " Leah was walking out of her room to find Harry snogging on some nurse." Zayn explains. Everybody gasps. "Leah, would you rather stay in your room?" Louis asks me. I sigh, and realize what I want. "I want to stay in my mom's bus." I whimper.

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