The Initials on My Wrist - 1D Fanfiction

Leah has always wanted to meet one direction. She has a bedroom covered in posters, a billion t-shirts and lets not mention how many concert tickets she has pinned to her wall, because there are more than enough. When her Mom becomes their manager, Leah, being 19, would much rather take her Mom's offer and come on tour with them instead of staying home alone for six months and tags along. The only problem is that it is the middle of summer, and she wont expose her wrists. That counts as sweater's, long sleeve shirts and warm jackets, only to hide two letters, the initials of the person who she secretly loves, and always has. What happens when that same person, doesn't love her back?


5. Chapter Five

Harry's POV

Why didn't Leah let me kiss her? I payed for lunch. I was sweet and I tried my best. Maybe she just doesn't like me. "Bro, what did you do?" Zayn asks, slapping me on the shoulder. "I just tried to kiss her! She wouldn't let me. I don't know why. I was nice to her the whole time." I explained. "I'll go talk to her." Zayn mumbles. "Dude, your making me feel like she is better for you than me! She likes you, not me anyways but I really like her. And you have a girlfriend!" I tell him. "That's not true. She likes you, she is just afraid you are going to hurt her. Be caring, make her feel safe. Whatever she has on her wrist reminds her of someone who makes her feel safe, and that's why she wont take it off. Just remember that. I am going to talk to her, wait and I'll send you in okay? Just calm down, you have only known her for literally less than one day bro. It's four O'clock. go on and make dinner, I'll take over when I finish talking to her. Alright?" Zayn says. I nod.

Zayn's POV

"Hey," I say, peeking into Leah's bedroom. "You alright?" She isn't wearing her hoodie. "Oh my gosh Zayn! Learn to knock please!" She says, throwing her wrists under the covers. "Sorry." I mumble. "And I was trying to read this." She tells me, holding up a one direction book. I laugh. She puts on her hoodie and I briefly see the markings on her wrist. I know I shouldn't be looking, but I am. I still can't make out what it says, although it appears to be two letters. I sit beside her on the bed. "What went down with you and Harry?" I ask, staring into her eyes. "I don't know. I felt weird. He was trying to get close to me and I pushed him away. I didn't mean too, it has just been a long time since someone has liked me, loved me maybe and I didn't know how to deal with it. I feel so bad. I'm such an idiot." She says, looking at her hands and wiping a tear from her eye. "He tried to kiss me, you know. Don't tell him this, but I wanted to kiss him so bad. He was so sweet to me but I wouldn't take it. I want a do over. I really do." She whispers. "I'm so sorry I'm throwing all this on you." She apologizes. "It's fine. I asked, remember?" I chuckle. "Ya, I know. Listen Zayn, I promised myself that I would never tell anyone what is on my wrist. The reason for that is because I know I can't trust a soul out there. I barely just met you and I already feel like I can tell you anything, and you'll keep it to yourself. You wouldn't tell anyone a single thing I said last night, about how what was on my wrist made me feel safe. I know you wouldn't. Thank you, so much." She says, squeezing my hand. Oh my gosh. I told Harry about what she said last night. I told him something she told me. Gossip. I can't believe I did that. "I, uh, I'm gonna send Harry in." I tell her, getting up quickly and walking out of the room. Before I walk out I see her face, shocked. I just left her in the middle of a conversation. She must hate me.

Harry's POV

"What did she say?" Harry whispers to me. I just shake my head. "I can't tell you." "You told me before." "I shouldn't have!" "Bro, we are bandmates. You told me before so tell me now!" "I CAN'T TELL YOU HARRY!" Zayn shouts, punching the wall. "Dude, are you alright?" "I need some air." Zayn tells me, patting me on the back and walking outside. I nod. Alrighty then.

I walk into Leah's room and shut the door behind me. "Hey Leah!" I exclaim. She just sits there, reading a one direction book, wrists still covered. "Good book choice! One of my favourites! What is happening now?" I laugh. She still doesn't realize I'm standing there it seems. "Listen, Leah," "No Harry, you listen. I am so sorry. You can reach out to me with sweet words and presents and hugs but I am going to push you away. Don't take it personally, just get used to it. I don't know why I do it. I don't know how to deal with love, it has been so long since I loved someone and they maybe loved me back. I almost never experienced that. I'm sorry." Wait, did Leah just say she loved me? "Leah, I know things have been tough on you. I don't know what things, but I can see it in your eyes. You look so sad. Why is that?" I ask her, sitting down beside her in the bunk. She starts to cry. Louder and louder. "Why are you crying? Leah? Answer me?" She just sits there with her face in her hands. "Leah?" I say again. All I can get out of her, is "I love him" before she puts her head on my shoulder. I cuddle her a bit. "Who?" I ask. "Who?" I say again. She sniffles. "All my life I had been bullied and.... I'm sorry Harry I can't tell you. I already told Zayn, just ask him to tell you. I- I" She says, before crying again. I look down at her, and she looks up at me, before leaning in and she kisses me. And I can tell you, yes. There were sparks.

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