The Initials on My Wrist - 1D Fanfiction

Leah has always wanted to meet one direction. She has a bedroom covered in posters, a billion t-shirts and lets not mention how many concert tickets she has pinned to her wall, because there are more than enough. When her Mom becomes their manager, Leah, being 19, would much rather take her Mom's offer and come on tour with them instead of staying home alone for six months and tags along. The only problem is that it is the middle of summer, and she wont expose her wrists. That counts as sweater's, long sleeve shirts and warm jackets, only to hide two letters, the initials of the person who she secretly loves, and always has. What happens when that same person, doesn't love her back?


8. Chapter Eight

Leah's POV

I didn't sleep at all last night. I was too busy worrying about Harry, and throwing up multiple times. I feel so hot in this sweater but I won't take it off no matter what. My covers are alternating between necessary or horrible, and right now they are horrible because I am burning up. I sit up once to cough, and then I get out of bed as fast as possible and barf all over the bathroom. I moan. I can barely even stand up I'm so dizzy. When I get back in bed and prop my head up with around 5 pillows, I text Harry. The time on my phone reads 6 am, I doubt he will be awake and even if he is he will probably ignore me. I need some ginger ale, that always helps with my stomach but I can't get it myself.

From Leah: Harry?


From Harry: What is it.


From Leah: I know your mad at me and I'm sorry but Can you please get me some ginger ale? or even just some water?


From Harry: Ya I'm angry with you and no I'm tired get your own drink.

I can't believe he won't get me a drink. I would if I could stand up.

From Leah: Harry PLEASE! I need it ASAP


From Harry: Get it yourself!

After this I start to cry. My head is pounding, I'm burning with fever and I'm about to puke. "Harry!" I cry. "Harry, Please!" I'm back to freezing cold so I pull on my blanket and an extra comforter I have under the bed. He still doesn't answer, even though I know he can hear me. I call one more time. "Harry!" I'm still crying my eyes out, but I soon hear thumping on the floor. There is a knock at my door. "Come in!" I call through tears. "Oh my gosh! You look horrible Leah are you alright! You are so pale!" Zayn exclaims, coming into the room. "Why didn't Harry come?" I ask, not upset that Zayn came, relieved actually, but just upset that Harry didn't care to come. "He said you were just being ignorant. And I know you weren't. You just look sad." He says to me. I shake my head. "Not sad." I whisper, before tumbling out of bed and crawling as fast as I can go and far as I can before spilling my guts, once again into the toilet. "Oh my god, Leah! let me feel your forehead!" Zayn shouts as I lean back against the toilet seat, still in a heap on the floor. "You have an awful fever. Come back into bed." He says, but I shake my head. "It's too hot there," I choke out, getting ready to throw up again. "Alright you stay there. Let me get you some Ginger ale. Ginger is good for the stomach." He says, pushing my hair out of my face and running out of the room.

Zayn's POV

I see Leah like this, and I freak out. When I walk into the kitchen, my thoughts are interrupted by the sound of my little sweetie throwing up. Oh no? Do I like Leah? I can't like Leah, I'm very happy with Perrie. But there is just something about Leah that makes my heart pop.

"Here," I say, walking back into Leah's room with a glass of ginger ale. "It's flat." I tell her. Her head is rested against the toilet, so I prop it up so she can drink. She swallows. Drinks, and swallows. "Thank you." She breaths. "Just stay calm. Throw up if you need to. I'm going to get the rest of the boys up so it isn't just me taking care of our little sick one. Are you okay with that?" I ask her, hoping she will agree. She nods slowly. I start to walk away when I hear her sweet little voice rasp "Harry won't care." "I don't care about Harry. I care about you." He assures me.

"Get up! I need your help!" I call frantically into the bunks. There is something seriously wrong with Leah. I have never seen someone so sick in my life. "Harry! I don't know why you are so rude to Leah because I thought you were dating but you know that Ginger ale she wanted? She didn't want it, she needed it. She is death sick, throwing up every five minutes. You didn't even think to ask her. I don't want your help." I snap into his bunk. Niall, Liam and Louis are standing in front of me, and Louis asks "What is the matter?" "Leah is so sick. I mean she can't even stand up. She is awfully weak and burning up with fever. I need your help. She is throwing up and whenever I ask for something, you bring it. Am I clear?" I order. "Maybe it's just the flu?" Liam states. "She has thrown up three times in the past ten minutes. If she doesn't eat, she could die. We can't get medicine for her until we get to wherever the hell we are going and that is in two days. So in the meantime we have got to take care of her!" I convince them. They all nod.

I watch Harry get out of his bunk and I glare at him. "You are NOT going into see that girl. What did you do to her last night anyways?" I shout at him. "I broke up with her," he whispers, making me even more angry. "Is she alright?" He looks up at me and says. "I don't know. Why should you care? Leave us all alone while we take care of Leah." I tell him, pushing him back and bringing the rest of the boys with me. "Zayn!" I hear a weak, small voice call. It's Leah. "What is it Leah?" I ask her. She throws up again before answering me this. "I want Harry."


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