when Ricky grows up with a terrible secret she reveals it to the person she trusts the most, but when her fellow creatures come after her, she is apart of the biggest chase in history


1. beat up

what comes to thought when you hear the word demon, ugly, evil, devil, horrifying, well, my name is ricky sanches and i am a demon, but i have blue green eyes, medium length brown hair, and im fairly skinny, but i do get bullied a lot, but i have three friends, jonnie, sam, and Nathan, they are my only friends, and im fine with that, but they don't hang out with me much, only when they aren't busy with school work and sports, they are all in soccer right now, they are amazing at every sport, and that takes up a lot of their time

"hey Ricky" sam calls, his blonde layered hair glows, and his blue eyes shine, not like they ever don't

"hey, finally have some free time" i say and he hugs me all sweaty

"yep, no you are covered in my sweat" he says laughing, he was just practicing before school

"that's disgusting sam" i say

"i know" he smiles and i laugh

"hey guys, covered in sweat" Nathan walks over, his black hair and green eyes shiny too, he is tall and muscular, im surprised he is not majorly popular, same with sam, he is handsome, strong, fit, jonnie walks over to us

"looks like im too late for first hug" he says, i laugh

"yep, i got it" sam says happily, Nathan slaps him in the balls hard, he falls to the ground, we laugh, but im the only one who helps him up

"but at least i don't get a slap in the balls" jonnie laughs, i kick him in the balls, not very hard though, he holds his delicates and crouches a bit

"but you got a kick" Nathan says, i laugh, sam and jonnie are in too much pain to laugh, which makes it even funnier, the bell rings and we head to class, i have one class with all of them at the same time, which is terrible, and its social studies, which doesn't make it too bad,  we are loud, and in the back of the room, well i am never loud, and since the desks are grouped into fours we are in the same group, and since eighth grade is hard anyway, we make it easy, we go outside most of the time, the teacher doesn't give us any homework, and gives us all A's, i love my school, except for the bullies, im their main target

"hey Sanchez" the main one kyle says

"what" i say back, copying his tone

"time for your daily beating" he says, i stand still, knowing i cant run, its lunch, and the guys got lunch detention, so they cant help me, i just accept it

"go ahead" i say and put my backpack down he punches me in the stomach multiple times, and in the back, then my shoulders, i fall to the ground in pain, he keeps kicking me harder and harder, then i hear sam's voice

"get away from her" he yells, followed b the other two, the bully and his friend run laughing, sam and jonnie get to me first so they each grab an arm and help me up, i lean on sam for a support

"why did you just let them do that to you" Nathan says, his green eyes filled with rage

"they would have chased me down anyway, i had no way out of it" i say and try to walk to my backpack,  but i fall, i hit the ground hard

"Ricky, you need to stand up for yourself, i cant see you like this" sam says, he pulls me to my feet again and walks me over to a wall for me to lean on

"we need to talk to the principle" Nathan says, sam nods and puts one of my arms around his shoulder and walks, jonnie helps and we walk to the office, the principle dismisses us after listening to my story and called the two boys who beat me up, up to the front office, i am sent to the nurse for pain relief medicine and ice packs, sam stays with me and jonnie and Nathan go to class

after school sam helps me to the bus and to my house since we are neighbors, i go up to my room and lay on my bed in tears, it wasn't the pain that made me cry, it is what they called me, like fat, ugly, a whore, ass whole, bitch, bastard, the words are the ones that hurt the most, so when people call me a name, that one word hurts more than a thousand punches all over, or a million stabs of a knife, or having a hand reach into you and rip out your heart, like a zombie

"Ricky are you ok" my older brother Connor asks from outside my door

"im fine" i say as calmly as possible

"can i come in" he asks, he is very protective over me, he is seventeen and finishing high school this year

"yes" i say, he walks in and sits on the bed next to me

"the kids at school use you as a punching bag again" he says and puts an arm around my shoulders

"yeah, it was just one though, the other one just watched" i say wiping away a tear on my face

"why don't you fight back" he asks

"i don't wanna be expelled" i say

"but its self defense, they don't expect you to deal with it until its over" he says

"actually they do, if you fight back you are just as bad as the person that started it" i say

"i cant believe that, they cant do that, you have to fight back" he says in his big brother way

"thanks for the offer and comfort but i want to go to bed" i say, he nods and gets up

"night" he says

"night" i reply

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