"I'm sorry, I don't know you." he growls at me, making the whole Grade 3 class to laugh. Popularity was what he wanted, guess what? He got it! He left me in the gutters. Now I'm that 'attention seeker' and 'whore'. My name is Liberty Ederin. I used to be Zayn Malik's best friend, but he left me for popularity. Funny right? Because that's what he got! I don't really know what to do anymore. So I just stay in the shadows, but it doesn't work anymore. "You're just a loser, your parents even killed themselves because you're a pain." ~Zayn Malik


2. Chapter Two

Liberty's POV


"Hey, we gotta make this fast I need to go to the pub soon." I complain as Cathy and I sat down on the couch, behind Dan and Phil who were doing their Truth or Dare segment.


"Truth." I choose when Dan asked me, Dan looked at his mentions and chose one, "How was the bidding?" Dan asked, "You told them?" I say while grabbing a piece of chocolate, "Well yeah, you got money, right?" he looked at me seriously.


I nodded and took all of the dollar pound notes out of my pockets and placed them on the table. "We're getting a fair share." Phil chimes in, "There's about 10,000 pounds in this pile, divide that by 4." I challenged Dan.


"£2500 for each." I interrupted him before he could say his answer.


I divided the stack of money then I took my share, I stood up quickly. "I'M GOING TO MY JOB NOW! BYE!" I sing song while walking out of the flat.


I walked to Funky Buddha, I took a guitar from the stand while shrugging my jacket off.


"Hello!" I adjust my speaker and wave to everyone who were talking quietly. "If some of you don't know me, I am Liberty and I will be your entertainer tonight." I give a small smile and strum the guitar strings slowly while crossing my legs.


"Any suggestions?" I question, looking around the pub with an awkward smile.


"This Is Gospel!" a young guy shouted from the back corner. Instead of an acoustic guitar I grabbed an electric guitar and plugged an amp to it.


I hung the guitar strap around my neck then walked towards the drum set.


I did a quiet beat, then I did a bigger beat. I stepped on a button quickly so that the beat was repeating.


I started to strum the guitar heavily, "This is gospel, for the broken ones locked away in permanent slumber. Assembling their philosophies from pieces of broken memories." my voice was raspy, resembling the singers voice..


"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh." I sang lowly with a deep strum to the guitar.


"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh." I sang again but with a higher pitcher, "The gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds. But they haven't seen the best of us yet." I sang lower than I have ever, then I made a pause.


"If you love me let me go!" I sang loudly while playing the drums with a loud and great beat while strumming the guitar at the same time.


"If you love me let me go!" I shouted/sang. I pushed some strings down with my knee, my foot on a stool, strumming the strings and with one hand hitting the notes perfectly in good order with no choppy sounds.


"'Cause these words are knives and often leave scars." I took a breath and let my voice flow.


"The fear of falling apart." I finished the song, I raised my hand up with a big grin on my face. "Thank you! Please give me a 10 minute break and I will take more requests! Again, thank you!" I clasped my hands together and shook it.


I waved then walked to the bar. "A lone cup of a non alcoholic drink, today, Steven." I say while tapping my lighter on the counter.


"Here you go, some apple juice." he says while handing me a red cup of the liquid, "Who do you think I am, Steven? Some kind of kid?" I scoff while taking a quick swig.


"Liberty you're 15 for god's sakes." he laughed while cleaning a glass beer cup.


"So? You still let me drink! Hell, you let people under the age of 17 drink!" I exclaim while finishing my cup.


"Party's startin'!" I shout, running to the stage.




I wiped the sweat off of my forehead as I walked off of the stage, so far, I've earned about £100 for the day.


I jumped back to the bar and took the alcoholic beverage from Steven. "That was a rough crowd." Steven looked at me with sympathetic eyes.


"No kidding." I huffed while gulping half of the drink down.


"Hey Libby." Zayn and Louis greeted me while sitting beside me. "These your friends?" Steven questioned while pointing at the two with his fabric covered finger.


"N-" "Yes." Zayn and Louis interrupted.


"So, why are you 2 in Funky Buddha?" "You mean 5," Louis pointed to a corner where the other boys were. "We're here to celebrate. Why are you here?" Zayn asked, "I work here." I mumble with a hint of annoyance.


"I'm going Steven, gotta go home!" I say quietly while standing up, I gave him a £10 note and walked away and out of Funky Buddha.


When I was halfway home I heard loud footsteps, I chose to ignore it because it could be just another person on the other side of the road.


I opened the door when I arrived, I sat of where the door is.


There was one little light on for me, Cathy knew I was afraid of the dark so she kept that light on at all times.


I slumped a bit and started to fall asleep.








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