When You Wish Upon A Star(A Michael Clifford fanfiction)

Dacey was always getting in trouble. She could never seem to stay out of it. Everyone thought she was amazing. So many people wanted to be around her, yet she just wanted to be alone. A lot of times she'd skip to listen to music and escape the real world. But as always, it just made her seem like more of a badass. And that made people be around her more and more. But maybe..one day one guy makes her feel different.


1. Dacey Elisabeth Smith

                    My name is Dacey Elisabeth Smith. I am 15 years old, from Utah in the USA. Basically Im gunna tell you a bit about myself. My life isn't horrible at all. I'm a single child. My parents are together. I have the things I need. And people LOVE me. Im very anti-social though. I dont like being around many people, no one ever really understands my privacy time. Thats why I stay up late at night. At school, people always crowd me and try to get close with me. In reality, I love being alone. No Im not depressed. I dont self harm. Im actually a pretty happy person, just people annoy me. THey only like me cause Im labeled as the badass. Only because no matter what day of the week, I ALWAYS get in trouble by adults. To be honest, I don't try, I jsut let loose and have fun. For some reason, people idolize it more. But oh well. :)

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