Michael's Best Friend. *Completed*

Olivia Walker, (Liv\Via), is Michael Clifford's best friend. Yes Micheal Clifford from Five Seconds of Summer. They met in preschool and when they hit first grade, her and her parents moved to Las Vegas. Michael would visit all the time, then he stopped having time being in a band and all. When Michael asks management to go visit her they say he has to bring the boy along, and when he tells the boys their completely fine with it. Until they meet her.


2. What's A Macca's?

Olivia's POV


I sat on my bed staring at my laptop that was sitting in my lap. I was reading a story called The Trade on a website called Movellas. As I clicked the arrow to go to the next chapter my mom walked in my room.


"Olivia, your father and I are leaving. You should head to the airport to get Michael and the boys." My mom smiled.


"Mikey knows his way to the house." I said closing moving my laptop and standing up.


"Did Michael finally get his drivers license?" My dad asked. 


"Not that I know of." I shrugged.


"Well at least send a cab for them." My mother said handing me a business card with a cab service number on it.


"Mommy, I don't think nine boys are gonna fit in one cab." I said. Yes I still call my parents mommy and daddy.


"Well then send two." She said sternly. "I'll see you in a few months, sweety." She smiled and kissed my fore head.


"Be safe." My dad did kissed my forehead in the same spot my mom did. "And I mean be safe as in use a condom."


"Daddy, you don't gotta worry about that. Why would I not use a condom when I have them in all those pretty colors?" I giggled pointing to a box of colored condoms on my dresser. Yes they make those.


"Why do you have two boxes?" He asked.


"Ones flavored." I giggled again. YES they make those too. His eyes widened and just said goodbye again and I watched them drive away from my window. I sighed and grabbed my iPhone off my nightstand and dialed the cab service number.


"Hello?" I mans voice said through the phone.


"Hi, I'd like to send two cabs to the North Las Vegas Airport." I said.


"Alright who will they be for?" He asked.


"One for Five Seconds Of Summer, and one for One Direction."


"Alright, and where would we be taking them?"


"678 Daisy Meadow Lane."


"Alright, will they be paying or you?"


"Um can I pay when the cabs get here?"


"Certainly! What time are the flights scheduled?"


"Um.." I checked the time. "In twenty minutes."


"Alright, they'll be at your house soon enough."

"Thank you! Bye." I hung up and sat back down on my window seat. I looked around my room. It wasn't exactly clean. So I decided to clean it. I put plugged my phone into my speakers and clicked the shuffle button. Holy Grail by Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z came on and I sang along to it while I cleaned my room. In the middle of me singing Worldwide by Big Time Rush I was interrupted by my doorbell ringing over and over and over, again and again and again. Mikey's here!! I paused my music and ran down the stairs and opened the door only to be picked up and spun around.


"Viaaa!" Michael yelled dragging the 'a'.


"Mikeeeey!" I mocked him dragging the 'e'. He set me down on my feet.


"Jesus your so short!" He yelled louder.


"No I'm vertically challenged." I crossed my arms and pouted.


"AW MY POOR BABY IS CHALLENGED!" He yelled again pinching my cheeks, which caused me to smile and he poked my dimples.


"How tall are you?" I looked at him.


"Five ten. How tall are you?" He smiled.


"Five feet." I giggled. I looked at the open door and eight guys stood there with their jaws dropped  and their eyes wide.


"Oh uh, guys this is Olivia. Call her Via." Michael stated.


"HI!" One of them screamed. 


"Hi." I giggled.


"Has anyone told you you have the cutest giggled ever?" One with curly hair asked me, his green eyes piercing my blue ones.


"It's not as cute as her though." One with black quiffed hair said, he had gorgeous brown eyes and bit his tongue when he smiled.


"Zayn!" One with short hair scolded him. I'm guessing the one with black hair was Zayn.


"Liam!" Zayn mocked the boy who scolded him. He must be Liam.


"Do you have food?!" A thick Irish accent asked. His eyes were a gorgeous blue and his hair was blonde like mine.


"Yea..?" I looked at him.


"That's Niall. He likes food." Michael said. "And that's Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry." He pointed to each one of them as he said their names.


"You guys can come in." I said. All eight of them stepped in and Liam shut the door behind every one. They looked around the house and stared up at the tall ceiling.


"Your house is even bigger inside." I think Louis said.


"Yeah, big house small family. I'm kinda rich you could say." I shrugged.


"You look more then rich!" He yelled. I looked at the three other boys, who Michael hadn't told me their names. I walked over to them. I stood in front of one of them, he had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that he had quiffed up to the side.


"You are..." I paused. "Luke?" I asked.


"That would be me." He smiled wide. I smiled back and moved to the next one. He had curly brown hair and hazel\green eyes.


"Ashton?" I asked tilting my head to the side. He nodded revealing the cutest smile ever. I pinched his cheeks. He looked at Michael.


"She thinks you have a cute smile." Michael stated.


"And you must be Calum." I smiled.


"Yes, yes I am." He nodded his head once and smiled. "Hey, Mikey. Are they all crazy like us?" I looked at Michael.


"Yeah. All eight of them are." Michael nodded.


"Why are they acting so normal then?" I frowned.


"I don't know." He shrugged.


"Well come with me and I will show you your rooms." I smiled. and started walking up the stairs when I got to the top I stopped and turned around. "Okay so raise your hand if you want to share with someone." All their hands went up. "Harry, who do you wanna share with?" I pointed to him.


"I wanna share with you." He smirked, revealing dimples, and winked at me.


"Um, that's cute." I giggled, blushing. "But I usually share with Mikey." I pointed to Michael.


"Oh is he your fuck buddy?" Louis asked.


"I never said that." I looked at him.


"No but Michael did." Ashton spoke up.


"That only happened once..." I said. Michael looked at me. "Okay twice."


"It was more then two and your know it." Michael winked at me.


"FUCK BUDDIES!" Louis screeched.


"ANYWHORE!" I cleared my throat. "Who wants to share a room with some one who's not me?" I asked.


"Ha, she said anywhore." Niall giggled.


"I CALL HARRY!" Louis yelled with a smile.


"Okay, last room of the hall that way, the yellow door." I pointed to the left of me.


"Can I be with Niall?" Liam asked. I nodded.


"Follow them and the room next to theirs, blue door." I smiled.


"WOO! NIAM!" Niall yelled following Liam down the hall.


"Can I be alone?" Zayn asked. "Away from those loud people, preferably."


"Do you guys just wanna pick your rooms?" I asked. They all nodded. "Okay, my room and my parents room is off limits, theirs is the only white door. But you are aloud to look in my room."


"Why are all the doors painted different colors?" Calum asked as everyone scattered.


"Because when I was little I'd get mixed up so they painted the doors different colors. Like my door is blue and white striped, because yea." I smiled


"Ooh." He nodded and walked off. I walked to my room and found Micheal laying on the floor staring with a phone in his hand, was that my phone?


"What are you doing?" I asked.


"Reading your text messages." He laughed. "You should really put a password on your phone."


"Why? I have nothing to hide." I crossed my arms.


"You really don't." He frowned locking my phone and throwing it on my bed. "Have you turned into a good girl without me here?" He stood up walked over to me.


"No I just don't do my dirty work over the phone." I smirked, as he grabbed my waist pulling me closer to him.


"Ooh what do we have here?" Ashton giggled standing in my doorway with Luke, and Calum.


"So it's true.. I thought he was lying." Calum said.


"What do you guys want?" I asked turning around, Micheal's arms still around my waist his chin resting on my shoulder.


"We're here to look at your room." Luke said. I nodded for them to proceed. They walked in and started looking at all my stuff. Then Calum got to my dresser, he stopped and stared at the top of my dresser where the two boxes of condoms stood. He just looked at them, with a blank stare on his face. Ashton and Luke walked over to see what he was staring at and Ashton immediately burst into laughter. Micheal let go of me and walked over to my dresser with them.


"Why do you have flavored condoms?" Micheal asked laughing.


"Because I do." I smiled


"I didn't even know they made those." Calum said, stunned a bit.


"Well now you know." I said sitting on my bed and grabbing my phone. "Where are the other boys?" I asked. They all shrugged. I sighed and walked down the hallway to Louis and Harry's room. I opened the door and they were jumping on their beds.


"HI VIA!" Louis yelled.


"Hi." I giggled, smiling.


"This is like a hotel, but better." Louis said jumping up then falling onto the bed, Harry did the same.


"So where are your parents?" Harry asked walking over to me.


"Vacation." I smiled. "My mom and dad left because my mom thinks me and Micheal are fuck buddies so yea."


"But I thought you were fuck buddies?" Louis asked as I saw his head pop up behind Harry.


"Well I'd totally tap that." Harry smirked eying me up and down.


"Well I already chose Zayn to have sex with first." I smiled.


"Zayn?" They asked in unison. I nodded. "Why Zayn?" Louis asked.


"Because he's hot." I shrugged. "Now I have to go check on the other boys." I smiled and walked to the next room; Liam and Niall. I opened the door and walked in.


"Hello, Olivia." Liam smiled sweetly as he sat on a bed looking into his laptop.


"Hi." I smiled. "Wheres Niall?"


"He went to find your kitchen." He smiled again.


"Oh. Whatcha doin?" I asked sitting next to him.


"On twitter." He smiled.


"Well I'm gonna go check on Zayn." I smiled.


"He's in the room all the way on the other side. I think the purple door." He said as his phone buzzed. I nodded and walked all the way to the other side of the hall. I knocked on the door and Zayn was laying on his bed staring at his phone.


"Hi." I smiled.


"Hi." He smiled back.


"You like it here?" I asked. He nodded. I just looked at him for a minute, he wasn't wearing a shirt he was just wearing jeans. He looked up at me when he noticed I was staring, and our eyes met.


"Like what you see?" He winked.


"Shut up." I rolled my eyes.


"Girl, I know you want this." He said doing a little hand flip.


"Yes, yes I do." I said laughing.


"Oh, I think I like where this is going." He got up and pulled grabbed my waist pulling me towards him, our noses touching. He leaned closer to me brushing his lips against mine.


"VIA!" I heard Micheal scream. Zayn and I pulled apart as Micheal stood in the doorway. "Do you have any gum?"


"Yeah. It's somewhere in my room." I said. He nodded and ran away. When I turned around Zayn pulled me back towards him.


"Where were we?" He smirked. I smiled and he kissed me. I kissed him back as he lifted me up and pressing my back against the wall. Our tongues did a little dance together as he started lifting up my tank top.


"Hey, Olivia, Micheal wants to know if- OH MY GOD!" I think Calum yelled. Zayn put me down and I fixed my shirt.


"What did Micheal want?" I asked.


"MICHEAL!" Calum screamed. Micheal came over and looked from Calum, to Zayn, to me and back again.


"What?" Micheal looked at Calum.


"Zayn and Via were gonna do it!" Calum said like a child.


"Okay..?" Micheal looked at us. "What's for dinner?" Micheal looked at me.


"I don't know. Wanna go to Macca's?" I smiled.


"YES!" Micheal yelled. "This is why I love her." Micheal told Calum and skipped off down the hall. Calum just walked away.


"Get dressed so we can go eat." I smiled.


"What's a Macca's?" Zayn asked before I left.


"McDonald's." I giggled and walked into my room. Micheal sat on my bed staring at his phone. Then he started talking to his phone. Then he turned it towards me.


"That, my friends, is my sexy best friend. Her name is Olivia." He smiled at me. "Via, say hi."


"Hi." I giggled looking in my closet for something to wear.


"Doesn't she have the nicest butt?" Micheal snickered.


"Micheal Gordan Clifford who are you talking to?" I laughed.


"I'm video taping you, then I'm going to post it to Twitter." He smiled at me.


"Well turn your camera the other way so I can change." I looked back at him. He turn the camera to face him.


"Olivia has to change, but only I'm aloud to watch her. Not you, me. But you can watch me watch her." He said. I shook my head and put on my Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey shirt, white skinny jeans and black sneaker wedges. I put on my makeup and curled my hair.

"Okay, she's done." Micheal turned the camera back to me.


"I'm gonna go tell everyone to get ready." I smiled and walked out. I heard loud talking from downstairs so I went down to the living room. Everyone was in there.


"Oh hot damn." Harry's jaw dropped.


"Who is coming with us to get food?" I asked as Micheal rested his chin on the top of my head.


"MEEEEEEEE!" Niall screamed dragging the 'e'.


"Okay." I giggled.


"We'll go too." Liam looked at Louis, Harry, and Zayn and nodded.


"What about you three?" I looked at Luke, Ashton, and Calum. They nodded.  "Okay, we have to walk because I can't drive, unless some one here can." I said.


"I CAN DRIVE!" Louis screeched.


"Okay, uh anyone else?" I asked.


"Mee!" Zayn raised his hand.


"Okay then we will take two cars. Louis driving in one, Zayn driving in another." I said. "Now pick your groups!" Everyone stood up and started talking and it got loud. Luke walked over to me and picked me up bridal style. 


"OKAY I CLAIM THIS AS MINE." Luke yelled and stood by the doorway of the living room holding me.


"But she's mine." Micheal pouted.


"Sorry I have stolen her away she is mine now!" Luke smiled.


"Okay, okay. There's enough of me to go around." I winked.


"Then I call you first." Luke smiled again.


"But aren't you a virgin?" I heard a girls voice say. Luke turned around and my best friend, Kaitlynn, stood there.


"I can fix that." I smirked. "KAITY YOUR BACK!" I screamed jumping out of Luke's arms and hugging Kaitlynn. She moved to South Carolina because her mom got married to a guy who lived there.


"Yes, I am! Hey, Micheal." She smiled to him. "So, what are you guys up to?" She asked. I noticed she didn't notice One Direction was here, she's a major fan. She's Niall's Princess and that's what her name in my phone is.


"We were just about to go to McDonald's." I smiled. "Wanna join us?" I asked.


"Yes, please do join us." I heard Niall say in behind me. Her eyes widened when she heard his voice. I moved over so she could see them.


"She's a fan?" Harry asked with a smile. I nodded. Niall got up and walked over to her.


"Well, ya know I'm fan of that cute face of yours." Niall smiled at her. She looked like she was going to faint.


"Alright, I will approve of this. But Niall if you make her cry I will break your face, literally." I said then smiled at him. He nodded. "Kaitlynn, CALM DOWN. Be normal." I shook her. 


"I'm not normal." She smiled.


"Well be you, stop freaking out in your mind. Now do we have groups picked out?" I asked.


"I have Harry, Niall, and Liam." Louis said.


"AND KAITLYNN!" Niall yelled.


"Yes, and Kaitlynn." Louis snickered.


"I guess I have you five?" Zayn said looked at Micheal, Calum, Ashton, and Luke who picked me up again. I nodded. "So we didn't bring cars." Zayn breathed out.


"Oh right, follow me." I hopped out of Luke's arms and grabbed his hand instead. I pulled him along with me as we went to the garage. "Now Louis is the black car, Zayn in the white one." I said pointing to the cars. We all got into the cars and drove to Macca's. When we arrived there were tons of fans and paparazzi there. I wasn't really used to it, and it scared me a bit. Micheal pulled grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him.


"Just stay close to me, it'll be okay." He whispered in my ear. I nodded as he wrapped his arm around me.


"Micheal, is that your new girlfriend?" Someone asked.


"Micheal, Micheal over here!" Another yelled. Leave it to Zayn and Louis to park in the furthest spot from the entrance. When we finally got in people were forced to leave but the papz kept snapping pictures.


"OH MY GOD HARRY LOOK!" Louis screamed.


"What Lou?" Harry looked at him.


"They have a play scape!" Louis yelled jumping up and down. "Go with me pleeeeease!"


"Ugh, fine. Anyone else coming?" Harry looked at all of us at the table. Kaitlynn was sitting by the wall so she got onto the table walked to the edge and jumped off onto the floor.

"ME!" She yelled as Niall crawled out form under the table raising his hand. Calum who was sitting across from Kaitlynn climbed over Ashton, Luke, Micheal, and I and stood up along with Zayn.


"I should go with them..." Liam sighed and got up. He slid us a piece of paper "That would be what we usually get if you could please order for us."


"Of course." I nodded and smiled. He said thank you as he brought everyone to the play scape.


"Vi, baby, will you order for me." Micheal looked at me giving me puppy dog eyes.


"Alright, fine. What do you guys want?" I asked.


"Double cheeseburgers and large fries!" Ashton waved his arms in the air.


"For Calum too?" They nodded. I grabbed the piece of paper Liam gave me. I walked up to the front counter.


"Hi, how may I help you?" A lady smiled at me.


"Hi, can I have three double cheeseburgers, a twenty piece mcnugget, six cheeseburgers, and a cheeseburger with no onions, and no pickles, a side of mcbites, ten large fries, and eleven cokes." I smiled. She looked at me with a blank stare. I grabbed a pen from my purse and wrote down what the rest for us got after what the boys got and handed it to her. She smiled and nodded. Harry came over to me.


"Ordering food?" He asked. I nodded, he handed me a credit card.


"No, I got this." I smiled pulling out my credit card.


"No just use mine." He insisted.


"No, I can pay." I said putting his credit card back into his back pocket. When our food came there was like fifteen trays. I gave her my credit card, typed in my pin, and she gave it back. Harry got everyone to help get the food back. After we finished eating we went to the play scape and got kicked out for being to loud and rough with the children so we went home.



Hey, munchkins. Sorry it took a while, I fell asleep last night trying to type this. Well I hope you guys like this, NIIIIGHT NIGHT! I'm going to sleep :) Love yous MUAH!


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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