Michael's Best Friend. *Completed*

Olivia Walker, (Liv\Via), is Michael Clifford's best friend. Yes Micheal Clifford from Five Seconds of Summer. They met in preschool and when they hit first grade, her and her parents moved to Las Vegas. Michael would visit all the time, then he stopped having time being in a band and all. When Michael asks management to go visit her they say he has to bring the boy along, and when he tells the boys their completely fine with it. Until they meet her.


14. Party

Olivia's POV


I heard the doorbell ring so I hopped off the couch and ran to the door. I opened it and Josh stood there with his brother, Ian, and a bunch two other guys.


"Hi Josh." I smiled.


"Hey, we're here!" Josh smiled wider then I did. I moved so they could come in.


"So when's the party?" Ian asked.


"Like five-ish." I said shutting the door.


"So we have Brandy, beer, vodka, wine, and shots." One of the other guys said.


"Oh, Via, this is Cameron and James. They work with me." Ian told me.


"Hi, I'm Olivia." I smiled.


"Who are they?" Michael asked walking the the stairs.


"This is Josh, Ian, Cameron, and James. They're here to bring us our drinks for the party." I told him.


"Oohh..." He trailed off walking into the living room.


"So I hear you and Mikey's best friend are going at it." Josh snickered at he following me to the kitchen. I opened a drawer and pulled out my dad's check book.


"Shut up." I hit Josh in the arm. "So how much is it gonna cost?" I asked taking my attention off of Josh, who was holding his arm saying I was gonna leave a giant bruise on his arm, to Ian.


"It's on the house." Ian smiled.


"No, no, no. I can't let you do that. There's going to be more then one hundred people at this party. Now give me a number." I said, grabbing a pen and opening the check book.


"Via, your my little brothers best friend and I am not going to have to you pay for somehting you don't need to." Ian said.


"But I want to pay for it." I whined.


"Dude, she'll sit here all day fighting with you until you give in to let her pay for it." Michael said walking in.


"Olivia, I am not letting you pay for it." Ian said.


"I'm not paying for it, my daddy is." I grinned.


"Your such a snobby little rich kid." Josh laughed.


"I'm not snobby! I'm just brutally honest, asshole." I rolled my eyes. "Now, Ian, give me a number."


"No." Ian shook his head. I put my hands on my hips and looked at him. He did the same thing, mocking me.


"Dude, I got no where to be. I can stare at you all day." I said. After about ten minutes James gave me the number and I wrote them a check and handed it to Ian. "Now where exactly are these drinks?"


"In the van." Ian said, and him, Josh, Cameron, and James started bringing in the all drinks. The boys help me put out snacks and clean. When we were done it was exactly five o'clock.


"I'm gonna go change. People should show up soon." I said skipping up the stairs. I went to my room and shut my door behind me. My room looked really big now that it was clean. I opened my closet and picked out a white frilly skirt and a black corset top. I put them on with sparkly heels and a necklace that Michael had gotten me for my birthday last year. I put on white sparkly eyeshadow with black liquid eyeliner, mascara, and clear sparkly lip gloss. I like sparkles, okay? When I finished my makeup I curled my hair and walked downstairs. There were a lot of people here already.


"Via!" I heard Maya yell. I hear the click of her heels behind me so I turned around and there she was. She wore a cream colored strapless dress with black heels and her shoulder length black hair was curled and pinned to one side.


"Hey, Maya!" I smiled wide hugging her. "Wow, I was gone for like five minutes and so many people are here already." I laughed.


"I know. You're a very popular person, ya know." Maya smiled, showing her pearly white teeth. Before I could say anything two arm wrapped around me and spun me around. When I was set down on the floor I turned around and Morgan was there. He looks like he could be Calum's brother, but he's about 4 inches taller then Calum and he's lean. Which I found out is a fancy word for really skinny.


"Morgie!" I yelled hugging him really tight.


"Hi." Morgan smiled. "So where is this boyfriend I hear you have?" Morgan demanded.


"Ooh, come with me!" I grabbed his hand and pulled him along with me. I found Ashton in the kitchen with Calum, and Luke.


"Hey, Calum, look! You have a twin!" Ashton laughed.


"Ashy, this is Morgan. He is my best friend." I smiled, "Right after Michael." I added.


"Hi." Ashton smiled.


"Morgan, this is Ashton. And that's Calum and Luke." I told Morgan.


"Hey." Morgan smiled grabbing a red solo cup from the island where Luke, Joey, and Andrew were setting up beer pong.


"Morgan, man that's for the game!" Andrew scolded him.


"Hey, if no ones drinking it then I can drink it." Morgan shrugged. "Oh, Via, the twinies are looking for you. They were on the patio out back." With that, Morgan walked off.


"Who are the 'twinies'?" Calum asked.


"My friends Anna and Vina. Their twins." I said. "Ashton, you were right. Morgan and Calum look like twins!"


"Can I meet these twins?" Luke asked drinking from his cup.


"No, but you wanna play a fun game?" I asked Luke.


"Yes, yes I do." Luke nodded.


"Okay, it's called 'Have You Met Luke'! I'm going to be your wing-man tonight." I smiled.


"But your a girl." Calum said.


"Yeah, but she's the best wing-man there is." Michael said popping up behind me.


"There you are! I thought you got lost." I frowned.


"No, I didn't. Can we play 'Have You Met Michael' too?" Michael asked.


"And 'Have You Met Calum'?!" Calum screamed. 


"Yes." I giggled, "Luke come with me." I pulled him by the arm and found my friend Charli. 


"Oh, damn." Luke said downing the rest of his drink. Someones a little tipsy.


"Hey, Charli, have you met Luke?" I asked fixing Luke so he was standing up straight.


"No, I haven't." She smiled.


"Well, now you have. Make conversation with him, and don't take him off my property. I am not going to be responsible for losing a famous person." I said. She giggled and they started talking. I went back to the kitchen and took Calum to Maya.


"Who am I meeting?" Calum asked.


"Mayyyyyyyyyaaaaa!" I yelled her name as we walked towards her.


"Yes?" Maya smiled brightly at me.


"Haaave you met Calum?" I asked with a giggle. 


"Nope, but I've heard of him!" Maya laughed. "Hi, I'm Maya." She told Calum.


"I'm Calum." Calum smiled. I walked back to the kitchen and pulled Michael to my friend Angela.


"Angie, have you met Michael?" I asked.


"Yea - oh, wait it's a hookup thing." Angela laughed at herself.


"Perfect, blonde and dumb." Michael giggled in my ear.


"Oh my God, Mikey! That's so mean!" I laughed.


"Whatever. Go away now." Michael shooed me. I laughed and walked back to Ashton.


"Have you met Ashton?" Ashton gave me a cheeky smile.


"I don't know, have I?" I giggled pecking his lips. He grabbed my waist pulling me towards him and planted a kiss on my lips.


"Livia!" I heard someone call my name. Ashton and I pulled away from out kiss.


"Sorry." I frowned.


"It's okay, baby." Ashton kissed my lips quickly and turned me around. Anna and Vina were behind us.


"Hey guys." I smiled.


"Can we put on music?" Vina asked. I nodded and Anna plugged her phone into the stereo and Miss Bipolar by Blood On The Dance Floor started playing.


"Via, come play quarters with us!" I heard Josh yell.


"Have you ever played quarters?" I asked Ashton.


"No, what is it?" He asked.


"You have to throw quarters into a cup and if you get it in you pick some one whose playing to drink." I said.


"Sounds like fun." Ashton shurgged. He interlaced his fingers with mine and we walked to the dining room where Josh, Andrew, Luke and Joey were there.


"What happened to beer pong, guys?" I giggled.


"Eh, Quarters is funner to play." Joey shrugged.


"Okay. Well this is my boyfriend, Ashton. He's going to play with us." I told them as we sat down.


"So this is the lucky guy!" Luke yelled.


"Ash, this is Andrew, Joey, Josh, and Luke." I smiled.


"Hi." Ashton smiled. Josh started and he got the quarter into a cup of beer.


"Via, drink." Josh smiled evily. I grabbed the cup, downed the beer, and threw the quarter to Joey. Every time they would get one in the would have me drink.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's going on here?" Michael walked in.


"We're playing quarters." I said downing another beer.


"No girl can drink like Olivia Walker can." Andrew laughed.


"No, no, no, no. Olivia is not aloud to play this game cause she gets terribly drunk and stays in bed the next three days with a massive hangover!" Michael pulled me up and Ashton followed us to the living room. Michael sat me down. I checked the time on my phone. It was already 11:30. Wow.


"Michael, sorry. I didn't know she wasn't supposed to play." Ashton apologized.


"No, it's okay.How could you have known." Michael shook his head.


Michael's POV


"I'm thirsty!" Olivia complained. She looked around and then yelled, "Haaaaaaaaaarrrrrrryyyyyyy!" She dragged all her letters. Harry came over to us.


"Yeah?" Harry asked her.


"Can you get me a drink?" She asked.


"Sure what do you want?" Harry asked before I could tell him no.


"I want vod-ka." Via smiled. She was definitely drunk.


"Got it." Harry started walking away. 


"Via, your already drunk. You can't keep drinking." I told her.


"WHAT?! I am not drunk!" She protested.


"Yes you a-" I started but she interrupted me.


"Shh, I really am." She whispered and put her index finger up to her lips. Then she started laughing. Harry came back with her drink. She grabbed it and chugged it. "Thank you, waitress." Via stood up, pulled a twenty out of her bra and handed it to Harry.


"Um, Olivia, what's this for?" Harry asked her.


"It's a tip. Ya know, because your a good waitress. DUH!" She rolled her eyes.


"Just go." I shook my head. Harry shrugged and walked off. She stood there for a minute, thinking deeply for a minute. Then she stood up on the coffee table and whistled really loudly. The only sound was the music playing.


"WHICH ONE OF YOU IS MY BOYFRIEND AGAIN!?" She yelled and immediately all the guys raised their hands, some girls too. "I'm dating all of you?!" Her eyes went really wide. She stepped back a little and got a little wobbly. Ashton stood up and picked her up bridal style.


"Okay, sweet cheeks, your a little too drunk." Ashton said.


"Whatever you say, cutie pie." Via giggled, poking Ashton's nose. She was extremely flirty when she was drunk. "I FOUND MY BOYFRIEND!" Olivia yelled and everyone sighed and went back to partying. Ashton carried her off somewhere and I just did what everyone else did. If she's with Ashton she should be fine.




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