Michael's Best Friend. *Completed*

Olivia Walker, (Liv\Via), is Michael Clifford's best friend. Yes Micheal Clifford from Five Seconds of Summer. They met in preschool and when they hit first grade, her and her parents moved to Las Vegas. Michael would visit all the time, then he stopped having time being in a band and all. When Michael asks management to go visit her they say he has to bring the boy along, and when he tells the boys their completely fine with it. Until they meet her.


24. Back To School

Olivia's POV


It's been a week since I got suspended so guess what? Time to go back to school! Yay me... I slept in late, so Michael said he would bring me in. I got dressed in a grey t-shirt and pink and purple cut-off shorts. I put on my pink converse and straightened my hair, adding a pink London LND hat. I did my makeup, grabbed my bag and phone, brushed my teeth, and went downstairs.

I checked the time and sixth period was just starting. Great. Fucking great. That meant I had to be near Brianna.


"Don't hit anyone." Michael smiled as we pulled up to my school.


"No promises." I giggled, getting out. I went to the office and got a pass. I wet upstairs to Mr.O'Brien's class. I handed him my pass and sat in my seat. The way Brianna was sitting in front of me I could see I left a nice bruise on her cheek, I couldn't see the rest of her face though. Class dragged on and when the bell finally rang, Tim, my gay friend, met me at the door.


"Finally, you're back! I don't think i could've survived another day without you!" He sighed in relief then hugged me.


"I know. I was bored too." I said.


"You were bored living with nine hot guys and you can get into their pants like this?" He asked, snapping his fingers when he said 'like this'.


"Yup." I giggled.


"Oh my God, you should've seen it! When you left, Brianna's face was so swollen she had to stay in the nurses office with ice packs taped to her face until her parents came to get her. Also, Andrew broke up with her because she was talking mad smack about you when you were gone and blah blah blah." Tim informed me. 


"Are you serious?" I laughed.


"Yup." He popped the 'p', nodding.


"So, how was your horrible week without me?" I giggled, saying 'horrible' dramatically.


"Oh my Gaw-duh!" He said, then started telling me everything as fast as he could during the class switches.




I decided to walk home at the end of the day. Which was a mistake. Cause the paparazzi followed me until I threatened to call the police if they didn't stop following me. When I got home it was loud. Calum and Michael must be playing a video game, cause they sound like caged animals when they play video games together. I walked upstairs to my room and scrolled through Twitter. People were still talking about Ashton and I's break up. Others were talking about me dating Michael.


"@Oliviaa_ should date @Michael5SOS"

"@Oliviaa_ and @Michael5SOS make the cutest coupe!! #Michaelivia"

"Are Michael and Olivia dating??? That'd be soooo cute!"


Yeah, I changed my Twitter @ connect thingy or whatever you call it. But, Michaelivia? I'm sorry, but that's the cutest thing ever! Michaelivia. That's probably something I would name my child. I got off Twitter and went on Tumblr where people had made little collages of me and Michael. Someone even found pictures of Michael and I when we were little. Creepy... 


I spent pretty much my whole day on social networking sites. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. After a while, it got boring. So I decided to go downstairs. It was almost seven o'clock so I decided to make dinner. I made homemade macaroni and cheese, because everything is better homemade. I made every ones plates and set them at the table.


"Oliviaaa! What's that yummy smell?!" Niall yelled, walking into the dining room.


"Din-din." I smiled.


"Oh my God that looks amazing." Niall gasped sitting at a chair. I gathered the others and we all ate dinner. Together. Even though there was this awkward tension with Ashton and I in the same room. But we got through it, and eventually we got used to being a round each other and everything went back to normal. Which was just the way I like it.







Well, yeah. I'm gonna go write that last chapter for yous. It'll go from like sad to happy.

Btw, you guys have already seen the sequel if you have fanned me before two weeks ago. Buhh shh I wasn't apposed to tell o; 

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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