Michael's Best Friend. *Completed*

Olivia Walker, (Liv\Via), is Michael Clifford's best friend. Yes Micheal Clifford from Five Seconds of Summer. They met in preschool and when they hit first grade, her and her parents moved to Las Vegas. Michael would visit all the time, then he stopped having time being in a band and all. When Michael asks management to go visit her they say he has to bring the boy along, and when he tells the boys their completely fine with it. Until they meet her.


8. A Day With Liam

Olivia's POV


I watched Michael as he paced back and forth on the sidewalk. I totally messed everything up. Then I saw him talking to Kaitlynn? She walked into the ice cream shop and looked around for a minute. Then her blue-green eyes rested on me. She smiled and walked over to me.


"What happened?" Kaitlynn asked putting her hands on the edge of the tabled leaning on it.


"I screwed everything up. Now he's mad at me." I said putting my face in my hands.


"No he's mad at himself." She paused as I looked up at her. "He said he knew he shouldn't have let you spend the days with guys you barely knew, and ones that would try to get with you. He's not mad at you."


"But I still screwed everything up. Kaitlynn, Michael likes me. But not just as his best friend, that's never how he saw me. And I just didn't see it." I shook my head.


"Olivia Rose! Michael is not mad at you! You can't blame yourself every time he gets mad, I don't know what to tell you. I really don't, but I know is that Michael would do anything for you and if that means your happiness is you dating his best friend, then he'll let it happen." She said then walked to the counter to get her ice cream. I got up and walked outside.


"Michael?" He turned around and looked at me.


"Olivia, I-" He paused. "Never mind. Let's go home." He said and we started walking. I grabbed his hand and he smiled. When we got back to my house he immediately went upstairs. I sighed and went into the living room where Calum, Luke and Ashton were. They were sitting on the couch and there was an empty space next to Ashton where Michael would have been sitting.


"Where's Michael?" Calum asked looking up at me from his phone.


"Um, he went upstairs." I said sitting next to Ashton and burying my face into his arm.


"What happened?" Luke asked.


"Nothing." I lied.


"Why did it look like you were crying then?" Ashton asked.


"Because I cried." I said bluntly, my voice muffled by Ashton's arm.


"Come on, Olivia. You were crying and nothing happened?" Calum asked.


"Tell us what happened." Luke pleaded.


"Michael is mad at me." I said sitting up, so my face wasn't buried in Ashton's arm.


"Why?" Luke asked.


"Because he is." I said.


"He's gotta have a reason." Calum pointed out.


"He does, but I can't tell you. It's a secret." I said scrolling through my Twitter feed. People were asking me about me and Ashton.


"Oh. Well I'm tired, night guys." Calum said and walked upstairs.


"Me too. See you guys tomorrow morning." Luke said and left.


"Why did he get so mad?" Ashton asked.


"Because he... Michael he uh... I don't know how to put it." I said.


"Oh. Well does he know about us?" Ashton asked pulling me into his lap.


"Yeah." I sighed. "Kaitlynn talked to him, said he's mad at himself because you weren't there when he told the boys something but I don't know."


"Are you okay?" He asked twirling a piece of my hair with his finger.


"No. I screwed up my friendship with him." I said. Ashton didn't say anything, he looked like he was thinking.


"He likes you doesn't he? More then a friend." Ashton looked at me, dropping the piece of my hair.


"Yeah." I said playing with his fingers.


"You know, if you want you can be with him." He said. What did he just say?


"It's not that I don't want to be with Michael, it's that I'm with you. And I don't know what to do." I sighed.


"Well tomorrow your hanging out with Liam, he'll give you the best advice." Ashton smiled. Oh my God, I could fucking swim in his dimples.


"Alright, I'll ask him." I said.


"Well I'm gonna go to sleep. You should get some sleep too."


"Okay." I nodded and he walked me up to my room and stopped at my door. "Night." I smiled.


"Night." He said softly and kissed my lips. He walked to his room and I walked into mine. All the lights were off and it turned pitch black except for the light of the moon shining through my window when I shut the door. I used the light of my phone screen and shined it around, I picked up one of Micheal's shirts off the floor and changed into it and laid down on my bed. Michael was awake, I knew he was.


"Mikey?" I whispered. He turned over and looked at me, the moonlight making his green eyes sparkle.


"Yea?" He whispered back.


"I'm sorry." I whispered as he pulled me closer to him.


"It's okay." He said kissing my forehead. "Night."


"Night." I smiled. Then he kissed my lips again, like he did last night and this morning. All the passion just sucked me in and I kissed him back. Then he pulled away and pulled me as close to him as I could get.




"Olivia." I heard Michael's voice say my name.


"Hmm?" I asked keeping my eyes closed.


"You gotta get up, your hanging out with Liam today." Mikey said shaking me.


"Okay, okay I'm up." I said sitting up. He was about to get up but I grabbed his arm. "Are we okay?"


"Of course we." He smiled and walked out of my room. I plugged my phone in the speakers and played 'Miss Jackson' by Panic At the Disco. I went to my closet and put on a hot pink shirt and a bright green skirt. I put hot pink rose studs in my ears and painted my nails a pale green. When they dried I curled my hair, put makeup on and put on sandals with pink straps and grabbed my coach purse putting my phone and all that stuff in it.


I opened my door and my window because my room smelled like hairspray from after curling my hair. I waited for Liam and sat at my desk and drew random little stuff in my notebook.


"Ooh, look who looks cute today." Calum said standing in my doorway.


"Thank you, Calum." I laughed feeling my cheeks get warmer.


"Your even cuter when you blush." He smiled. "Feeling better?"


"Yeah." I smiled. "Do you need something?"


"Nope, I was walking by and your bright cloths caught my eye." He laughed.


"I like bright colors." I smiled again.


"What is the song saying after it says Miss Jackson?" He asked.


"It's says are you nasty." I said.


"Really?" Calum burst into laughter.


"Really. Go look up the lyrics." I said standing up.


"Oh, you look better when you stand up." He winked.


"Shut up." I laughed taking my phone out of the speakers as it still played the music but it wasn't as loud. I walked to the bathroom, Calum still following me. I stopped in front of the door. "Why are you following me to the bathroom?"


"Because I have to take a shower." He said.


"Well I have to brush my teeth." I said


"Well you can brush your teeth while I take a shower, but no peeking." He winked smiling.


"I wouldn't dream of it." I giggled. I noticed the boys had their toothbrushes scattered across the top of the marble around the sink. I started brushing my teeth as Calum got in the shower and the tooth brushes being like that really bothered me. So when I was done I put them all in the cup where my toothbrush was and walked into the hallway to find Luke standing at the door about to knock.


"Hey, sweet cheeks. Who's in the shower?" He asked with a smile.


"Calum." I stated.


"Why were you in there?" He asked narrowing his eyes at me.


"I was brushing my teeth." I said poking his cheeks. He was so much taller then me. All the boys were like giants compared to me.


"Yeah, sure you were." He laughed.


"I was!" I yelled.


"Oh wait that's right, your with Ashton." He smiled. Did he just say what I think he said? "CALUM I GOTTA PEE!" He yelled into the bathroom. 


"Then go pee!" Calum yelled form in the shower.


"You guys are weird." I laughed walked downstairs. My phone was still playing music and now 'Fashionably Late' by Falling in Reverse. I didn't feel like opening my purse so I put my phone on the side of my body in the top of my skirt. I walked into the kitchen and Ashton was eating cereal.


"Morning, babycakes." Ashton smiled waving at me.


"Morning, cutie pie." I smiled back walking to the counter where the poptarts would be but they weren't there. I looked around the kitchen and they were on top of the fridge. I walked over and reached up but I'm to short. "Dammit Michael!" I yelled. When ever he get's poptarts he automatically puts them on top of the fridge. I hate being short. 


"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" Michael yelled runngin into the kitchen. 


"You keep putting the potarts on the top of the fridge and I can't reach them." I pouted.


"Aw you have midget probs." Michael laughed getting the poptarts and handing me the box. They were oreo flavored. YAY!


"Shut up." I said taking a package out and putting it back on the counter. "Leave them here. Or put them in a cabinet, cause I can climb on the counter."


"Okay, sorry." He said and walked out. I opened the poptarts and out them in the toaster. Yes, I put my poptarts in the toaster.


"Why do you put them in the toaster?" Ashton asked.


"Because it tastes better." I said walking over to him and kissing his lips. "You know, Luke said the weirdest thing to me today."


"Oh yeah? What did he say?" Ashton asked putting his bowl in the sink.


"Well I was brushing my teeth and Calum was int eh shower and I came out and he was about to knock and he was like what are you doing in there? And I said brushing my teeth and hes like yeah, sure and then he said oh wiat that's right your with Ashton." I said taking a breath.


"You didn't need to say that in one breath. And you were in the bathroom when Calum was taking a shower?" He asked.


"I was brushing my teeth. But back to what Luke said!" I said.


"Oh yeah I told him." He shrugged sitting back down. "But only because he wouldn't let me go to sleep until I told him. And I was really tired! I only stayed up to wait for you to come home."


"Okay." I smiled. Then I smelt something burning and then the toaster popped. "My poptarts are burnt! MY DAY IS RUINED!" I yelled.


"Olivia, calm down. It's gonna be okay." Ashton laughed.


"No, my day is ruined." I crossed my arms over my stomach and pouted.


"Your just like Michael. He says his day is ruined when he burns his toast." Ashton laughed.


"But my day is ruined!" I frowned.


"Aw, why?" Liam asked walking in the kitchen


"I burned my poptarts." I said poking out my bottom lip.


"Well we can go out to breakfast." Liam smiled.


"Yay!" I yelled hugging Liam, throwing my feet in the air.


"Well I will be waiting for you on the porch." Liam said as I stood on my feet again. 


"Okay." I smiled as he walked outside the kitchen. "Bye, baby." I said turning towards Ashton.


"Bye, princess." He said leaning down and kissed me on the lips. We just stood there kissing for a minute when Luke walked in.


"Hey Ashton have you seen my- OH WHOA WHOA WHOA! Come on guys not in the kitchen." He said putting his hands over his eyes.


"Shut up, Luke." I giggled as Ashton and I pulled away, his arms still around my waist and mine around his neck.


"Bye, I'll see you later." Ashton said kissing my lips in between words.


"Bye." I laughed as we let go of each other.


"You know if Calum walked in and not me he would be screaming at the top of his lungs." Luke shook his head.


"Why would I be screaming at the top of my lungs?" Calum asked walking into the kitchen with a towel wrapped around his waist. Okay, now all three of them aren't wearing shirts. I swear they're trying to kill me.


"No reason." Luke smiled eying Ashton and I.


"Well I have to go." I said taking my phone out from the side of my skirt and turning the music off.


"So we just don't get hugs?" Calum asked as I was about to walk out of the kitchen.


"Oh, I think Ashton has got plenty more then his share of hugs." Luke giggled.


"Luke." Ashton warned.


"Okay, sorry." He put his hands in the air.


"Alright, you can have hugs." I smiled hugging Calum, Luke, then Ashton and walking out to the porch.


"So are we gonna walk or drive?" Liam asked.


"Which ever you want." I smiled.


"Can we drive?" Liam asked with a big smile.


"Sure, come on." I laughed as we walked to the garage. We got into a car and started driving. "Uh, can I talk to you about something?" I looked at him as he looked at the road.


"Sure." He smiled. Then I just spit out everything that happened and by the time I finished we were already at iHop.


"So what should I do? Ashton said you'd give me the best advice." I asked.


"Well, if you and Ashton break up he's gone. But Michael, he'll always be there for you. No matter what. But I say, whatever your heart wants." Liam said giving me a warm smile. His words just made me feel better, made it feel like everything disappeared and none of this ever happened and everything was okay.


"Okay, thanks." I smiled. He nodded and we walked into iHop. We both got waffles, cause like their waffles are fucking amazing. Like seriously, go to iHop and try their waffles if you haven't already.  After we had breakfast we went to the mall and we were there literally all day. We bought cloths and stuff, and talked to fans who were extremely nice. A lot of them wanted me to follow them so I did. Before we left we got dinner at Sub Way and when we walked outside the mall it was dark already. We drove home and went our separate ways when we got in the house.


"Oh yay your home." Michael smiled at I walked into my room putting all my bags down.


"Yes I am." I smiled back.


"Jesus you bought a lot of stuff." Michael said sitting up on my bed.


"Yeah. I did." I nodded. "Did you clean?" I asked looking around.


"I got bored, okay." He laughed.


"Can I wear your sweatpants?" I asked.


"Yeah, I don't care." He shrugged and threw a pair of his sweatpants at me. I put them on along with a light purple spaghetti strap tank top. I put my hair up in a messy bun because I didn't feel like straightening it.


"I'm gonna go downstairs." I said.


"WAIT! Can I have the rest of your Sub Way." He asked smiling.


"Sure." I laughed and gave it to him and walked downstairs. Ashton was in the kitchen standing by the toaster, his back turned to me. I walked behind him and poked his back.


"Oh my God, you scared me." Ashton said turning around.


"Sorry." I laughed as he kissed my lips.


"So what did Liam say?" He asked as I sat on the counter and he stood in between my legs.


"I'm gonna stay with you." I said putting my hands on his cheeks and kissing him.



WOO! Liam fixed errything.

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday. I fell asleep writing it.

But it's here now! But yea, go to iHop and try their waffles. Dey da bestest.

Lol, well bye love yous MUAH!


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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