Michael's Best Friend. *Completed*

Olivia Walker, (Liv\Via), is Michael Clifford's best friend. Yes Micheal Clifford from Five Seconds of Summer. They met in preschool and when they hit first grade, her and her parents moved to Las Vegas. Michael would visit all the time, then he stopped having time being in a band and all. When Michael asks management to go visit her they say he has to bring the boy along, and when he tells the boys their completely fine with it. Until they meet her.


6. A Day With Ashton

Olivia's POV


"Viiiiaaaa." Mikey's voice woke me up.


"What?" I said turning the other way, which was towards Luke.


"Get up. Luke has to go take a shower." Mikey said.


"Ugh. Fine." I frowned sitting up, as Luke did.


"Thanks, sweet cheeks." Luke kissed my forehead and walked out of the living room.


"Sweet cheeks?" Mikey laughed as I sat back on the couch.


"Yes, that's what he calls me." I shrugged.


"Okay then. How was your little sleepover?" He asked as a moved closer to him and hugged his arm.


"Fine. Why?" I asked.


"You looked really comfy sleeping next to him." He shrugged. "I can switch rooms with him if you want." 


"NO! Your a better cuddler then anybody, you have to stay with me forever and ever." I said sitting on his lap with my butt on one of his legs and my feet on the other and wrapped may arms around his chest.


"Your so cute!" He laughed. "But I have to leave when it's time to go back on tour." He sighed. 


"I know." I frowned. "I'm gonna cry when you leave." I said truthfully.


"You always do. And then you make me cry." He said.


"Who's crying?" Calum asked walking in.


"No one. Stop talking about crying before I cry." I said standing up and wiping my eyes. 


"Are you okay?" Calum asked as Mikey walked out.


"I don't want Mikey to leave again." I frowned. Calum walked over to me and pulled me into a hug.


"Don't worry, you still have another three months to be with him." He said as I wrapped my arms around him.


"I know. I feel like it's not gonna be enough." I sighed pulling away. "I'm gonna go find Ashton."


"He's in his room." Calum said. I nodded and walked upstairs and found Ashton's room.  I didn't even think to knock I just walked in. But he was still asleep. I shut the door behind me and sat next to his sleeping body. I shook him but he just shooed me away.


"Ashton wake up!" I shook him again.


"But I wanna go to sleep." He groaned turning over. I hopped over to the other side of him and poked his cheeks. "Stooop." He whined.


"Get up! Please?" I asked in the nicest voice possible. He opened his eyes and looked at me for a minute. Then he pulled me down so I was laying down too with his arms around my waist.


"Were you crying?" He asked.


"Just a little." I shrugged.


"Why?" He frowned.


"I just don't want Mikey to leave again." I sighed moving closer to him.


"It's okay. You guys have time to be together." He said wiping a tear away from my cheek with his thumb.


"So where are we going today?" I asked.


"Where ever you want, cutie." He smiled.


"I would stay right here with you all day with you but people would bother us." I frowned.


"Then we can go to a hotel." He suggested.


"That's a great idea." I smiled.


"Okay, go get ready." He said as we both sat up. "Leave your wallet home. You don't need to pay for anything." He added.


"I couldn't let you pay for everything." I said.


"Well your gonna have to." He said kissing my nose causing me to smile. "Now go get ready."


"Okay." I smiled standing up and walking to the bathroom. I was about to knock but Luke opened the door before I could. He had a towel wrapped around his waist like Mikey did last night and the memory of Michael kissing me replayed in my mind.


"Hi." Luke smiled wide.


"Hi! Are you done in there?" I asked.


"Yup." He said popping the 'p' "It's all yours." He laughed walking down to his room. I smiled walking in and shutting the door behind me. I took a quick shower and wrapped the towel around my body when I finished. I walked down to my room and Michael was walking out just as I approached the door. 


"Ooh, maybe I should stay in there." He winked.


"Go away." I laughed.


"Oh now you want me to leave? Alright fine. I'll be downstairs." He gave em the hand and walked downstairs. I shook my head and walked in my room. I shut my door and looked in my closet. I grabbed a grey panda sweater that was loose and black Aeropostale sweatpants. I them on and blow dried my hair, putting it up in a messy bun. I put on my grey flip flops and put on black eyeliner and a little mascara.

I grabbed my phone and walked down to Ashton's room and knocked on the door.


"Come in!" His sweet accent said. I loved his accent, it made me want to melt inside. I opened the door and he was wearing only black sweatpants and looking for a shirt in his suitcase.


"Hi." I smiled standing at his doorway. 


"You can come in." He said gesturing me to come in. I nodded and shut the door behind me. I took my flip flops off at the edge of his bed and sat on it criss-cross.


"So do you want me to pick the hotel or you?" I asked.


"Well when you were in the shower I looked up some hotels and this one called The Flamingo Casino And Hotel. It looks good you wanna go there?" He asked looking at me.


"Uh, yea sure. Sounds good." I smiled.


"What are you looking for?" I asked.


"My pony shirt." He frowned.


"Oh I washed it the other day. It's over there." I said pointing to the top of the dresser that was in the room with a pile of folded shirts and pants.


"Oh. Thank you." He smiled and found the shirt and put it on. "So your ready?" He asked.


"Uh yeah. I have my phone that's really all I need." I said standing up and slipping my flip-flops back on.


"Okay." He said opening the door and holding it for me to walk out before him. I smiled and walked out and we walked downstairs. I stood in front of Mikey who was sitting on the couch watching Adventure Time.


"I can't see." Michael whined.


"Me and Ashton are leaving now." I said.


"Who's sweater is that?" Michael asked pointing to the panda sweater I was wearing.


"Oh, it's Luke's." I said.


"That's not mine." Luke said sitting on the other couch next to Calum.


"Not you, a different Luke. He likes pandas instead of penguins." I shrugged.


"Oh." Luke and Michael said in unison.


"Well I'm leaving now." I said pointing to Ashton. Michael stood up and hugged me.


"Bye, gorgeous." He smiled then kissed me on the lips, like he did last night with all the passion. Then he pulled away and sat back down. Luke and Calum had the weirdest looks on their face.


"Bye.." I smiled and walked over to Ashton who took my hand as we walked outside.


"What was that all about?" Ashton asked.


"What?" I asked.


"That kiss, I could see the passion coming from Michael's lips to yours." He said.


"I honestly don't know. He kissed me like that last night. It's weird he's never kissed me like that before." I shrugged.


"Maybe his love for you kicked in after realizing he's gonna be with you for more then a couple weeks." Ashton shrugged.


"That's a cute idea." I giggled.


"So left or right?" He asked as we stopped at the corner of a sidewalk. Right was toward the strip and left was toward hotels.


"Left. The hotel is that way." I said pointing left. He nodded and pulled me along like I did to Harry yesterday. We started getting followed by more and more paparazzi. They kept asking us if we were dating and when they saw us start walking towards the hotel door, they freaked out. They asked us more and more questions about us being in a relationship and all that crap.


"Hi and welcome to the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. What can I do for you two today?" The woman at the desk asked with a smile.


"One room please." Ashton smiled.


"Alright I'll need your first and last names." She smiled towards us.


"Ashton Irwin." Ashton smiled again.


"Olivia Walker." I said returning the smile she gave me.


"Alright you'll be in room 207, here are your keys." She handed Ashton and I a copy of the room key. "Enjoy your stay." She smiled. She smiled a lot.


"Thank you." Ashton smiled and we went into the elevator and waited for it to go up. When we got on the floor Ashton counted the room numbers as we walked by them. "201... 202... 203... 204... 205... 206... 207! Here it is." He smiled and unlocked the door. We stepped in and looked around.


"This is nice." I said.


"Yeah. Now what do you wanna do?" He asked looking at me.


"I don't know." I said yawning. I was still a little tired even though I took a shower to get clean and wake up more.


"Come on, you look tired." He said picking me up bridal style and carrying me to the bed. He laid me down and I kicked my flip-flops off across the room.


"Can you lay down with me?" I asked him reaching my hand in the air for him to take it.


"Sure." He smiled. He took my hand and laid down next to me. "Your so pretty." He said brushing his hand over my cheek.


"Thank you." I said blushing.


"Aw, look whose blushing." He laughed pinching my cheeks lightly.


"Shut up!" I smiled hiding my face in my hands.


"It's cute." He said removing my hands from my face. "Just like you."


"Stop you keep making me blush!" I laughed.


"I'm just being truthful." He smiled.


"Stop being so cute. Your gonna kill me with your cuteness." I said poking his dimples.


"You think I'm cute?" He asked getting more interested.


"Your more then cute." I smiled.


"Well your more then beautiful." He smiled back. "So what do you think is cute about me?" He asked.


"Your whole face is just in-humanly cute. And your smile is so amazing, and your lips look so soft." I said running my index finger over his lips.


"You wanna test that theory?" He winked at me. I smiled and then his lips were connected to mine. And before I knew it I had sex with my best friend's best friend.



Oh shit. Olivia and Ashton had sex. Oooooh snaaaaap. 

Lol cliff hanger.

Well I hope you like this chapter.

Cause I kinda just put a bunch of things together.

And yea.

So love yous, byeeee!

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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