Lasting moment

"I stood there as jealously overwhelmed me, I had tried to keep quite, and respect their choices, but knowing the truth about him sickened me. I liked her more then anyone could think and he was already hiding secrets from her, and doing things behind her back. that I knew if she ever found out would kill her from the inside out. I had to put an end to this."

When there's arguing and fighting going on between the boys because of some girls. Will this cause problems beyond fixing?


16. Chapter 16

Liam's P.O.V.



When I saw Daisy I turned my head so she wouldn't see me crying.

In a concern voice Daisy asked, "Are you okay, Liam?"

"Yeah.", I said as my voice cracked.

I felt a hand placed on my back, and I turned to look at Daisy. She chuckled lightly and said," You don't have to act tough around me." .Her country accent made me smile.

I looked at her with red puffy eyes, "I know... but sometimes it's easier to act tough, then to just fall apart." That light smile that was on her face disappear.

She acted like she was trying to look for the right words to say and whether or not to say it.

She looked me in the eyes and said," Just between you and me, I've felt that way for most of my life. Well until I came here at least." She looked down and played with her thumbs.

I looked at curiously, and said," If you don't mind me asking, why have you felt that way? What I mean is like, that you seem, so happy go lucky all the time."

She sat down on the floor and I did the same. She was still messing with her thumbs and said," Well, when I was younger my dad left, so my mom had to work nonstop to pay the bills, and take care of me. In other words, I pretty much had to learn everything on my own, and crying and complaining wasn't going to help with anything, so I just acted tuff when I was hurt."

I was honestly shocked when she said that I never thought Daisy of all people had to go through that.

I looked at her and said," I'm sorry about your dad."

She laughed lightly and said," You really shouldn't be sorry. I don't even remember him."

"Well, I am sorry that you had to through that, to many people have to deal with that, and some of them don't turn out so well."

"Well I guess I'm lucky that I had a friend like Kori to depend on as I grew up."

"Yeah that must be it."

"It helps a lot that I now of all of you boys instead of just having her, because trust me I can be one of the most annoying people in the world when I'm bored." She laughed. " And trust me I get bored ALOT."

We laughed at her silly remark and said," Your not annoying, you interesting, positive, and a all around good person to be around."

She looked at me and said," Your just saying that to make me feel better." She was blushing lightly.

"Yeah I did say that to make you feel better, but I also meant what I said."


"Yep, every single word."

She smiled and said," Why are you so sweet, Liam?"

"I am so sweet to you because I..."

I trailed off when the door to the nursery opened and out came Harry and he said," Um... Daisy they need you to help with one of the kids."

She looked at me and said," We can continue this conversation later, okay?"

"Yeah, of course."

She got up and walked over to Harry. He rapped his arm around her shoulder and walked back through the door and closed it behind him.

I sat there and thought about what I was about to say...I was about to tell Daisy that I loved her...

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