Lasting moment

"I stood there as jealously overwhelmed me, I had tried to keep quite, and respect their choices, but knowing the truth about him sickened me. I liked her more then anyone could think and he was already hiding secrets from her, and doing things behind her back. that I knew if she ever found out would kill her from the inside out. I had to put an end to this."

When there's arguing and fighting going on between the boys because of some girls. Will this cause problems beyond fixing?


12. Chapter 12

 Liam's P.O.V.


I ran my hand threw my hair wondering why Daisy and them weren't back yet. I just sat there starring at the door and thinking if they were okay.

 I was a bit nervous ,because before Paul left I asked him if it would be okay if I asked Daisy to be my girlfriend and he said yes because he trusted me ,and because I was mature enough to ask him first. I kept thinking over how I was going to ask her ,but it just made me more nervous the more I thought about it ,so I tried to think about other stuff.

The door opened a little bit and Daisy asked," Is everyone decent?"

"Yes." I answered back.

The door opened the rest of the way and in came Harry behind her ,and then Louis and Kori came and they were holding hands ,so I guess they were dating.

It was quite for a second and then Kori said," Well we better be getting to are room we have a long day tomorrow."

Louis said," Yeah your right."

Kori stood on her tiptoes and gave Louis a kiss ,so I guess that made it clear that they were dating ,but when I saw Harry and Daisy do the same thing my blood started to boil.They both said bye to us and left.

 When I knew they couldn't hear us any more I stood up and simple said," Harry how could you."

"What?" he said like he was totally innocent.

"You know what you did."

"Okay I'm sorry about using your toothpaste. I ran out."

"Dang Harry can you be anymore ignorant! You asked Daisy out and you don't even like her! Your just going to use her ,like every other girl ,and you know it!"

"What are you talking about Liam! I do care for her ,and why are you yelling at me ,you barely even talk to her!"

" I do talk to her and I'm talking about how you keep a girl around until you get sick of her and then break her heart and leave her on the curb.":

Niall ,Louis ,and Zayn got in between Harry and me ,and was trying to keep us apart ,but it wasn't working so well. That's when Niall said," You two stop it now! She is a girl not the freaking last piece of popcorn in a bowl!" Everyone stopped and looked at him with a strange look.

He said," My point is you need to stop acting like she is the only person in the world and just go to sleep. Also Liam ,yes we know you liked her and Harry shouldn't of done what he did ,but you cant change what has already happened ,so both of you get over yourselves."

For once Niall actually stood up to us and he made perfect since ,but I just couldn't believe that Harry would ever do that to me. He knew I liked her ,all of the boys knew ,and out of nowhere he asks her out.

I stood my ground ,but I broke when Niall mouthed ,"Please." I just couldn't do that to him so I turned around and went to my bunk and laid down. I didn't say a word to anyone the rest of the night and went strait to sleep.



Liam's dream


 I was back home in England ,and I was dressed in a suit and for some reason Louis was there in a suit too and was watching video diary's that we did during X Facter.

All of a sudden I was at a wedding and I was in a room with the rest of the boys and they all had a beer in there hand and were talking about how this was Louis and Harry and Zayn's last day of freedom and some other stuff that I didn't really understand.

My mom walked into the room and said," What are you guys doing you all need to be ready people are arriving."

We all stood up and they sat there beers down. Thank God non of them were drunk ,but I was still confused on what was going on.

We walked threw some doors and we ended up in a church sanctuary. Harry ,Louis ,and Zayn went to the front next to the preacher ,and Niall and me went to the back and through a set of doors and waited for someone. People passes and went into the sanctuary for about thirty minutes. Until I saw Kori, Daisy, and Perry come out in Beautiful white dresses. Kori walked over to Niall and they locked arms. I did the same with Daisy ,and Perry linked arms with someone I didn't know.

That's when the doors opened and Here Comes the Bride played and everyone stood.

We walked down the isle ,and I leaned over to Daisy and told her," You look Wonderful."

She smiled and said," Thanks." you could tell she was nervous ,but she was happy.

We walked behind Niall until we reached the front of the church were the other three guys stood. I thought they were are best men or something until Daisy let go of my arm ,and went over to Harry ,but before they started their vows the setting changed to a place out side ,and lights were streamed everywhere.

I looked around and saw Zayn and Perry ,Louis and Kori ,and Harry and Daisy on the dance floor. All the girls were now in party dresses ,and they were all looking really hot.

I walked over towards Daisy when I saw a huge diamond ring on her wedding finger. She married Harry.




Back to reality.....



I woke up in a cold sweat and was breathing hard. I made a decision that night that I would never let Daisy do that ,and let her be stuck with that idiot for the rest of her life.


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