(Made by my BFF Alex who lacks a Movellas account)

No one after all is perfect. I am not perfect nor is the world around me. But this, this causes life to be perfect. Dragons.
I ride them and so does my friends. Beauties they are; soaring through the skies. Flips and twists, it really gets to you. I am a dragon rider at the dragon school for the arts, known as dragonville middle school. I failed to get into the magnet program along with five other friends. I am Alex, and my friends are Cat, Chris, Caleb, Adam, Lauren. We ride and train dragons as well as learn math, and other normal things. We failed to get into the magnet program even though we are geniuses. Instead of getting the you got accepted or not, we got a strange letter…


4. Chapter 4

  ‘I heard your remark Catherine, and I do not appreciate it. We do not talk like that in this school. I don’t care how you talked at your old school, but this school has discipline. We will dispose of your dragon if you go out of line. Talk back to a teacher and you are never allowed to see the school again. Tell an outsider about dragons and you’re going to be in so much trouble. You’ll be locked away forever, got it. Do not answer me, that is against the rules.” She yelled at us. I find that people yell a lot I know it’s not me; I am smarter than that. It’s their own freaking problem, not mine. I learn to just accept it and give them a smart attitude sometimes; it depends on who the person is. With this teacher, I would gladly yell at her right now, all except for her place in this school. She is both the vice principal and the new dragon teacher. “I heard your plan and it will never happen.” She clearly states foolishly “a plan to go against the schools rules and policy is unacceptable. I do not care that you just got here and it’s only your 3rd day here, it is the policy!” she was getting vicious now. “Yes ma’am we will listen” cat said fearfully. “And the other two?” I was going to do something that would kill me. I leaned in close to the teachers face and say “I swear on the river Styx that I will never truthfully listen to you nor go along with your stupid rules. If you understand you will swear to never mess with me again” I stand up and look all powerful and mighty “or else you shall suffer a wraith that will tear your entire being apart piece by piece.”
 I walked to the door and beckoned cat and Caleb to follow me as I walked down the corridor to our magic class.

Caleb cat and I all know that I had done a bad thing. We continued all the way through the day without a single incident.  I had decided to go through with Caleb's plan, and so did cat. So at 5:30 we cast off. “ma’am, I just wanted to know how dragons could fly. I mean they are huge but somehow their wings keep them a float.” Cat pondered to the teacher.  ‘well I will take you to the library so that you and I can go over that<” Mrs. Flabberkat said annoyed with the fact she had to leave the stable yard. Mr. Sphinx was sweeping part of the stables when he heard the door creaking open. He thought nothing of it until he heard footsteps resonating off the stone walls. A pail of dragon turds was in the isle so he threw it out the window for the honey wagon to come collect. You could hear its contents splashing against the ground. A bucket of water was in the stall then the janitor was currently in. the murky water looked as if the dragon had barfed in the process of drinking. Mounds of deer meat and cow meat where in an ice box that was propped up against the wall. Mr. Sphinx walled out of the stall and into the pathway. Sure enough two youngsters where trying to get into the shadow dragons stall. He recognized the one as the girl who had wanted the shadow dragon but was banded from having him because the dragon had followed her home. It was not her fault, so he let her try to get into the stall. He slowly approached the two and said “he is out in the field; Mrs. Flabberkat is going to be here soon so I suggest that you two run and get him as fast as you can. I am okay with you staying after school in secret and training him. I will keep it hidden.’ I and Caleb said our thanks and rushed out of the stable to find that Mrs. Flabberkat was trying to ride the shadow dragon! She fell off and hit him with the gold whip she carried. She stormed off into the stable doors and we hid behind a wheelbarrow. The smell of feces could be found just a couple feet away and the remains of it too. Cat ran out of the stable and to the wheelbarrow saying “coast is clear; she is going home right now on her dragon, but we have to make this quick!” we ran out from behind the wheelbarrow and towards the shadow dragon, who was roaring it pain as blood poured from his shoulder. We got to him just as the wound was scabbing over. Dragons heal quite fast from wounds like that. I mounted him and took off remembering the paper Zach had given to me; now I grabbed it out of my bag and noticed that in there was an envelope. I opened it trying not to let go off it or steer the dragon the wrong way it said:

Shadow dragon

 Overseas I could fly,

If only I had a shadow dragon

I would do flips and spins so agile

If I had a shadow dragon

You could teach me to fly be an apprentice,

And be the second shadow dragon rider

If I had a shadow dragon.

Zach wandowski

The letter was stuffed back in my pack as I tried to perform a simple twist. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed as the dragon let out a blast of black fire. He fell to the ground below and right before I crashed into the ground he did a complex maneuver and soared high in the sky spinning in tight circles. Green lumpy liquid came over the side of the dragon when he dived down and up again so tightly that it looked as if he could have broken his back. He landed quickly. “Alex hurry Mrs. Flabberkat is coming!” cat screamed as a torrent of flames licked the side of the building. “Run” I yell as I duck behind the wheelbarrow that we hid underneath before. I wonder what Zach meant by that letter. Soon cat and Caleb join me. ‘I placed the dragon in his stall, she should notice nothing. Only Caleb didn’t quite know that the latch on the stall door was unlocked.

I lay there hiding with cat and Caleb when Eliza walked by with a whip in her hand. She walked over to her dragons stall, cloudbreaker a goldentail dragon. She whipped cloudbreaker till her pelt was tinted red. ‘You dumb dragon. You are going to be made so fat you wish you had died right now!” she groaned as cloudbreaker was given another round of whippings. I was almost about to cry when the principle came in and yelled ‘we do not carry whips in this school” then she was shot by a blazing torrent of fire from dracinblaze Mrs. Flabberkat’s dragon. A good dragon noise could be heard in the background. I was scorched in the arm by the blast and cat whined when her left leg was burned. “The pain!” Caleb squealed as his right side of his face was burnt. “I was writhering in pain and Caleb couldn’t breathe. Cat was hyperventilating. Dracinblaze was petted by a figure with the hood pulled up on their cloak; I knew it was Mrs. Flabberkat in her new cloak, I had seen it on the closet door in her office. I didn’t know why I had the feeling that she knew we were there and that she had put the cloak on the door for a reason.

I knew that for a fact that these burn marks and the scorched and dead teacher where going to be connected in a bad way on Monday.

I rode the late snow dragon home, and felt happy that now I had burn marks. I could scare peter away now. All needed to do was apply food coloring in the morning and marker. I could also wrap it up in food coloring soaked cloth to make it look like the wound had been oozing blood and clear stuff for puss. I was going to freak peter out! Tomorrow me and cat where going to sneak riding our dragons.

I was so excited when the time came for me and cat to sneak off to the school. We were not trespassing as we had a pass that we had borrowed permanently from Mr. Gaggergag. He was half blind so he thought that we were only his students using the card to get into the school from recess. Also did I mention that he is also deaf and cannot read anything other than typed words? That is why his students carry an ipad and computer wherever they go. “We only need to go to the bathroom! Sir Can we use your extra pass?” I typed faster than any of his students. All he said was “yes my dearies do not want you to go in the garments” in his gruff voice. I think that he says things he shouldn’t in front of the 3rd graders. He is always talking about garments and clothes. My fine trickery and cleverness mixed with Cat's sweetness and innocent attitude make the perfect burglars team. Oh and don’t forget Caleb who supplies us with all kinds of inventions that help us steal or as we say to trick others borrow for a long time and return when we feel like it. It makes people think that we are just saying that we will return it tomorrow. Fat chance. So we snuck out of her house at 4:00 in the morning saying to my mom “we will be back at supper!” and then jogging out the front door. My sister believed everything we said. She is so gullible it is funny; they should have a show on how gullible people are. Actually they do. It is called: pink side ABC’s 100 most gullible and crazy people along with how to say your ABC’s. They should make an older child version.So we rode the horses I have in my backyard 2 miles away until we found the sky bridge. This bridge connects dragonville to the rest of the world; otherwise the city would be floating in space. This piece of land was found inhabited by dragons, and then people came along and built a city on it. The dragons where moved on to another floating “island”.We tied the horse to the fence post and climbed the escalator up.The people in dragonville are devoted to their dragons and so as me and cat were going up we saw a dragon path for dragons to go up and down the bridge. The people are wealthy and have no poverty because the way their government is run. One person is elected every 8 years to lead the country. The people who have no house and no money are kept in special hotels where they can find jobs in other parts of the city. There are no animals running loose because you sign a contract when you get a pet than when you sign the agreement you are saying that if the pet is too hard to care for or is uncontrollable it is given to the animal society so that it can live a happy live outside a cage. The animals are given a large dog house or shelter and a full play area with only two other animals of the same breed. Some animals after a while are introduced to other species so that fighting between cats and dogs does not happen unless on certain occasions. People who have no money are given a pay raise by the government so that they can still live in at least an apartment. For you to be able to get that kind of treatment you have to contact them. As me and cat walked through the city we found we liked it more till we got to the center of a certain district. A building was in two and several places had been torn apart. There were shacks everywhere and the area was disgusting. It the center of the place was a pool of water in which people at the time where getting water. The water was full of worms and parasites and there was an odd red hint to the water where it looked like the limbs of people where sticking out. ‘What has happened here? I thought that we were taught in school that there was none of this!” cat whispered furiously, “we should ask that man if there is a reason for this. She stumbled towards the man and said ‘do you know why this has happened?” I scurried after her. ‘This has happened because our president does not like our district representative. He annoys the tar out of the president and we pay. Our current president is joehambertioa firecicklestick. We call him Joe fire. We shall live like this until hammycollec Straton resigns from office. We said that we would help him one day and save him from this and then carried on to school. ‘I think that it is so wrong that they are punished because-“cat jabbered. I cut her off because I saw someone watching us and taking notes. “Keep your voice down, there are spies circling us. “ I noticed two people taking pictures of us and coming up behind us. “Run!” I say before taking off with cat running behind me. I slipped into an abandoned sewer pipe and toppled into darkness. Cat came down after me, and said “that was fun!” before taking off into the sewer. “Cat wait, come here!” I say pointing to an alcove where we could hide. I ducked in it as a trio of spies came through the pipe. ‘’ boss will not like it when she finds out that two of them are headed towards the school.” Say the first spy. ‘’Well at least she will know where to find them.” Says the third, and the second goes “who cares! We shall die anyways; I mean we work against the president and with him. The vice president is partnered with him and against him. Mrs. Flabbergast will be president soon-““shush, we have visitors. The first and the tallest spy came towards the alcove and ducked inside. All he found was a child with a stern face on the bench. She smiled as he started towards her to grab her and said in a pleasant innocent voice ‘going somewhere are we?” and then a girl along with a boy appeared behind him so fast in was inhuman. “Did we miss the party” the girl said with swagger. “I guess so, it looks like were late” the boy said they laughed evilly and returned to business. ‘so, are we going somewhere sir?” the stern girl with the smile said again. ‘I am afraid he is going to the end of his career.” The other girl said followed by a short smug laugh. “We are going to make this easy, I hope. If you don’t mind” the boy said. The second girl had her head tilted like she was going to bite him like a vampire. The spy had white hair and blue eyes, and was like 6 ft. 11. “Go away he said trying to grab Caleb's neck. Caleb ducked at the right time and the guy came face to face with the edge of a very sharp sword. ‘’ we make deal or you die. Got it?” I say holding the time to his neck. At this time the shortest spy came in asking what was wrong. Like lightning I whipped around and flung myself onto his shoulders, and cut off his head. It was a clean slice. Quick and painless except for the fact that he was still standing, and walking towards me. I cut the legs off of the spy, and then chopped him in half. In a flash I was back to talking about the deal. “So, what we would like is for you to, well tell the boss that we are currently unavailable at the time, and that we have changed direction as well as gone to the outer loop of the city.Is that too much to ask?” cat said skeptically while checking her nails like an actor. She had decided to stand up and walk over to the man while Alex and Caleb where out murdering and making deals with the other spy. She grabbed his neck and squeezed until he started trying to pry her hands off his neck. “Please stop!” he managed to get out before almost choking to death. ‘Deal?” cat asked. “Deal” he answered. She stalked out of the room and into the sewer where a head was lying slyly on the ground. The eyes where open and it was a gruesome sight alright. They head was small and the skin had been ripped off to show a skull and brain matter. I kicked it out of the way of cat as she looked at it and said “that’s what you did to the spy? I thought we would only kill him if we made a deal.” I sheepishly said ‘he wouldn’t listen to directions!” I backed away and ran to the beginning of the sewer pipe and flung myself out. I am independent, I stand alone. I will accept nothing unless tolerable; and being yelled at back the stupid head was not what I would what it my day. I walked all the way to the school. I snuck into the shadow dragons stall and started putting his tack on. The anxious dragon was pacing back and forth happy to be in the skies again. ‘Ya know, you don’t have a name. I was thinking that you should be named shadowspirit, or maybe even shadowviper. But I think that you should be called darkshadow. I think that it suits you.” I thought to the dragon. He nodded in agreement. “Darkshadow, a great name to behold. I shall be powerful and mighty just like my master”a great voice boomed. It was wise sounding and low, even lower than mine. The sound was menacing, but oddly like a dragon could sound. ‘ Wasss thattt youuuuu!” I questioned the dragon. ‘’Yes.” So it was the dragon. Odd. I would think they would just roar, but I guess that they would talk too. “ So darkshadow, do you want to go ride in the falls, or the practice coarse.’’ I asked. ‘’the coarse. I would like to train” darkshadow said excitingly. We got all tacked up and started out of the stables when Caleb’s fierce dragon let out a cry of pain “ master, where are you master! Help me, oh, help me!” the voice was lighter than darkshadows and more like, and strangely enough like Caleb's. “ I am coming!” I yell as I run across the stable with darkshadow on my heels. Literally, he was treading on my legs. Just as I got to the stable door of his stall I heard. “ I ride you, or you die, you hear me! I shall train you or else.’’ Eliza’s voice was the only voice that matched the pitch. I took my dragon to his stable for a second before rushing it on Caleb's dragon and Eliza. ‘ What are you doing here?” she said in her snotty little bug voice. ‘ I just came by to get my book, and see if anyone here has a map of dragonville.” I say before she can argue. ‘ I have one, and why do you not have your book with you?” “ You see, I can’t get into the building, I don’t have a pass.” She walked away saying she would get my book for me. With time to spare, I quickly came into Caleb's blue dragons stall. The fierce dragon, which Caleb called watertoken was badly wounded. His front leg was torn to bits. Blood poured around his legs. ‘’I got you watertoken, okay” I guess having a shadow dragon lets you talk to dragons, because the dragon sighed with relief. I quickly bandaged the wound with band aids for dragons and the wound healed instantly. ‘’ here’s your journal, I- hey, where did his wounds go?” I decided to play dumb and said “ I thought you were trying to help him, so I did it for you. Also, can I help with any of the dragons. I overheard you saying that you where training them, so I thought I could help. My sentence has ended.’’ I thought I said something that would give it all away until she said like always “ okay, do it and it better be done right, bye!” and she left like that. I told all the dragons that they were safe until later.


I got out darkshadow and started on the practice course. We spun and swiveled through every hoop until the last. This was an odd little hoop; you had to go above the first hoop, under the second which was underwater and then do a loop around the third. Then there was a tornado shaped piece of pole that you had to follow with the dragons feet moving up and up around the bar, at the end you had to dive through the middle and do the first thing with the tornado again flying out and onto the landing pad. We did everything correct, and then we landed swiftly and smoothly. We went back to the stables and I put him in his stall and came face to face with Eliza. Her jaw had gone slack and she was just standing there. ‘ You-you where amazing! How long have you been practicing?” she asked “ a couple of times” I reply. ‘ Wow, keep it up but just to warn on Sundays and Tuesday’s Mrs. Flabberkat stays at school. Are you going to enter the competition! That would be amazing” she continued to jabber on while she walked away. A big smile overcame my face. That was until cat and Caleb ran over to the stables. ‘WHAT THE HECK, Alex!” cat squealed. ‘Why did you leave us like that!” she came over and slammed the door shut. I could see the anger in her face. I spat “Well, I was tired of you telling me that I was wrong to cut off that guy’s head!” I was angered that they didn’t understand. I stalked out of the stables and down to the town. I exploded and ran full force thru the town half hoping that I would lose them in the streets. I can to an alleyway that looked like it would be a nice place to pass through to throw them off my trail. I went into the alley and as soon as I took about 7 long strides two thick arms came out of the gloom and pulled me into a manhole in the ground.

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