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No one after all is perfect. I am not perfect nor is the world around me. But this, this causes life to be perfect. Dragons.
I ride them and so does my friends. Beauties they are; soaring through the skies. Flips and twists, it really gets to you. I am a dragon rider at the dragon school for the arts, known as dragonville middle school. I failed to get into the magnet program along with five other friends. I am Alex, and my friends are Cat, Chris, Caleb, Adam, Lauren. We ride and train dragons as well as learn math, and other normal things. We failed to get into the magnet program even though we are geniuses. Instead of getting the you got accepted or not, we got a strange letter…


2. Chapter 2

Summer went by quickly. Going to the beach, hunting, working on what dragon I would want to ride if I get to choose what I want. I shot a 22 pointer over the summer and now it hangs over my bed. I dream about the impossible to train shadow dragon. And then it was the first day of school. A week before I got a note from the school saying that I needed a notebook for magic. It also said that there were other creatures that we would learn to ride, fly, and swim on.

“Yawn,” I mumbled sarcastically at my 5 year old sister who was leaning over my bed hitting me and saying “get up dummy; you’re going to be late for dragon school!” “Get out of my way,” I say as I walk over to the closet: basketball jersey over red long sleeve under armor shirt, basketball shoes, and black NBA shorts. I look like some kind of kid who just got home from practice. I grab my bag and walk out the front door. “Nice transportation” I whisper as a full size dragon lands in front of me. “ANTARTIC SNOW DRAGON” I scream as I jump on the back. Cat, Adam, Lauren, Zach, Chris and Caleb where already on board. I take a seat next to cat and plop my backpack down next to me. Cats brown hair blows in my face as the dragon takes off. I look at her; brown hair, green eyes and 5 inches taller than me. She has a way slimmer figure than me. She is turning 12 in January which makes her 4 months older than me. It’s august twelfth today. I love the wind whipping though my hair and I spy Caleb looking back and waving at me. I wave back, and he yells “COOL OR WHAT!” I yell back “AWESOME” and give him a thumbs up, and he does it in return. The rest of the trip takes a whole hour, no wonder they expect us on the “bus” at 5:30. As we come into a landing I see the school. Other snow dragons are landing and lining up on the landing strip. The school has a huge court yard and a basketball court. I see a bunch of guys playing and I see that obviously they will be rethinking teams when we get over there. I see a girl with snake boots and a jacket made out of the same stuff, and I examine it. Fer-de-lance skin. I can already see her as the popular girl. Fer-de-lance snakes have venom that eats away flesh, so I could see that material as expensive. She has black hair and dark eyes, she looks 8th grade, but I and cat could probably match her height in a couple of months. Everyone likes dragons here, so the 6 of us will not be odd, and weird. I walk to the doors along with Zach and Chris. We are great friends and it is going to ruin us if we get split up into different classes, and different basketball teams. Cat is hanging with Caleb and Adam, and Lauren is already with a group of girls talking. Zach is smaller than me with black hair and dark eyes, and Chris is taller than me with dark hair and eyes. One is Chinese and the other is Pilipino. We walk into the building with cat and her group of friend’s right behind us.

Chris takes the lead and we follow him to the office. We ask what classes we are in. I got lucky, I am with Chris, Zach, cat, Caleb, and some other people called Robert, Andrew, peter, and Eliza. We walk to our home room. Adam is with Lauren and her friends and 4 other boys. Our room is got a dragon statue on the teacher’s desk, and a podium with a unicorn statue on it. I sit down beside Chris and cat.  My locker is next to Zach and Caleb. The teacher says that Chris, me, cat, Caleb and Zach go to dragon choosing next.  Her name is MS macnama. She tells me and my friends that we will go to the stable yard building. I head out the door, and peter scurries up beside me. He has red hair, and brown eyes. I have a game that you create people with on my ipad, and I could create a perfect cartoon image of him. “Hey, I play basketball and I was wondering if those guys in front of you would like to me on my team,” peter says with me only half listening. “Well, we were a team back at my old school and we were thinking of keeping the gang, all we need is a person amazing at shooting.” I say absent mindedly following Zach. “Well then you need Noah firestone. He is the best 6th grader here!” peter said excitingly. “He goes to the dragon choosing now, so I guess you could advise him to be on the team.” I say bored. I am tired of peter already, because he is annoying. He didn’t want me on his team and he was the guy Adam was chatting with, about basketball! I make my way to the choosing building and there is Noah, talking with Caleb already about dragons. ‘How come we didn’t know he was going here?” I ask cat “he got the letter over the summer most likely.” Cat spoke quietly.

“Alright classes take a seat or stand if you would like that more. I do not care if you talk to your friends or anything as long as you can hear me. We are going to be choosing our dragons today. And that’s not it; we will be choosing our fire birds, phoenixes unicorns and other creatures today’’ Mr. Sphinx said. Already I could tell he was going to be my favorite teacher. He let us talk in class! “Okay class we are going to use the xxxl ipad to pick dragons,” Mr. Sphinx spoke quickly. Alex first was said and I gave the paper to the teacher. “Okay” he said, and told me I could have that dragon if I wished, but I would have to catch it, so I better pick a backup or two. So I walked up to the pad and picked this:

Nebula dragon, blue fierce dragon, ice dragon, and shadow dragon.                 

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