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No one after all is perfect. I am not perfect nor is the world around me. But this, this causes life to be perfect. Dragons.
I ride them and so does my friends. Beauties they are; soaring through the skies. Flips and twists, it really gets to you. I am a dragon rider at the dragon school for the arts, known as dragonville middle school. I failed to get into the magnet program along with five other friends. I am Alex, and my friends are Cat, Chris, Caleb, Adam, Lauren. We ride and train dragons as well as learn math, and other normal things. We failed to get into the magnet program even though we are geniuses. Instead of getting the you got accepted or not, we got a strange letter…


1. Chapter 1

   I was confused why I had not gotten into the magnet program. I and my friends had IQs of 140 to 150. One of the girls in my class told me hers and it was 85. I thought 100 was average, but maybe not. This is my last year in the magnet program, so best I enjoy it. I started to wonder who got into the program as I walked in the doors of Mrs. Mackintosh’s classroom.


  “What’s up?” I say in my usual lower voice than that of the average girl. I have problems with voice activated items because of it. I high five cat, the tallest girl in the class and then walk over to Caleb. Cat follows like the usual. “Hey, what school did you get into?” Caleb says. Blonde, blue eyed, shorted than me by 3 inches, and 2 months younger. I just shrug the question off. “Come on Alex, did you get in to Boonsboro middle, or the tech school?” cat repeats. I show her the letter. “You too?”  I say sarcastically. “Yes!” cat does her thing where she punches the air and lets out a yes. “Dragonville middle school,” Caleb reads over his shoulder “dragon school for the arts.”

“Attention class, we need to line up now,” boomed Mrs. Mackintosh as she strutted to the door. We all lined up, with me mumbling to cat about how I was tired of lining up. “Okay Addison takes us away,” the teacher called to Addison. Addison had straight dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. She was also part of the pink side, as cat, Caleb and I called the group of girls who were very annoying. We walked down the magnet corridor to gym, we passed a 1st grader who calls herself pupadopa and farts real loud and long. She was currently going “I am pupadopa and I am farty party” I go “ahem, pardon me but pupadopa is not a English word, and it is not in the dictionary, I also need to get by” and she just looks at me with a blank expression. I am feared in the Boonsboro elementary school. As I walk down the hall kids hide and duck. I have never done anything wrong, but they just fear me, I thinks it is my expression; murderess and frightening. I have always held my head high, but the thought of being feared makes me hold it higher.

I entered the gym, as Mr. Ford calls attendance. Everyone says something other than here, but the teacher does not mind. “Lily dylander, Alex dragonking, Chris wizard, Peyton James, Caleb langster, “the teacher called. “What’s up dude!” was my signature words.  After the last person was called; Catherine knight, we got to playing basketball. Today we set up stations which were different games, where we practiced shooting, and passing. I went for knock out, I always win the game. I avoid passing as I always throw too hard and far. I run up to cat who is 8 people back from the two current contestants. “Hey cat, did you get into the dragon school as well? I was wondering because I don’t want to be all alone ya know?” I say pathidicly. ‘’ yah, I did and so did Caleb. He called me last night.” Cat said blankly. “You guys taking about the dragon school? My parents told me that I could go since I was accepted into their, although they really wanted me in the tech school.” Chris stated informatively coming up beside us. “Why didn’t you get into the tech school Chris?” Caleb said turning to the group. “I didn’t get in because I did not know the answer to: what is flash player? “  Chris stated again with his head down“hey, don’t feel bad, I don’t even know that one and I have a very high IQ. “I told him.

And so we went through the day trying to figure out who was in the dragon school for the arts. Are list ended with these people: Caleb langster, Alex dragonking, Catherine knight, Chris wizard, Lauren Aztec, Adam keys, and Zach wandowski.


After coming home from the last day of school, my life went pretty easily.  I sauntered up to my room, and plopped myself down on the bed. Black curtains, sheets, covers, and bookshelves gave the blood red room a dreary look. I like the dark though; I like caves and darkness more than rainbows and sunshine. It’s the way I am.  I brushed I strand of brown hair out of my eyes and looked in the mirror. Same as always; hazel eyes that change blue and bright lime green when I wear something other than black, and red, same muscular figure, and same old outfit: black shirt with red and black sports shorts. I like playing basketball, as I can throw over and beyond the court from one basket all the way past the other. Peyton always had me on his team. His amazing shooting skills, my passing, and Chris’s speed along with Zach’s cleverness made the perfect team. We rivaled Noah firestone, and his team; Steven breaks, Adam keys, and Cat knight. Sometimes we played magnet vs. other, but the last time that happened Steven thrust his fist at my face while guarding the ball and I hit me in the mouth, almost breaking my retainer. Flashback. This is me, the odd one.

I stood up and got a book off the shelf. Dragons of draconika. It was fiction of course, but I loved the dragons they had in there. My favorite two where the Antarctic snow dragon and the dark shadow dragon. I started to read where I had left off last time I started reading it again. “Shadow dragons are known for their ability to turn invisible and bend shadows. They can create black fire out of nowhere, and spit black acid. They live in swampy areas, and hate other dragons. Are NOT docile.” I mumbled quietly. I went to the back of the book where I had a paper showing the way to train a shadow dragon. No one had done it, but I would at this school for training dragons. I. would.be.The. First. To .train.the.shadow.dragon.the.untameable.shadow.dragon.me.

I went over the paper and stuck it in my backpack for the next school year. It would match what they taught at the school. On the back and single strap there was a dragon symbol. I went through making sure there was a folder and notebook for every subject. I stuck the paper in the dragon folder and wrote on the first page of the notebook: bring paper to the teacher. After that I sat in bed and slept away the first day of summer…



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