Alex's tales!

Okay this is going to be any story (that I have on my flashdrive) of my best friend (and best writer known) Alex. So this may be bits and pieces but I beg you to read it. After all my friend is a good writer, and you might learn some war fair or vocabulary from my cunning Slytherin pal.


1. Scarlett Raven Fifth Year Story

Scarlett looked out of the window. A layer of fog coated the grounds of Hogwarts. She traced what appeared to be a dragon in fine detail on the window, and then smeared it off. Scarlett walked down the steps to potions, her favorite subject. “Hey scar! I didn’t know where you had gone, so I thought maybe you would be in the dungeons.” Draco smiled and walked alongside Scarlett.

“You always know where I am somehow.” Scarlett smiled back at Draco. The two pushed aside the heavy door to potions and walked in. no one but professor Snape where in the large classroom. “Class has been canceled. The headmaster wants all of the students in the great hall” Snape looked up from the pile of papers he was grading. “Nice necklace Ms. Raven.” Snape commented. “It was a gift.”

Snape put his head back down. “From Draco, I presume. Aha! An outstanding! That would be my favorite student.” Snape looked up a second time. “Go on now, don’t be late!’’ Scarlett and Draco rushed off towards the great hall.


After the meeting in the great hall, (Dumbledore only wanted to say that he was impressed with the 7th year’s grades, and to announce that griffindor was in the lead with the most house points.) Draco ran off to find Crabbe and goyle. Scarlett went off to find Hermione to go to the library. She had to do research on the history of magic, not that they would want to write a ten page paper on history. Instead of finding Hermione she found harry. He pinned her up against the wall. “Where’s that Malfoy of yours Scarlett? Forget a book, just to make him go get it?” harry started to strangle her. “no.” was all she could get out. Harry noticed nightshade on her sword belt. He yanked it out of the scabbard. Scarlett eyes seemed to grow larger. She coughed. Harry smiled in triumph. “I would kill you right now, but I think I will just get my point across. Don’t go near Hermione, Ron, or me. Stick with your filthy evil slytherins raven, or else-“harry never Draco pinned him up against the wall, and bound him with spells to it. Draco let go and sneered “touch her again, and I will have your head mounted on the fireplace in our common room. Draco hit harry in the nose. Scarlett collapsed to the floor and started breathing heavily. Draco bent down and looked at Scarlett for about five whole minutes. She started to breathe normally after about six minutes. Draco hugged her and Scarlett said after a long while, ‘how did you know I was being hurt?” she looked him in the eyes hard. Draco fingered a matching dragon necklace around his neck. It was black, while Scarlett’s was silver. ”When you’re in danger, the dragon glows reds and starts to heat up. On the back it shows an image of you at that particular time. So a couple minutes ago it showed you almost being strangled to death.” he hugged her again. Severus Snape had decided to go down the hallway at the time. His face glowed bright red and he went to turn around. Crabbe and goyle where racing down the hallway. The professor grabbed them by the collars and said quietly “no you don’t” he knew that they were going to run and get Draco. Snape let them go and walked towards Scarlett and Draco. “Something wrong?”  Severus Snape asked. “Harry potter attacked Scarlett, tried to kill her by strangling her.” Draco choked out as he pointed to harry. Snape looked at Harrys face, wondering why his nose was so crooked. He finally undid all the spells preventing escape, and took harry took harry to Dumbledore’s office. Snape later found Draco and Scarlett sitting on the couch in the slytherin common room “when my father hears about this, Harry’s sure to be expelled.” Draco seethed polishing his wand, while Scarlett oiled Shadowblades saddle. It was known now by all the slytherins that Scarlett had a dragon. They even took turns riding him. Everyone liked Shadowblade; he was always funny and liked to give people cool stuff. Professor Snape got a glass carving off himself, and it looked exactly like him. Snape now lets his figure sit on his desk. “I have depressing news, harry potter has not been expelled.” He walked right back out of the room.” Well, at least he tried. If it were me who got attacked well, I would of convinced Dumbledore to expel harry, but instead of me, it was mudblood Scarlett.” pansy smirked. “ for the last time pansy, I am a pureblood, more than you could ever say for yourself, you worthless half-blood! I bet the other side of your family is lying that they are wizards! Half-bloods are fine with me as long as they don’t lie about who they are!” Scarlett yelled at pansy. Pansy just glared at her. She stalked off leaving Draco, Scarlett, and a couple of first years and seconds years that where finishing their herbatology work. “ she wanted you to yell at her you know.” Draco spoke placing his wand in his pocket and standing up, “put the saddle away and lets go outside.” Scarlett put the saddle away and followed Draco out of the common room. a light breeze blew across the grass. Scarlett watched as harry and Ron made their way down to hagrids. “Still around potter? You won’t be much longer.” Draco whispered. They walked along the lake for a while before stopping beside a tree. “it’s our fifth year, and Harry’s still a favorite of most of the teachers. They all can’t see what’s past their own nose.” Draco said worried-like “ promise me you will never speak to harry potter.” Said Draco eyeing Scarlett, “ I promise.”


A long time later.


        Scarlett was walking with Draco who was tailed by Crabbe and goyle. Draco refused to leave her side ever since harry attacked her. Hey walked to transfiguration. Scarlett sat down in the back row one seat from the end. Draco sat down next to her and Crabbe and goyle next to him. Instead of sitting down next to harry, Hermione sat down next to Scarlett. After the lesson Scarlett raced Hermione to the library to study. “ Scarlett wait!” said Hermione close behind Scarlett. In fact if they hadn’t stopped running they would of tied. Instead of running though, they stopped. “ yes Hermione?” Scarlett followed Hermione’s gaze down the long corridor. Pansy was running towards them. Scarlett and Hermione broke into a run, but instead of going into the library, they raced towards the griffindor common room. “ dragon lung!” Hermione said out of breathe and the picture of the fat lady swung open. The blasted inside, and plopped themselves down on the chairs in front of the fireplace. “ crud! I forgot you’re a slytherin!” Hermione gasped as she slapped herself in the face. ”it’s okay, I knew the passcode anyway, Neville is not so secretive about passcodes.”

After a hour Hermione and Scarlett said goodbye to each other, and promised that they would go to the library tomorrow. Scarlett walked towards the doors leading to the outside. She opened them and walked outdoors. She found Draco by the apple tree. “ hanging with Hermione?” he asked casually.” Yep.” She responded. Draco handed Scarlett a green apple. She bite into it, and quickly devoured the whole thing. “ your supposed to enjoy it! Not wolf it down!” Draco rolled his eyes at Scarlett. “ maybe I am a werewolf!” she joked.

They both laughed as she pulled another apple off the tree. This time she didn’t devour it. They talked for a long time, and at about 2:00 pm Draco surprised Scarlett.  You know, umbridge seems to not allow this but, she’s not watching.” Draco flipped an apple up in the air and caught it. He set it up on a branch and hugged Scarlett, and then kissed her on the mouth. After about three minutes umbridge called out stop at Draco and Scarlett. She stomped over to them. Draco and Scarlett stopped kissing. “you know, I am sick of all these people! I know who started this,” she eyed Draco angryily. “ dention for both of you.” And she soon as she left Draco whispered “ that was fun.” Into scarletts ear. He smiled. And she did too.


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