Escape Harry Styles AU

"Nobody can stop us, we've got our backs against the ocean and it's just us against the world."

Devil, Angel and Cupid.

2 completely different people from 2 different worlds will eventually meet.

Harry and Violet are complete opposites, but they have one thing in common, which is struggling. They both struggle to survive on a daily basis.

When they both meet, they quickly became friends. But where is the fun in the relationship without cupid? When cupid decides to join in the relationship, he twists it around into a game; a game of love and escape.

"I dream of escape but never try."


10. Chapter 9.

Chapter 9.

Saturdays. Don’t you just love Saturdays; I get to relax and do whatever I want to do, well that is if my parents don’t bother me today. I walked out of the bathroom, already showered and loving my outfit for today; short pants and a sweater. I woke up at 12pm today, so after I comb my hair, I walked downstairs to cook myself a yummy meal.

I grabbed some the ingredients and materials out of my cupboard and proceeded on making my noodle.

When done, I sat down on the couch and turned on my TV. I settled on AXN and started eating my delicious noodles.




When I finished my bowl of noodles, I went in the kitchen and placed my bowl, fork and spoon on the sink. When I went back to the living room to switch the TV off, I saw my father on the couch smoking; I panicked and quickly, but slowly went up the stairs into my room.

I grabbed my laptop and placed it on the bed, mindlessly scrolling through tumblr. Ever since the day, Harry and I bumped to each other, my life has really changed, or in other words my life totally flipped, I mean, why would a boring, ordinary girl like me, bump into a criminal, now that’s not an everyday thing that people encounter. Right?

When I looked at the time, it shows that it was already 3.39pm, I sighed and closed my laptop. I laid back down on my bed and closed my eyes while taking a deep breathe. I opened my eyes again and walked towards my stereo and plugged my iPhone in it. I clicked on Carry You by Union J and put it on full volume. I walked towards my bed and plopped onto it while singing along to the song.

When the song ended, I heard heavy footsteps outside the door and followed by my door opening violently; my dad.

“What the hell? I called your name more than 5 times and you didn’t go downstairs, instead, you’re laying down on your bed sleeping?” He screamed at me.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.” I looked up at my dad.

“Lies!” My dad shouted, he walked towards my stereo and unplugged my iPhone out and before I knew it, my iPhone was being thrown at me, luckily, I ducked in time and my phone dropped on the bed. Thank God.

“You good for nothing bitch!” My dad screamed at me, he took a big step towards me and slapped me on the cheek. Why does it always have to be on the cheek, it’s still healing because of Chase! By this point, tears were already escaping my eyes, but my so-called ‘father’, kept abusing me. I hate him so much.

When he was done, I was left on the floor curled up crying, he didn’t beat me up as bad as Chase yesterday, it was just a harsh slap across my cheek and a few punches on my stomach, but nothing compared to Chase’s bullying. I wiped my tears with my sleeve and tried standing up, I failed on the first try, the second, and the third, but in my fourth try, I successfully stood up with the wall supporting me. I decided to change into my jeans and a different sweater because I really need time out of this house; this house is going to drive me crazy soon.

When I was done changing, I didn’t bother looking at the mirror because I’d probably look like shit anyways, and I couldn’t care less. I tried fast walking down the stairs, but every step I took, I felt a sharp jab on my stomach. When I reached the bottom step, my father was on the couch drinking some beer, we both made eye contact and I widened my eyes and ran outside the house.  Since it was already 5pm sharp, I’ll just get some early dinner somewhere near Camelot Street. I proceeded on walking around Camelot Street, hoping on finding something decent to eat. After 20 minutes of walking around, I finally found a decent restaurant around the corner; I entered the restaurant and waited for the waiter to get me a table.

“Good afternoon.”

“Hey, table for one please?”

“Right this way, miss.”

I followed him and he guided me to my table. When we reached my table, I sat down and opened the menu, oddly, the first meal on the list caught my attention; steak. I love steak. I called the waiter and ordered a medium-well steak with a glass of water. He nodded and left to make my delicious meal. While waiting, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and started scrolling through my twitter timeline, I stopped scrolling until a notification appeared. It was from Harry, oh gosh, I almost forgot about him.


“Hey babe.



I rolled my eyes and closed the text. I waited for another 10 minutes and the food finally arrived, when the waiter set my meal on the table, I dug in and ate my steak.




After eating and paying the bill, I walked outside the restaurant, thinking of somewhere to go. It’s still 6.34pm and I don’t want to go home. I sighed and looked around, all of a sudden, there were police siren noises; I looked around again to see a man running for dear life while slow police cars were behind him. The man turned around and pointed something to the car, the object then made a loud banging noise and the tires of the car flattened. I could hear the man chuckling and running, I panicked and debated whether to run or go back inside the restaurant, I’ll just go back to the restaurant. The second my finger tips touched the door handle, someone pulled me from behind and I bumped into his hard chest, I could tell that he’s a man because he obviously didn’t have mountains on his chest. I panicked and was prepared to scream, when I looked up, I saw Harry panting. Wait Harry? What the hell?

“No time to explain. Come with me.” He said.

Before I could protest, he dragged me running with him, I looked back and saw several policemen running after us, or just him. I faced front again and Harry turned to the right and we ended up in an alley. The sky was pretty dark already, so I doubt anybody’s going to see us. Harry dragged me to the side of the dumpster, where no one could see us, I was trapped in between Harry and the wall, so obviously, I couldn’t escape.

“Harry! What the hell? Why are you chased by cops?” I whispered-shouted.

Harry shushed me and looked above the dumpster, he widened his eyes and brought his head back down.

“What is g-“

Before I could finish my sentence, Harry crashed his lips onto mine, and I stood still.

“Kids.” Someone scoffed from behind and directed a flashlight to us.

The man walked away, out of the alley, and I could clearly hear a conversation between him and another man.

“Found the robber there?” Wait, a robber? Are they talking about Harry?

“No, just found a guy and a girl lip locking behind the dumpster.”

“Kids.” The other man scoffed.

Harry pulled his lips from mine, and I couldn’t really register anything that’s happening right now.

“Why didn’t you kiss back?” He pouted.

I furrowed my eyes and felt so angry with him.

“What the hell Harry? And what do they mean by ‘robber’?”

“Well, uh, there’s really no other way to explain. But I robbed a bank. Yeah.” Harry said stuttering and eventually said it so casually.

“What? You robbed a bank? Are you mad?”

“Nope.” He pointed at the bag beside him.

“Is it money in there?”

He nodded and looked back at me.

“Oh and by the way, there was no need for you to kiss me!” I whispered-shouted at him.

“What? I saved your life.” He rolled his eyes.

I pushed Harry away and started walking out of the alley.

“Yeah, but you didn’t have to kiss me!” I screamed at him.

“Why are you making such a big deal out of it? It’s not like I stole your first kiss or anything.” He walked beside me and rolled his eyes again.

I looked at him and stared at the ground.

“Wait, that was your first kiss?”

I nodded slowly and looked up at him.

"Are you kidding?" 

I shook my head no and continued to stare at the ground.

He stopped walking and pushed me up against the wall,





Sorry for the late update. I'm not on here often, i'm much, much more active on wattpad, please check out my wattpad profile iAmHellbound for FASTER AND BETTER updated for this fanfiction. (: Links in comments. 

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