Escape Harry Styles AU

"Nobody can stop us, we've got our backs against the ocean and it's just us against the world."

Devil, Angel and Cupid.

2 completely different people from 2 different worlds will eventually meet.

Harry and Violet are complete opposites, but they have one thing in common, which is struggling. They both struggle to survive on a daily basis.

When they both meet, they quickly became friends. But where is the fun in the relationship without cupid? When cupid decides to join in the relationship, he twists it around into a game; a game of love and escape.

"I dream of escape but never try."


7. Chapter 6.

Chapter 6.


Last night was a weird night and I couldn’t get the scene out of my head. A criminal broke into my room and threatened me and then left? Well, on the bright side, I’ll probably never meet him ever again. Oh, maybe I should just report him to the police? Yeah that’s a good idea. But then, Harry said if I say a word to the police or anybody about him, then he’ll kill my entire family and me, I don’t want that happening. Damn, what am I supposed to do?


I grabbed the piece of note that Harry left last night and read it over, and over again.


“Playing hide and seek ey? Well, I can’t play with you right now babe, but I’ll see you soon (;



“I’ll see you soon.” That phrase frightens me. What does he mean that he’ll see me soon? Is he going to come to my house again? Or? I sighed, got out of bed and walked towards my wardrobe. I decided on something casual looking, I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and a nirvana shirt, and walked to the bathroom.  When I was about to enter the bathroom, my phone rang. Wait, my phone rang? No one has ever texted or called me before.


I furrowed my eyebrows and walked towards my bed and placed my outfit down on the bed. I grabbed my phone and a text from an unknown number appeared on the screen. I unlocked my phone, pressed my messages icon and pressed on the text.





Harry? Is it Harry? How did he get my number? I mentally groaned and just decided to ignore the text since I don’t want to get involved with him or anything. I walked straight into the bathroom and took a relaxing shower.


After my shower, I took my towel and dried myself. It was really quiet until I heard someone’s footsteps outside. Who could it be? My parents don’t come into my room often, wait actually, they never come in my room. I stayed still and quiet but I didn’t hear any more footsteps. Maybe it was just my imagination, maybe because I was still stunned about last night that my mind is playing tricks on me.


I shrugged it off and continued to dry myself. When done, I took out my bra and panties and put it on. I grabbed my shirt and- Wait, where did my shirt go? And my pants? Urgh, I left it on my bed and forgot to take it just now. I rolled my eyes, wrapped a towel around me and went out of the bathroom. The cold wind hit my body once I exited the bathroom plus my room is now ten times colder than the usual temperature because my window is broken and the cold morning wind is entering my room. I quickly grabbed my shirt and pants and decided to change here since I’m too lazy to enter the fogged up bathroom.


After changing, I took my phone and I found that the unknown number texted me again;


“Don’t ignore my texts sweetheart. Oh, and loved your singing. ;)”


What? How the hell does he know that I sang in the bathroom? I groaned and once again, ignored his text. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and decided to bring a pocketknife with me, just in case something bad happens today. I’m pretty sure that my life is even more fucked up since I basically have contact with a criminal. I shoved the pocketknife into my back pocket and proceeded to the door.




School today was just like any other school days, have my classes, then lunch and then more boring classes and then we go home. But something changed during lunch; it’s not like my usual eat-lunch-alone kind of thing. This time, Jay approached me and actually sat with me, and well, we talked about some things.


I unlocked my locker and got my math book out, since I have to do one of the exercises given by my teacher. I walked down the hall and through the school’s exit; I kept walking till I reached the school’s gate.




Chase, what does he want?


I ignored his calls and kept walking to the direction of my house.


“Oi! Violet!”


I walked faster until I felt someone grabbing my arm roughly and pulling me backwards.


“When I call your name, fucking answer me!” He growled.


Chased pushed me against the wall before I could say anything to him.




“Shut it!” He snapped at me.


Oh god, I’m having a headache.


“Why didn’t you meet me in front of school yesterday?” He said furiously.


“I- I didn’t know.” I stuttered.


“What do you mean you didn’t know? I told you yesterday during lunch!” He sternly said.




Chase slapped me across the cheek, which made my right hand cup my stinging cheek.




Chase dragged me to a nearby alley and basically pushed me up the wall again, thank god it’s not dark yet.


“Chase! Stop! I’m sorry I didn’t meet you yesterday! I couldn’t catch what you were saying.” I whimpered.


“Stop making lame excuses!” He shouted.


“I’m not!”


He growled and kneed me on my stomach, which made me fall, but I didn’t fully reach the ground because Chase brought me up again.


He slapped my across the cheek.


“Never, ever ignore me.”


He punched me on the shoulder.


“Never lie to me.”


He leaned on me and brought his head to my ear-


My pocketknife! I could use that!


I brought my right hand to the backside of my pocket and grabbed the metallic thing.


“Watcha got there?”


He whispered to my ear. I froze and stared deep into his eyes.




Chase then brought his hand and grabbed my wrist; I quickly released the pocketknife into my pocket again so he won’t find out. He brought my hand in between us, he chuckled deeply and with his other free hand, he slowly placed it on my hip, he slowly slid his hand to my bum and lightly squeezed it. Oh gosh, why is Chase doing this? I made a disgusted look with my face and tried reaching for his other hand, but he was quick with his reflexes and caught my hand.


“You’re a really naughty little bitch.” He spat.


He used both of his hands to grab both of my hands and he quickly put it above my head. We both just stared into each other’s eyes until I brought my knee upwards, but he was quick with his reflexes, again, and he put his legs in-between mine, so I couldn’t move my legs. He smirked and placed both of my hands to his left hand, so he was holding both of my wrists tightly. I silently cursed as he brought his right hand onto my back pocket. Fortunately, he placed his hand on my other pocket; where the pocketknife isn’t laying there. Thank God.


“Oh, what is this?”


What is what? I furrowed my eyebrows and looked to what he has in his hands; a piece of paper. When did I place it there? Chase opened the little piece of paper and he read it out loud.


“See you tonight babe. (;




“H? Who’s that? You’re little boyfriend?” He said in a mocking tone.


“No.” I silently answered him.


In an instant, Chase slapped me across the cheek again. I can’t even feel the pain anymore; my body feels really numb because of him.


“What did I say about lying to me?”


“I’m not!” I almost screamed.


His face changed from angry to even more angry.

I heard him growl and he kneed me in the stomach and I fell onto the ground. He squatted in front of me and brought his hand upwards, ready to slap me again, but something, or someone stopped him.




I recognize that voice.



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