Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


7. Zayn!

Hannahs POV

I sat on the sofa impatiently waiting for Harry to hurry up and get off the fucking phone.

"Louis come on, i need your help mate" Harry groaned pinching the bridge of his noise as he sat hunched over on the sofa next to me.

He paused for a moment hearing this so called Louis guy speak then groaned even louder, "it dosent matter i will deal with Liam it wont be like last time" Harry answered and sighed.

This time i groaned and Harry gave me a confused look, 'hurry up' i mothered annoyed and he just rolled his eyes.

"No we need to sort it out now not la-" but he stopped midsentence and pulled his phone back to see Louis had ended the call, "fucking Tomlinson" he yelled annoyed just as Niall walked in from the kitchen.

"Zayn's not bothering either to busy with the boxing" he groaned and fell back onto the sofa next to Harry.

"What are we going to fucking do" Harry yelled, i rolled my ears and heard the sound of my ringtone play.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see my mums name, i sighed and answered it.

"Hello" i sighed, "Hannah where the hell are you, Matt's here and he said your at some boys mind explaining whats going on" she said angrily with a tad of worry.

"Mum im fine please i promise ill be home soon, just don't worry please" i sighed.

"Don't flipping worry, im your mother that's what i do and who the hell is this boys house your at" she yelled.

"He just a friend i met and his dog just passed away and im comforting him" i said quickly thinking on the spot.

I look at Harry and Niall and they were both starring at me like i was mad, i rolled my eyes and turned my back on them.

"what" my mum asked confused, "hes upset ill be back soon love you, im sorry Bye" i yelled quickly and hung up.

I sighed and fell back into the sofa, "Ha-Harrys dog passed away" Niall blurted out, i looked to him and they both burst out laughing.

"Oh shut up i was thinking on the spot" i snapped, once they had finally stopped laughing i asked once again when they would take me home.

"Ok fine now" Harry said simply, i looked at him confused and shocked, "Now really your take me home" i asked, "sure grab your stuff come on Niall you can come to" he said jumping up.

Niall shrugged and stood up as well, "lets go" Harry said and i frowned standing up following him.

We walked down the million of stairs then out to the car park, "wheres you car" Harry asked Niall, "3rd row up" he said and we walked to the third row to come in view of a blue sports car.

We jumped in and Niall was driving, "where to" Harry asked, "Walkers street" i answered and he nodded.

I shrugged and put my earphones in, its a longish journey so whatever.

After a while i finally looked up from my phone and out the window, i frowned not recognising where we were, it looked like we were in the middle of know where, "are we nearly there" i asked, "Yep just about" Harry smirked and Niall pulled into a car park.

"What where are w-" but i stopped mid sentence seeing a huge building in front of me.

Harry smirked and winked at me before getting out of the car, i looked to Niall completely confused and he just got out as well.

what? I got out the car as well and looked to see them both walking towards the building, "What, Harry you said you were taking me home where are you going" i yelled to him.

"Yeah i am taking you home soon" i heard him say back, "What do you mean soon" i yelled.

I heard him chuckle and they nearly reached the building, "Harry" i yelled again stomping my foot like a 5 year old.

"Are you coming of staying there" he yelled as he reached the entrance to the building, i swallowed the lump in my throat and quickly run to the entrance.

It was pitch black and there were no lights at all anywhere and i wasn't staying on my own, i guess im kinda safe with Harry, well!

I don't think Niall would put me in dangers way, lets just say that, he chuckled as i reached them and shook his head.

"Where are we and what is this place" i asked looking at the building, it was an old run down building, dirty, windows smashed and didn't look remotely safe.

"You will see" he smirked and opened the door, Niall walked in and he held it open for me, "Lady's first" he smirked and i glared at him as i walked in.

I could here the sound of cheering and yelling and i felt even more confused.

I followed Niall up the hall as Harry followed behind and the cheering became louder and louder until it felt like my ears were about to explode.

We finally walked into a tight packed room with a large boxing ring in the middle. It was packed with big, sweaty, bulky men shouting there bets and cheering or cursing at the two boxers, boxing in the ring.

My mouth dropped, i looked to Harry, fear filling my whole body and he just chuckled. "Stay close" he whispered in my ear making me shudder, he grabbed my hand and my breath hitched.

I looked up to him and he smiled before grabbing my waist and pulling me into him then forcing us through the crowd. The men growled as Harry shoved them out the way barging our way through and keeping me close to him the whole time.

I looked to the men as we passed them and if there eyes weren't glued to ring then they were wondering greedily up and down my body, i felt extremely uncomfortable and found myself sinking in to Harry even more as we forced our way through the crowd.

Finally we made it to a door across the other side of the room and stepped in.

I found out that it was a work out room or what ever with weights and all sorts of different things, to the left of the room there was a punching bag and a guy was throwing punching at it over and over again.

The guy had jet black hair styled up into a perfect quiff, an olive skin colour, gorgeous hazel eyes and a perfect intense jaw line. He wore a pair of dark blue baggy shorts, nike trainers and no shirt. My eyes wondered to his body as a 6 pack laid upon his stomach which he had well and truly earned from the way he was working out and tattoos covered him, he was beyond sexy.

"Malik good to see you" Harry grinned folding his arms across his chest, the guy threw one more full powered punch then finally stopped, he pulled his gloves off and threw them to the floor stepping away from the punching bag.

"Styles" the guy said a little surprised, seriously why dose everyone call each other by their last name?

"How you doing" Harry smirked stepping forward a bit walking more into the room, i stayed put by Niall.

The guy swiped a water bottle from the bench and took 3 large gulp fulls then poured a bit over his face, he leaned forward and shook his head like a dog for a moment then looked back up to Harry .

"Same as usual" he shrugged, "why are you hear" he asked after, cocking up an eye brow.

"You know" Harry smirked, the guy chuckled and looked down at the floor for a moment, "No way, uh uar, not happening" the guy shook his head.

"Zayn come on" Harry groaned, Zayn? as in one of the gang he was talking about, so that's why we are here.

"No way ive got like 5 matches just today, ive got training the rest of the week and the final is coming up it anit happening" Zayn said shaking his head.

"Zayn come on mate we need you" Niall said stepping up, "Horan good to see you again" Zayn said sending a smirk this way, when he noticed me.

His eye brows raised and he glanced at Harry then back to me, "And you are" he asked, i wasn't really sure if it sounded rude or not, he kinda just spoke in one tone, it was a dark tone, rather mysterious.

"Hannah" i answered folding my arms, he grinned and through a towel over his shoulder before walking over to me, i had to keep my eyes from wondering down his body.

"Zayn" he smirked holding out his hand to shake, it wasn't quite like when Niall did it, it was different i don't know how to explain it.

I swallowed the lump in my throat before slowly shaking his hand, his grip was firm but gentle.

"Sorry but i gotta say it" he said and turned his head looking at Harry, "But how the fuck did you pick up one as fucking sexy as this" he chuckled.

Pick me up, how fucking dare he, no one fucking just picked me up, anger filled me yet i found myself almost blushing by what he called me, i quickly over came it and looked to Harry.

He just chuckled and shrugged, i was about to say something but Zayn turned back and spoke first.

"Im sure you would rather spend the night in my bed wouldn't you" he smirked then turned around walking back to his water bottle taking another large gulp.

"Zayn" Niall groaned rolling his eyes, "agh fuck you, how ignorant can you people get" i snapped glaring at him as well as Niall and Harry.

I guess not really Niall, he was nice but he also didn't have any objections to keeping me hostage practically and taking me here, so i was pissed at him too.

"I like her already" Zayn chuckled and Harry laughed, "she is fun" he smirked, "Go. Fuck. Your. Self" I said angrily pausing for a second between each word.

This just made them chuckle more, i glared at Niall who also chuckled, agh i hate them all.

"Question though, why is she here, coz she obviously isn't your bird, it wouldn't be Nialls so..." he asked, "she's just tagging along for a while" Harry answered"

"Anyway" Harry smirked, "We need you Malik you in" Harry said, "No, look what happened last time and ive gotten two far with the boxing im not dropping it all now" Zayn answered turning his back and grabbing his gloves putting them back on.

"Theres more" Harry added, "don't care" Zayn muttered, "Brett's back" Harry said looking closely at Zayns facial expression.

He suddenly stopped, starring straight ahead, he slowly turned so he was facing Harry and starred right into his eyes.

"What" he growled his teeth gritted, "hes back" Harry answered, anger filled Zayns eyes and suddenly he punched the wall next to him with his bare fist, i jumped at the loud bang and he yelled angrily.

"Why the fuck is he back i thought that fucking son of a bitch would have of learned his lesson" Zayn yelled angrily, my breathing became heavier and fear filled me, why was he so angry who was this Brett guy.

Niall stepped by my side and i glanced at him, he gave me a reassuring smile and i gulped looking back to Zayn, "i don't know that's why we need everyone back" Harry said, Zayn calmed down a bit and he starred at Harry for a few minutes in silence.

"fine" he said after a while, "Ill do it but then im done and im getting back to my boxing" he said and Harry smirked, "Well come back mate" he smirked and Zayn grinned.

"Its good to be back" he smirked.




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