Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


47. Woody

Hannah's POV
"Your brought your freaking girlfriend to a strip club Harry" I yelled, "what the hell is wrong with you.

"Angel it's not like I intended to that's just where Woody wanted to meet" he shrugs.

"And you couldn't of mentioned you have a girlfriend so seeing half naked women isn't going to give us a very healthy relationship" I say angrily.

He only rolls his eyes and takes my hand dragging me to the entrance.

"No! Get off of me" I yell yanking my hand back, "if you think there's anyway I'm going in there you must be crazy and if you go in there" I warn.

"Look you don't think I wanna go in there, you realise half the men in there are dirty low life scums" "you don't say" I roll my eyes.

"Yeah well, some prefer to take the clothes off rather than them be off already, so do you really think I want to take you in there" he asks raising his voice slightly.

I stand still looking to the floor, "now neither do I want to take you in there but I am most defiantly not leaving you out here for whoever to find" he finishes, "now come on" he mutters and we begin to walk.

As soon as we step in I'm disguised by the sight, half naked and naked girls dancing and doing whatever to please the lust full eyes that watch so carefully.

I look up to Harry feeling a tad better when I see his eyes don't even bother to glance at one girl but remain focused on a single individual across the room.

He holds my hand tightly before making his way across the room pulling me along as well.

My body shivers and I feel the hairs on the back of my neck prickle as I feel the eyes of unwanted attention.

It completely disgusted me, men in their 40 and sometimes 50 came here and paid money to see young girls, half the age of them if not even that, give all their innocence away.

They were worse that the actual strippers.

My heart hammered in my chest as one of the men we passed winked and the words that followed "I want that".

Fucking hell they talked about me as if I was a piece of meet, they had no respect for women, well I wouldn't even class myself as a women just yet anyway.

I'm guessing Harry heard as well from the quick turn and sharp state he gave the guy, "excuse me" he asked angrily.
"Harry" I mumble pulling on his hand, this was not a place I wanted him to start a fight in let alone drag attention too.

"Mmm" the guy grinned, I couldn't tell of he was drunk or not but by the glasses of beer in front of him, I knew he had a few.
"What was you saying" he asked letting go of my hand which meant he was most defiantly about to start something.

"Harry" I warn grabbing his hand back again which he only dropped.
The guys eyes travelled to me and he grinned, "where did you get that one" he asked licking his lips.

And that was it. He was off the chair and on the floor with a bloody nose, "what the fuck" he yelled whilst groaning in pain.
My breath hitched seeing security make its way over and i quickly grabbed Harrys hand tugging him away, "come on Harry" i mumble until he finally budges.

And begins to walk away but i feel a rough hand suddenly grab my arm pulling me back, the same happening to Harry.

"Get the fuck off of me" Harry growls ripping his arm back, i look up to see the security guard and close my eyes for a moment, we are in trouble.

"And get your hands off of her as well" he yells shoving the man back so he let go of my arm, "Harry stop it" I say trying to calm him before we get into even more trouble, especially considering the security man was twice the size of Harry.

And I may be wrong but i didn't think this was the whole kind of just escort you out security guard,  I had a feeling he was more the type of throw you out and give you a beaten if you needed one.

The man let out.....a growl, you could say and took Harry by the throat suddenly, i gasped grabbing the security guard trying to pull him off of Harry, who at this point was choking and couldn't breath.

"Get off of him" I yelled trying to pry his hands from Harry's throat, "Woah woah woah" someone said from behind me and i jumped slightly swinging my head around to see a green eyed, curly ginger haired, freckled boy.

"Dave, come on, calm your tits, its Harreh, the one i told you about, you know good old Harold" the ginger boy spoke with a small laugh between his words.

I knew who ever this guy was, was helping but he was doing it in his own time, considering Harry steel couldn't breath from the mans grip.

The security guard starred him down still not loosening his grip even a tad, my eyes flickered to Harry's who were slowly rolling back into his head, "let go of him" i yell once more loosing patients of the guy.

"He just got a little annoyed, he dosent like people touching his girl, come on Dave, no need to kill him" the guy behind me joked laughing lightly.

But the truth was, this really wasn't a joke, Harry couldn't breath and his struggling was become weaker and weaker, he WAS going to kill him if he didn't let go soon.

"Please let go" i beg, gripping Harrys t-shirt and trying to pull him from the security guard, finaaly after letting out a grumble the security guard let go of Harry who immediately dropped to the floor coughing.

"Harry" i gasp dropping to my knees as well and hugging his hunched figure, "Im fine....Angel" he croaked giving me a weak smile.

"What the hell is wrong with you" I shout suddenly feeling angry, without thinking, i stand to my feet and do the exact same as Harry did, shove him with all my mighty.

But me not being as strong as Harry, the guy dosent budge and i see the same look of anger in his eyes as i did before, right before he strangled Harry.

I shriek feeling his fist come towards me but it dosent come into contact due to the fact, Harry was not standing and had pulled me back away from the contact of his fist.

His strong arms dragged me back behind him and i could see every inch of him tensed and shaking from anger.

"You don't hit a fucking women, let alone my girl" Harry spits through gritted teeth, "Oh you wanna choke again boy" the security guard finally speaks with such a harsh tone, i feel my hands tremble.

The guy that had helped before steps forward besides Harry and folds his arms, "Have to agree with him" he bites back.

I look around too see a lot of the attention is on us now, the girls continue their dances as already been told off for stopping and seeing whats going on.

But they still gaze at us every now and again, seeing what is too happen next, same as all the horrid men that stare.

"Enough now gentlemen, your distracting the dancers" a very tight up voice says and a man wearing a bright pink suit and purple tie walks over.

"Leave them now David will you my darling" the very feminine guy speaks patting his back, the security guard grumbles before walking away giving Harry one last glare.

"Im sorry about that my little bubble bee, are you quite alright" the guy in the suit smiles sweetly fluttering his eyes.

I stare at the man in shock, not really sure how to react when seeing him rub Harry's chest slightly, of that was one of the dancers or any girl in fact, i would of gone ballistic seeing them touch my boyfriend.

But with......Frederick, which i read from his name tag, I found quite humorous actually. "Erm yeah" Harry mumbled seeming slightly shocked himself.

I had to hold back the laugh from escaping my throat, once Harry had practically used me as a shield from Frederick, holding me in front of me.

Frederick let out a sigh shaking his head seeing me, "All the good ones always prefer the women" he rolls his eyes and i sniffle a silent laugh.

"Anywayzzz" he smiles back, "My name is Frederick-James-Leonald-Butler-Charles the third, but you my little pumpkin seeds can call my Fred, Freddy or Freckles, despise the fact, i sadly do not own any" he sigh for a moment then is back to his old self.

"Due to that unfortunate mishap, free drinks all around, enjoy my beautiful girls" he winks and paddles away.

I shake my head silently laughing as i watch him walk away, "Well hes fucked up" Harry mutters and i spin around rolling my eyes.

"No he just prefers a different sex to what you do" i grin, "Mmm well im all good with the sex in front of me" he smirks and my cheeks immediately redden.

"If your going to fuck each other, theres rooms out back for that and they have all kinds of toys too" the ginger haired guy from besides us smirk and i gasp slightly whilst Harry laughs.

I had almost forgotten he was standing next to us, "Thanks Woody" Harry smirks, so this is Woody, hes hot.

I probably shouldn't be thinking that when i have a boyfriend, but i cant help it, i love red heads and his freckles are adorable, as well as the sight of dimples i saw when he smiled.

"So that's one way to make an entrance" Woody smirks and Harry only laughs.


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