Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


49. Remembering

Hannahs POV

"Mmm" I smile feeling soft pump lips touch my neck, "Harry" I laugh as he kisses my nose after.

"Yes beautiful" he smirks tugging my body closer to him which only makes me giggle.

I wrap the sheets closer around my naked body and smile giving his lips a gentle kiss, "I love you" he whispers so softly.

"I love you too" I smile as it feels so right to say those three little words that have such a great meaning.

"This feels so weird" he mutters wresting his chin on top of my head, i nod closing my eyes and just smiling.

Im in love with Harry Styles.

And Harry Styles is in love with me!

When did this happen?

"Mmm we need to get up" I smile, "do we have too, cant we just go for another round" he grins which causes a light smack to the head from me.

"Ow" he exaggerates whilst i stand with the sheets wrapped firmly around me, "shut up" i laugh which only earns a roll from his eyes.

I grab some underwear and one of his shirts quickly throwing them on before tying my hair up into a pony tail.

"Do you want some breakfast" I smile, "Mhmm" he mumbles throwing the covers back and climbing out of bed.

"Ah Harry" I say looking away, whilst he stands bare, "what" he smirks, "put some clothes on" i say not being able to help my smile.

He shakes his head with a chuckle, "you still cant look" he mumbles under his breath grabbing some boxers and putting them on.

I giggle walking over and leaning up on my toes giving his a kiss, "love you" i say before skipping out of the room hearing a laugh follow from behind.

I skip happily into the kitchen and turn on the stove ready to make up some bacon.

"I have to meet up with Woody again at some point today" he says walking in, "I got a little.......distracted last time, and didn't actually get anything out of him".

"What do you even need to know" I ask jumping up onto the counter whilst the stove heats.

"Some information about Greg" he mumbles walking over and placing himself between my legs.

I nod suddenly remembering the conversation they had began yesterday, "why do you need to know about him" i ask curiously.

"Angel, i told you before, hes dangerous, any information about him is vital" he says, "plus, him and Brett are like fucking best friends" he growls.

"Will you stop" i sigh, "he fucking drugged and kidnapped you angel" he growls angrily.

"I know don't you think im angry too" I say, "but your going to do something you will regret" i sigh.

"Oh trust me, whatever i do, he has it coming and trust me when i say, I wont fucking regret it" he says harshly.

"Ok fine whatever meet up with Woody, do whatever but this time hes meeting you and it WILL be here" i mumble not dare allowing him anywhere near another club like that again.

He nods before moving out the way for me to begin breakfast.

Harrys POV

Whilst Hannah continued to make breakfast, i decided to give Woody a call, I grabbed my phone and collapsed on the sofa, with one arm and one leg hanging off.

He picked up on the third ring with an annoyed "what", "Nice too see your up so early" I grin looking to the clock on the wall which read 11:45, which was and believe me incredibly early for him.

"Thanks to you" he mutters and i chuckle as he lets out a groan, "so once again, what" he grumbles tiredly.  

"I didn't really get the chance to have a proper chat with you yesterday, mind popping over today" I ask.

"Look Harry, you know im on your side but you also know the only real person I care about is myself and sharing any information about Greg, puts myself in a bit of trouble" he says quite awake now.

"Fine then tell me fucking one thing, is he working with Brett again" I spit through gritted teeth.

His silence is all I need to hear to know the answer, "Of course he fucking is, there best buds" I mutter to myself before hanging up not giving a shit if he had anything to say.

"For fuck sake" I shout and thrown my phone, i hear the smash as it hits the wall and shatters into little pieces of glass.

"What was that" Hannah asks hurrying in, "stop" i say quickly jumping over the sofa and making my towards her.

"Theres broken glass, i don't want you stepping on it" I say looking to her small little bare feet.

She lets out a huff and a small smile, placing one hand on my cheek, "Harry" he laughs, "im a big girl you know, im sure a bit of broken glass wont kill me, calm down" she says but i shake my head.

"You could still get hurt" i fire back and only now realise, how over protective that sounds.

But i don't give a fuck, I wont ever let her get hurt, shes mine and I love her, i truly do and it feels so wrong to say but so right.

For a moment i just stand, starring into her gorgeous chocolate eyes, looking over her locks of shimmering hair, taking in every single beautiful feature about her.

How can one girl make me so weak?

So vulnerable and soft, shes my weakness and i cant afford to have a weakness from the amount of enemies i have made but simple fact is, i do.

Harry Styles in love.

I can certainly see that as an advantage to many people, it just means ill have to work harder to protect her, which i would in a heart beat, shes my everything, shes mine.

"Harry" she says waving a hand in front of my face snapping me from my day dream, "hmm" I hum.

"I said why did you throw your phone" she asks and just like that, my anger returns, "Woodys no fucking help" I spit.

"Ok well calm yourself, breakfast is ready, just go eat, sort it out later" she says and i nod taking her hand as we walk into the kitchen and sit down to eat.

Hannahs POV

*Later on*

"Get dressed" Harry says walking in, "why" i ask, "the boys are coming over" he reply's.

"Can i just stay in th-" I stop myself mid sentence looking at my appearance, I was only in my underwear and one of Harry's huge t-shirts that came down to barely mid thigh.

No way was i wearing this if Zayn was coming over, Niall and Louis as well i suppose but they are much more of gentlemen than Zayn but i still wouldn't trust them much either.

"I'll get changed" i mutter standing and making my way into his room, I only change into shorts and a tank anyway but its still an improvement.

"Is your phone working" I ask walking back in and planting myself on his lap wear he sits on the sofa mucking about with his phone.

"Only the screens broken, i didn't throw it that hard" he says turning the phone so I could see the shattered screen.

"You shouldn't throw your phone at all" I say raising an eye brow, "yes mum" he rolls his eyes and I smile giving his lips a small lingering kiss which he is happy to deepen but a rapid of knocking on the door which turns into someone a beat interrupts us.

"That's Louis" he mumbles listening to the beat, which he knocks on the door, "he always dose that" Harry rolls his eyes and I laugh getting up and making my way to the door.

"Hey" Louis chirps as i open the door, "Hey Lou" I smile as he walks in followed by Niall who gives me a sweet smile and quick hello then Zayn who i don't even bother to get a response from considering im back walking in to Harry before he has the chance.

"Rude" he mumbles and i roll my eyes planting myself this time next to Harry but still leaning into him.

"So did you speak to Woody" Louis asks getting straight on topic, I was really listening in, I was just starring at them all, something was missing.

That's when i remembered, "Wheres Liam" I ask interrupting them, "What" Harry asks harshly hating any moment that i brought him up.

"Where is he" i ask once again, "That's a good question isn't it Harry" Niall says glaring towards him, "where is Liam".

"Angel you know he lost him at the fight" Harrys says, "which we should have gone back to find him" Louis cuts in, "we wouldn't of had time or the cops would of had us all" Harry spits.

"Then why haven't we gone to bail him out yet or at least see if he was arrested" Zayn barks back, as they begin to squabble I just sit there thinking in my own world.

No, that wasn't the last time we saw him, I remember seeing him, when i was walking home from shopping but......but.....its just blank from there, I cant remember what happened next.

"No I saw him" I say and immediately everyone shuts up, there eyes on me, "What, when" Harry growls.

"When i went shopping" I say confused myself, trying to put the pieces of puzzle into one piece.

"You mean, when you were kidnapped" he spat angrily standing up now, "I....." Im lost for words.

"Well no, i cant remember anything after that, it could have been layer-"


~"Liam" I gasp, "Hello beautiful" he smirks, i stare at him, my mouth slightly a gap.

His face was covered in cuts and bruises which also followed onto his arms which were reviled.

They looked fresh and weren't bandaged up or anything.

"What happened" I gasp still in shock, "that's a very long story" he spits with such bitterness in his voice it scares me

"but lucky for you, ive got plenty of time" and with that he grabs a hold of me.~


I gasp starring ahead still in shock, "Angel" Harry asks concerned, "you remember something don't you" Niall says softly placing his hand on top of mine for comfort.

"That bastard" I yell, "he fucking kidnapped me", "Liam" Harry growls and i nod, "Im going to kill him" Harry shouts and standings marching his way to the door.

"Harry" Zayn yells following after him and i begin to breath quite heavily.

"What happened love" Louis asks softly and gestures for Niall to go and help stop Harry because I wasn't too sure even the both of him could stop Harry.

He was angry, big time.

"When i went shopping, i remember i didn't have any service to call Harry so i began walking back" I say flickering my eyes to his ocean blue ones.

"When i bumped into him, Liam" just saying his name makes my stomach go funny and a rush of hate runs through my body for a moment.

"He was covered in cuts and bruises, so i asked what happened, he told me it was a long story but he had plenty of time then he just grabbed me and it goes blank from there" i say.

Louis rubs the back of his neck and sigh, "hes always up for a bit of revenge" hes says softly.

"I know you were the one kidnapped and everything but believe me it most likely had nothing to do with you, he just wanted to get back at Harry" he says.

"He does this a lot" I ask, "if it hurts or worrys Harry, he will do anything" Louis shrugs.

"We need to find him" I say and Louis raises an eye brow, "This is driving me crazy not being able to remember what happened, maybe he can jog my memory or better just tell me what fucking happened" I growl.

"It will come back" he says quickly, "yeah but its been a few days and still I cant remember everything fully" i mutter.

"Well you remembered that" he shrugs, "but im all up for finding him too" he answers.

"Good, because im sick of not remembering"



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