Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


51. Luke

Hannahs POV

I sigh closing my eyes and just lean into Harry, everyone was back in the lounge on the sofas once again.

Zayn and Louis had returned not too long ago either, Liam had scattered by the time they got there, not that im surprised.

I sigh once more. Liam.

Hes all that was on my mind.

Its like my head and split into two sides, battling one another as usual. One side telling me to go, that this is probaly the only link we are going to get to finding him.

Then theres another side whoch tells me now is the time more than ever to tell Harry and never lead his side.

It fustrated me.

I was stressing way to much and it wasnt helping that Harry was also stressing, he had been so tense since i got off the phone with Liam and it seamed like any little thing would make him explode.

Thats probaly why for the past hour, no one had really said anything to him.

"It's getting late" Harry suddenly says out of no where, "you better be going now" he tells the boys and they nod saying there goodbye before leaving.

"You ok" i whisper gently trancing a finger down his cheek and along his chest, "fine, just fine" he mutters not looking to me.

I sigh shaking my head, "come on Styles like you said its late" I say but he shakes his head, "I'm not tired" he mumbles causing me to look down.

"Oh" I simply say and nod standing up and making my way into his room hoping he would follow but he didn't.

I loved it at night when we could just lay down and snuggle watching a film until we fall to sleep.

Guess that wasn't happening tonight, he was majorly angry with Liam but I had to just leave him too it.

Telling him about what Liam said would only anger him more, and he didn't need that.

I sigh pulling off my clothes and putting one of his shirts on, then climbed into bed.

I switched the tv on and hugged a pillow whilst watching the end of a movie that was on.....but it didn't feel right.

I know it sounds stupid but this was probably the first time I had gotten into bed without him, he always comes in at the same time as me.

Oh we'll I'll have to live with it.


I wake up to a very annoying alarm coming from my phone, "what the-" I mumble picking it up only to realise I have work, shit.

I'd been so wrapped up all this shit with everyone is almost forgotten about the normal part of my life.

I quickly jump out of bed due to the fact it was the snooze alarm which means I had missed the first one and was probably running late already.

Work started at 10 and god I was lazy, i always had to servant alarm considering I don't normally get up before then.

I throw Harry shirt off and pull on some clothes of my own, looking back to the bed I see Harry's sleeping figure and smile he looks so peaceful and he's not stressing.

I couldn't wake him up.

But I need a lift. I sigh heavily before walking into the kitchen to make breakfast but have an idea, I take out my phone and dial Nialls number.

"Hello" he asks sleepily, "hey Niall" I say, "Hannah" he asks, "I don't suppose I could ask for a lift" I say innocently and he yawns before answering.

"Of course be there soon" and he hangs up, I smile and begin to make breakfast whilst waiting.

Soon enough i hear a knock on the door and open it up to Niall, "let me just grab my jacket" I say creeping into the bedroom once more.

I grab my jacket and give sleeping Harry a gentle kiss on his cheek before walking out and back to Niall.

"Sorry it's just he was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him" I say whilst we climb into his sports car.

"It's fine but erm where exactly are we going" he asks with a chuckle, "oh sorry to Starbucks" I say.

"I'm up for a coffee" he grins and I laugh, "no I work there idiot" I smile and he rolls his eyes, "I'm still having a coffee" he says and I shrug, "whatever".

We make it to the supermarket and wall into Starbucks, as promised Niall stays for a coffee before leaving and I'm left to work.

"Boss sease I'm on till" I hear and immediately spin around, "Luke" I say happily hearing his voice.

"Hey" he mumbles not even looking up, "it's nice to say hello when actually looking at the person" I giggle but his eyes still stay focused on the floor.

"Hey" I frown, "what's up" something defiantly wasn't right, I know Luke to well, something's bothering him.

"Nothing we need to get to work" he says and walking past me without a second glance, ouch.

That was harsh.

I shrug it off and continue to make the coffees and that. Finally after 3 long stressful hours it's my break which is also Lukes break so i might be able to speak to him now.

He takes off into the staff room and I follow, "so are we feeling a little more talk able now" I ask as he sits on the sofa but jumps hearing my voice.

He looks up for a minute before ignoring me and looking down, "we'll that's rude" I say taking a seat next to him.

He remains silent, "so are you going to ignore me all day" I say slightly annoyed.

He lets out a deep sigh opens his mouth to say something then quickly shuts it shaking his head.

"Luke what the hell is wrong" I say now sightly annoyed, he wouldnt ignore me for just anything.

I place my hands on my hips and raise both eyebrows, "so..." i mutter impatiently. He sighs once more before turning to me. 

"You really want to know" he asks firmly but his voice breaks at the end likes hes afraid to speak. 

"Err, yeah!" I say pointing out the obvious, he pauses for a moment before speaking up, "its because of your shity little boyfriend" he barks and im slightly taken back.

"What" I ask confused, "your boyfriend yeah" he rolls his eyes, "what did he do" i ask suddenly becoming worried.

I know Harry's the jealous type and I also know he can do damage when he wants too.

"That day we went shopping that was meant to be 'our' day" he says empathising 'our'. "And your boyfriend showed up" he continues, "well when you went to the bathroom lets just say he decided we were going to have a little chat" he finishes.

"What did he say" I ask stepping forward, a stern look on my face, I cant believe Harry!

He stares into my eyes for a moment before looking away, "im not even meant to be talking to you now" he mumbles turning his back on you.

My breath hitches as i stare at the back of his head, "he told you too stay away from me, didnt he" I say feeling my stomach boil with anger.

He remains quiet and I feel my heart begin to pound, "for Gods sake Harry" i say to myself holding my head in my hands.

"You can tell him I told you" Luke says quickly and the all too familiar flash of fear and panic crosses his face. Like most people, hes now afraid of Harry.

"Uh-uh, no way, God im going to scream at him when i get home" I say angrily working myself up, "No please dont" he begs suddenly right in front of me.

"Dont say anything" he continues to beg taking a hold of my hand, "please" he says but I shake my head, "you cant be afraid of him Luke" I yell feeling my face become red. 

This is too wrong, Harry cant just walk in and scare away my friend, just because hes a little jealous, theres nothing to be freaking jealous about.

"I dont see how your not" he says back raising his voice a little but not as loud as mine.

"He wouldnt hurt me" I roll my eyes, "and he will not hurt you either" I say and he lets go of my cheeks, "how do you know" he mumbles, "because your my friend and i wouldnt let him" i say in a lower voice giving him a small smile."I just dont get it" he sighs, "get what" I ask.

"Why you with him" he mutters, "hes a dick Hannah and for Gods sake you dont see it" he groans running a hand through his hair.

"Oh believe me i know hes a dick" i mumble, "but he isnt always" I say feeling myself defend him, i couldnt help it, even when I was angry with him, i woudnt let a bad word be said, i would always defend him.

"Hannah hes in a gang, he get into fights, hes most likely slept with every girl around and i wouldnt be surprised if hes got 'murderer' on that long list of bad things he is" he snaps and I feel a sting in my chest.

"He hasnt" I say in a quiet voice, shaking my head, "how do you know" he asks once again stepping forward and grabbing my hands, "what if he has killed someone Hannah, what danger dose that put you in" he says softly, "Im only worried for you" he says.

"He hasnt, stop it" I yell, "and he would never hurt me, he....he....loves me" i finish and surprisingly finish with a smile.

I had never really admitted it to myself but the truth was, Harry Styles loved me and that was amazing.

"Where did you get that idea" Luke mumbles pacing the room, "I didnt, he told me" i smile to myself, "h-he what" he asks shocked.

"He loves me" I smile, "and you" he asks his eyes never leaving mine, "and I love him too" i say feeling a sudden warmth in my heart and it was the truth. I did love him.

"When this is the fucking perfect fairy tale isnt it" he snaps, "hey" i bark back, "It dosent mean im any less mad at him for what he did too you, and im still having words" I say.

"This was about you remember" I continue, "and just because i care for him dosent change anything, you will always be my friend" i finish and his eyes leaving mine and drift to the floor.

"Yeah...." he mumbles and i let out a huff, "now can we continue with out job, other wise i think we might both get the sack if we take to long" I joke, a smile tugging onto my lips which also makes him smile.

"Yeah...we better" he says and I grin as we walk out continuing to work and serve people for another 2 hours.


"Bye Luke" I smile and he gives me a small wave before we lock up and  go our different ways. I sigh making my way to the car park of which Harry waits for me like ever time after work.

This was 'not' going to be fun.

I see his large figure, as he stands in the sun leaning against the bonnet of his car scrolling through his phone.

His shades are down and his collars up, looking like the typical bad boy he is.

He dosent notice me until i've actually opened the car door climb in and slammed it shut causing the car to bounce slightly.

He spins around seeing me in the car and raises his shades so they rest on top of his curls, he makes his way round too his door and climbs in with a frown on his face.

"I didnt even see you get in babe" he chuckles and leans in to steal a kiss but i back away not allowing him too.

His eyes furrow and the crease on his forehead become visible. "Whats wrong" he asks but i continue to ignore him.

He stares at me for a few moments before his eyes open a tad more and his lip curls, "i forgot" he mutters, "Pretty boy".

My head snaps towards him hearing the sound of a car door open and my eyes widen seeing him climb out, "dont!" I yell and he stops for a moment.

His head slowly turns to me and his teeth are gritted, "dont you dare" I snap and he raises an eye brow, "we will talk when we get home" i say and at the moment i felt like some kind mother telling her kid off of something.

Although thats what Harry was sometimes, a little kid, always getting into trouble.

I can tell he bites his tongue before slowly returning to his seat and closing the door, "theres nothing to talk about" he mumbles before starting the engine.

The ride back was quiet terrifying, due to the fact Harry was obviously angry and angry Harry plus driving equals very fast and frightening driving.

I let out a sigh opening my car door and following Harry into the house, once wee finally in, something snaps straight away.

"How dare you" I say and slam the door shut then turn to him, "you cant just go along and threaten my friend Harry" I snap.

"So pretty boy spilled aye" he mutters leaning against the wall, we hadnt moved from the hall.

"Yes he did and you are not going to do anything or go anywhere near him" i say angrily and I see the corners of his mouth twitch up.

"Your a complete dick you know, just because you get a little jealous dosnet mean you threaten someone, you should know that im with you and why the need to even get jealous, i mean sure I have my little moments but its nothing ever that bad. And even if i do, its for a good reason......" i continue to rant and all he dose it just stands there, his smile getting wider and wider and each second i speak.

"And for Gods sake why are you smiling" I snap after finishing my rant, "because" he mumbles and takes to steps towards me placing his hands on my hips and dragging me towards him.

"I love you" he says softly and immediately my heart flutters and i suddenly become dizzy starring up into those liquid green eyes.

Everything that i was angry with him for was gone replaced by butterflies that flew in my stomach.

His smile seamed to grow wider and he dipped his head down meeting me in a sweet kiss.

My arms wrapped around his neck tangling my fingers in his curls as i closed the space between us kissing him harder.

God he was such a good kisser!

He bit down on my lower lip slightly asking for entrance and i gladly accepted, this was getting heated up quite quickly.

His hands ran down my waist resting on my thighs and with out warning i jumped wrapping my legs around his waste.

He pushed me against the door squeezing my thighs then stumbled backwards until he reached his room dropping on his bed.

I gasped for breath finally pulling away from him but a moan soon followed feeling sloppy wet kisses run across my neck and shoulders from where he had pulled my shirt slightly down on one shoulder exposing the skin.

"I-im mad at you, this shouldnt be happening" I moan closing my eyes, "want me to stop" he asks between kisses but i shake my head rapidly.

I wanted this.


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