Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


9. Louis Tomlinson

Hannahs POV

"AGH" i groaned loudly, my mum had been screaming at me for practically an hour now, "do you not understand how dangerous them streets are and you go off playing with some boy until bloody 11 oclock at night" she yelled angrily.

"Mum i was safe can we just move pass this" i sighed, "Mrs Woods, i know what Hannah done worried you, it worried me but all that's matters is that shes safe and she is" Matt said stepping in, i sighed in relief and gave him a small smile.

He was the biggest and most polite gentleman in the world when he wanted to be and my mum loves him, she even told me once that hes the guy she wants me to marry, which is so gross, me and Matt are practically brother and sister, i knew she would listen to him.

She sighed and nodded, "your right i guess" she said, "Finally" i muttered then grabbed Matts arm and quickly jogged up the stairs and into my room with him.

"Ok im am tired and im going to bed, you?" i asked, he chuckled and nodded "yeah sure" he smiled.

I grabbed my PJ's which included a baggy black T-shirt and some shorts and walked into my bathroom changing quickly.

When i walked out Matt had pulled his shirt off and was sitting on my bed on my computer.

Matt did work out and he had a good body, if he wasn't my best friend i would date him defiantly but it would be so awkward if we dated now because we are best friends and we both want to keep it that way.

"You can sleep on the sofa" i smiled, "Thanks" he chuckled, i smiled and grabbed some blankets for him, i had a sofa in my room across from my bed.

He set the blankets down and we both laid down, "Night Matt" i smiled, "Goodnight Hannah" he yawned and i fell asleep not to long after that.

*The next day*

I woke up with my stomach grumbling, i groaned and checked the time, 9:12am, i lazily pulled myself out of bed and walked to the door.

I looked to Matt and he was still asleep, i walked out and down the steps making each one creak and finally reached the kitchen.

I sighed and grabbed some toast and popped it in the toaster when my mum walked in.

"Hay darling" she smiled, "hi mum" i said in the middle of a yawn.

"Im leaving for work soon" she said and i nodded, my mum worked in a café a few miles away and worked from 10am-10pm having only one break. She had to work all day so we could afford the bills and i barley see her only in the mornings if i wake up before 10 and at night.

I leaned on the counter top waiting for the toast to be done when i heard a knock on the door, "I'll get it" i mumbled and walked to the front door, i opened it to hear that way to familiar voice.

"Hello doll" he smirked, i looked up and went to slam the door shut but he put his foot out stopping it from closing. "I told You." I growled pointing at him "to leave me alone" i snapped.

"No you said you would come today, mind if i come in" he said barging past me, "Zayn" i snapped grabbing his arm.

"Get out of my house" i snapped, "Why i want to see it" he smirked, "get out" i growled.

"Hannah whos at the door" i heard my mum call, my eyes widen and i pulled Zayn back, stopping him from walking into the lounge.

"Go she cant see you" i panicked, he turned to say something just as my mum walked into the hall, she looked startled as she saw Zayn.

"Hannah whos this" she asked narrowing her eyes at Zayn, examining him, "My names Zayn im Hannahs friend" he smirked winking at me before turning and holding out his hand.

My mum frowned and slowly shook his hand, "Zayn" she confirmed and he nodded, "Im Hannah's mother, Kerry" she answered and he nodded.

"Yes and he was just go-" "Hannah was about to show me around" he said interrupting me.

He looked to me and i glared at him, "oh" my mother said raising her eye brow, "do come in then" she said slowly then turning and walking back into the kitchen.

She didn't like him, Zayn turned and smirked at me, "Get out" i whispered harshly, "You just said you would show me around, im sure your mum wouldn't like it if you were so rude and kicked me out now" he smirked then turned and walked off into the lounge.

"Zayn" i groaned walking in after him, "wow nice place" he whistled spinning around looking at everything.

"What do you want" i glared, "you said you were coming so i came to pick you up" he smirked, "No now get out" i growled just as Matt walked in, i spun around to see him.

"Matt" i said putting on a fake sound, he smiled at me then looked to Zayn and frowned.

"Whos he" Zayn asked from behind me and i now realised how close he had moved behind me, "Its non of you business" i snapped spinning around to face him but Matt stepped forward holding out his hand.

"Im Matt, Hannahs best friend" he smiled and Zayn grabbed his hand, "Zayn im Hannahs.... well i guess you could say a friend, you could say a bit more than friend but you know" he smirked at me shaking Matt's hand.

"Friend! hes my friend" i said quickly glaring at Zayn, Matt laughed and i turned glaring at him, "I was just coming to pick up Hannah for our hem hang out thingy" he grinned and my eyes widened, "Hannah going on a date oh la la" Matt laughed, "I am NOT going on a date with him" i yelled, "what ever you want to call it doll" Zayn mumbled smirking, he was trying to wined me up and doll? Why is he calling me that he said it when he first said hello. I glared at him angrily and Matt frowned, "ow thank i haven't seen you in how many months and your out making plans with your new boyfriend" he said rolling his eyes.

"Boyfriend i like the sound of that" Zayn smirked, "he is not my fucking boyfriend" i growled, "and Matt im not-" "your cancling on me again doll" Zayn said pouting.

I felt like slapping him at this point, "Its fine i will see you when you get home im here until tomorrow" Matt smiled.

"Great well then you better get changed unless you prefer to stay like that" he smirked looking me up and down, i glared at him and shook my head.

I was about to tell him no but Zayn pushed me towards the stairs, "Go get changed" he whispered into my ear, "Im not going with you" i snapped, "Go fuck yourself" i growled.

"Firstly yes you are or else who knows what you could get yourself into" he threatened turning sireous, i gulped and looked up into his dark eyes.

"And secondly fuck myself, well i could or you could do that for me" he smirked and i groaned.

"And also if you come today and we get everything done i promise i wont ever come knocking on your door again" he smirked and i sighed, "promise" i asked and he nodded and smirked.

Am i really fucking agreeing to doing this, im fucking mad yet i still found myself jogging upstairs to get changed, i could practically feel his eyes starring at my ass and i quickened my pace up the stairs hearing him chuckle.

I quickly got changed throwing on a par of black skinny jeans, a simple t-shirt and a black hoodie.

I walked down stairs and into the lounge where Zayn and Matt sat talking and laughing, no way Matt was not becoming friends with him.

"Lets go then" i snapped and Zayn turned to see me and grinned, "come on then doll" he smirked, "bye Matt" i sighed and hugged him quick, "tell my mum where i am please" i asked and he nodded.

"see ya mate" Zayn waved to Matt as we walked out the house, i saw Nialls blue sports car parked on the street and i sighed.

Why the fuck am i going with them whats wrong with me, we walked over to the car and Zayn held the backseat door open for me, i glared at him and climbed in him following.

"Took you long enough" Harry muttered in the front, "Hay Hannah" Niall smiled, i glared at him then sighed, Niall hadn't really done anything to have pissed me off to much and i cant be mad at him hes the only one i actually liked.

"Hay Niall" i said after a second, he smiled and Harry started the car and began to drive, "Do i get a hello" he smiled that annoying smirk, "ok here we go, I fucking Hate you, is that good enough" i growled, he just chuckled, "perfect" he smirked.

"Where are we even going" i asked annoyed, "To get Louis" Zayn grinned, "Then Liam" Niall said after.

"So why the hell do i need to come" i groaned, "because like i said you could come in handy" Harry smirked, i rolled my eyes and just plugged in my earphones.

Half an hour later Zayn pulled out one of my earphones "Do you mind" i snapped, "Were here" he chuckled and i sighed climbing out.

We were in front of a small cottage, "Go knock for him then" Harry said to Niall and he walked up the small path and knocked on the door.

I looked around and the street didn't look the safest, the houses were old and dirty some had smashed in windows and others were basically fallen apart.

"Theres know one home" Niall yelled and Harry and Zayn walked over to the door knocking themselves, Zayn walked around back with Niall to try and get in through the back whilst Harry walked around the side a bit.

I stood there leaning against the bumper of the car waiting for them when i heard a noise. A few bangs the sound of running them someone groan loudly then another shout, i looked up the street a few houses away there was an ally.

The sounds were coming from there, my curiosity took over and i stood up and began to walk over, once i reached the ally, i looked down but it was a bit dark and i couldnt see, i walked further down the ally until i could see figures.

I suddenly gasped and stopped in my spot, there were about 3 guys beating another in the middle of the ally with metal poles.

"STOP" i screamed seeing the guy on the floor who was been beaten almost look lifeless.

I suddenly realised that was a very bad idea as the 3 men beating him suddenly looked up to me, "take care of her" the guy in the middle said and the guy to his left began to walk towards me.

I turned and began to run back down the ally, i could here the guys footsteps as he ran after me getting closer and closer until he finally caught me.

I screamed as he grabbed my arm yanking me back, "hey princess what you doing" he smirked and i screamed again, "HARRY, ZAYN, NIALL" i screamed in a matter of seconds i saw Harry appear at the end of the ally and he sprinted towards me tackling the guy holding me to the ground.

I fell backwards and watched as they threw punches at each other endlessly, the guy managed to roll them over so he was on top of Harry, he reached for his mental pole and smashed it against Harrys cheek.

I gasped and Zayn suddenly ran past me, "Harry" he yelled and pulled the guy off him, the guy stood up and looked at Zayn, he swung the pole at Zayn but due to his boxing Zayn dodged it and sent a full powered punch right to the guys temple nocking him down.

I felt someone grab my arms and i gasped but looked up to see Niall, he pulled me up and i starred at the guy, he looked unconscious, i then looked to Harry and he groaned as he got up.

The side of his head was bleeding and all down the side of his face looked like it was gonna bruise.

"You ok mate" Zayn asked helping him up and he nodded, "what the fuck" i heard one of the guys yell from down the ally.

All of our heads shot to the left looking down the ally, "wait that's..." Zayn trailed off, "LOUIS" Harry yelled and sprinted down the ally with Zayn towards the two guys and the one on the floor who they had been beating.

"Come on" Niall said grabbing my hand and pulling me up the ally, "what" i yelled as he pulled me up the ally, we reached the guys and Harry and Zayn had already tackled them Harry managing to get rid of his guys pole but Zayn not quite successful.

Niall pushed me to the side against the wall and quickly helped Zayn, i watched horrified as punches were being thrown everywhere.

The two guys finally managed to get up and ran, they were out numbered and they knew they coundnt run.

Harry, Zayn and Niall all panted out of breath then looked to see the guy on the floor who they had been beating.

"Louis" Niall said helping him up as he tried to stand, that's Louis then.

Louis groaned as he stood up holding his stomach, i looked to his face and gasped, it had blood everywhere, his noise was bleeding his lip was bleeding and he had a huge cut across his eyebrow, his arms where cut everywhere and his shirt was slightly ripped and stained with blood.

"Agh thanks" he muttered and looked up to Harry, Zayn and Niall, "What did you do this time getting yourself in to trouble again" Zayn laughed.

"I'll explain later" he mumbled and we all walked back to his cottage around the corner, Niall hooked an arm under his helping him walk and as we got in the house he walked in and sunk into his sofa.

He sighed and closed his eyes sighing, "that hurt" he muttered and we all sat down.

"You don't say" Harry chuckled, "Shut it Styles" Louis laughed, he finally sat up a bit and opened his eyes, "so what are you three doing here" he asked.

"We came to find you Tommo" Zayn smirked, "That's never good" he muttered still groaning from the pain.

"We need the gang back" Harry explained, Louis looked to him and shook his head, "That ship sailed away a long time ago" Louis muttered, "Lou Bretts back" Niall said starring him dead in the eye.

Louis's eyes widened and he shook his head, "No way he learned his lesson" Louis said, "obviously not" Zayn muttered his teeth gritting.

"Bastard" Louis mumbled, "so you are really planning on getting the gang back" he asked, "I nearly already have" Harry answered.

"Niall and Zayn agreed, it shouldn't be to hard to get you too" Harry said, "No me, im not the problem, im wondering how your gonna get Liam back" he smirked, "One at a time Tomlinson" Harry smirked, "well whats the point if you cant get Liam back in" "I will get Liam back in" Harry answered, "Good luck with that" Louis snorted.

I frowned, why, everyone keeps laughing at Harry getting Liam back in his gang or whatever, why wouldn't he, what happened?

"Louis come on man, its Brett, he took everything from you, he took everything from all of us and he needs to learn his lesson, this time he will have and that's a definite" Harry said, Louis sighed and a smirk appeared on his face.

"Im in" he smirked and Niall, Zayn and Harry cheered, "after all it should be fun to see Liams reaction when he sees you" Louis laughed and Harry just rolled his eyes.

Louis smiled then he noticed me, "when did she get here" he asked confused and the boys chuckled, "shes been here the whole time Lou, her names Hannah" Harry smirked, "Oh nice to meet you im Louis Tomlinson" he said flashing a smile.

I smiled back and waved well he seemed nice i guess so 2 dicks and 2 not so much dicks, that makes perfect sense.

Now i believe its just this so called Liam next, cant wait! Not.

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