Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


12. Liam?


Hannah's POV

i work up the next morning to Matt shaking me slightly, "What" I groaned, "Hannah I'm leaving come on wake up" Matt chuckled, I opened my eyes wider and pouted, "please stay" I begged making him chuckle.

"I cant i have collage tomorrow, like you should if you wasn't so stupid not to go" he said rolling his eyes.

"Matttttt" i wined making him chuckle again i will try to come down next weekend" he said and i nodded wrapping my arms around his neck hugging him tightly, "Ill miss you" i pout.

He chuckled and stood up, "I'll miss you too" he smiled and kissed my head, i got out of bed lazily and followed him downstairs to the door, "Bye bye" he smiled and i waved as he walked to his car getting in and starting the engine.

He waved once more before strolling up the road, i smiled and closed the door walking into the kitchen and making myself some cereal.

10 minutes later i heard a knock on the door, Matt must have forgotten something, i wlaked to the door and opened it up.

I looked up then groaned as i looked to see the one and only Harry Styles.

"Go away" i snapped going to close the door but he blocked it with his arm, "you promised you wouldn't come back" i growled, "no Zayn promised he wouldn't come knocking on your door, i promised nothing" he smirked.

"May i come in" he asked, "No" i snapped but of course he just invited himself in. "Nice place" he said and i rolled my eyes following him into the lounge.

My mum had already left for work so i wasn't as worried to her seeing him and getting him out of the house.

"What do you want" i snapped, "you , come on we need to go and get Liam" he answered, "no, you said if we did everything yesterday you would leave me alone" i snapped.

"But we didn't do everything, we didn't get Liam, so come on" eh said and pulled my arm.

I sighed then groaned, i wasn't in the mood for this, "Liam hes the last one right" i asked and he grinned and nodded.

"Fine but now i mean it you will leave me alone after today yes" i asked and he nodded.

"Fine let me get dressed" i sighed, why the fuck is this happening AGAIN, dose it not cross my mind of what happened yesterday, with Louis and them guys or with Zayn at the boxing place.

Im probably going to get myself killed or something, ok maybe that's a bit exaggerated but im going to get hurt or something. 

I quickly ran upstairs and got changed into skinny jeans and a grey jumper with the words live laugh and love on it.

I left my hair down and applied some make up, i threw my black high top converse on and grabbed my phone jogging back down stairs.

"Ready beautiful" he smirked, i rolled my eyes and we walked out and once again saw Nialls Blue sports car, this time Niall was in the back with Louis and Zayn was driving.

"Hi" Niall smiled widely, "Hay Love" Louis said after, "Hi Niall hay Lou" i smiled, "Lou" he questioned i shrugged and he chuckled.

"Hello gorgeous and sexy Zayn" Zayn smirked from the front, i rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Where are we going today" i mumbled, "Liam and i can tell you now this is probably going to be the most fun" Niall chuckled along with Louis and Zayn.

Harry just groaned, "why whats up with Liam and Harry" i questioned, "Nothing" Harry muttered and everyone snickered.

i looked to Niall confused and he just shook his head, i groaned and crossed my arms slouching in my seat.

30 minutes had passed and we were still driving, "are we nearly there yet" i groaned, "you sound like a 5 year old" Zayn chuckled, "maybe i am a 5 year old" i said sticking my tongue at him which made everyone laugh.

"Love, Liam lives in Wolverhampton" Louis chuckled, my mouth dropped and i groaned, we still had like an hours drive then and i was bored.

"Ok considering you have decided to drag me into this you could at least tell me whats going on, why Liam hates Harry or something and who the hell in Brett" i said annoyed.

They all glanced at each other until Louis spoke up, "A couple of years ago me, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Liam were all best buds, we were a gang, we were at the top-" he paused sharing a glance at the rest of the boys.

"That was until-" "That fucking bastard came along" Zayn said raising his voice a bit.

"Brett" i questioned and Niall nodded, "But what did he do" i questioned they all stayed quiet and i frowned.

"It dosent matter" Harry muttered, "no why what did he do" i frowned pushing further.

"Hannah leave it" Harry growled and by the tone in his voice i knew not to push any further, i sighed and plugged in my ear phones, i just don't get whats so bad that this so called Brett could have done.

*45 minutes later*

"Niall" i squealed as he poked me in the ribs, "stop what do you want" i laughed as he hit my ticklish spot.

"Oh so we have a ticklish one" Niall grinned, "don't you dare irish boy" i warned and he chuckled, "we are here" he smiled and i smiled back. Ok so maybe out of all these dicks i have a bit of a soft spot for Niall, hes too cute to be mad at.

We all climbed out of the car and my mouth dropped, "yeah Liams abit of a rich kid" Niall chuckled, "more like his parents" Louis reminded and Niall nodded.

Right in front of me stood practically a mansion, well a 3 story house, yep Liams a rich kid for sure.  

I followed behind as we walked up the huge driveway, finally we reached the door and Harry for once in his life looked almost nervous, i couldn't help but laugh.

"A little nervous are we Styles" i smirked and he glared at me, all the others laughed and Zayn swung an arm around my shoulder, "this is why i love her" Zayn grinned and i just rolled my eyes but couldn't keep the smile from forming on my face.

"Go ahead Styles knock then" Louis snickered and we all laughed, i still don't know what happened between Harry and Liam but it was funny how Harry reacted.

Harry groaned and knocked on the door, i could here shuffling inside and after a minute the door opened to revile a tall boy.

He had shortish brown hair and brown eyes, a well built structure and was wearing a pair of training shorts and a grey sweatshirt, he was pretty good looking.

"Er hay Liam" Harry smiled sheepishly, "You" Liam spat and swung his fist which collided with Harrys noise, i gasped jumping back.

Harry groaned bending forward holding his noise which was now pouring with blood.

"Ok so i deserved that" Harry mumbled under his hands, "oh you deserve alot more than that" Liam growled and once again swung his fist this time colliding with Harrys jaw the same place he had a bruise forming from getting Louis.

Harry stumbled backwards nearly falling to the ground, i gasped again and looked to the boys, they were just standing there watching doing nothing to stop Liam but neither was Harry he could fight back but he wasn't.

"why aren't you doing anything" i asked Zayn panicked, "sorry doll everyone knew he had this coming and he deserves it" Zayn shrugged.

"YOU" Liam yelled angrily and punched Harry once more making him fall to the floor, "ARE" he said kicked him in the stomach making me wince. "A FUCKING BASTARD" Liam screamed and booted Harry in the privates, Harry let out a loud groan and Liam went to kick him again but Louis and Niall grabbed him.

"Come on man, hes had enough" Niall said and both him and Louis struggled to pull him back.

"HAD A FUCKING ENOUGH, ILL FUCKING KILL HIM" Liam screamed, i looked at him in pure shock by the look in his eyes he wasn't exaggerating. "Liam enough come on" Louis yelled as Liam fought against them.

He knocked Louis off and yanked himself from Nialls grip and charged at Harry who had only just stood himself up, Zayn groaned and rugby tackled him to the ground before he could reach Harry.

"Get the fuck off of me" Liam yelled rage filling hi, "LIAM ENOUGH" Zayn yelled, "We all know what he did and we all know yeah he deserves everything you want to do to him" Zayn said getting angry himself now.

I looked to Harry he was leaning against the side of the house, it looked like he was about to cripple to the floor, he looked up to see me looking at him and flashed a smile, how could he smile like that.

"But do you really think he would come knocking on your door if it wasn't fucking important now calm your fucking self down and listen for two minutes then you can beat the shit out of him ok" Zayn finished, I realised Zayn was the one who took charge when things got out of hand.

Due to his boxing he was probably one of the strongest of the lot so he could sort everyone out when they got out of hand.

"Ok" Zayn repeated as Liam stayed silent, "fine" Liam spat and Zayn nodded climbing off him and grabbing his hand helping him up, "good lad" he smiled.

Liam smiled and looked to the rest of the boys, "well ignoring what just happened its good to see you three again" he smiled and Nialls grinned, "good to see you two mate, long time know see" he said and patted him on the shoulder.

"Yeah good to see you two mate but don't appreciate the hit to the face as you can see im a bit bruised up already" Louis chuckled, i now noticed when Liam knocked him off he elbowed him in the face.

"Sorry bout that and what have you gotten yourself into" he said and shook his head.

"Long story" Louis mumbled and Liam chuckled, "so whos the girl" Liam asked, what i didn't know he had even seen me yet, he turned and looked at me.

"My girlfriend" Zayn snickered, "In your dreams" i rolled my eyes, i had just given up with Zayn, i had known him for what a day and i have already given up ha.

"My names Hannah" i added, "Liam Payne" he grinned, i couldn't really tell what it was in his eyes when he said that but i didn't like it.

I heard a cough  and looked to Harry who was now standing upright looking at Liam, i could see the anger and rage return to Liams eyes and he went for Harry again but Zayn stepped back infront.

"Liam" Zayn warned and starred at Harry in pure hatred, "what do you want" he asked glaring at Harry.

"Well hello to you two" Harry smirked, "Harry its no good you winding him up" Louis warned, "if you do that we will have no objections to him giving you what you deserve" Niall shrugged.

Harry chuckled and put his hands up in defence, "ok fine lets get down to business then" he smirked.

"May we come in" Harry asked, Liam glared but nodded, "please do" his voice sent chills down my spine, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn walked into the house and Harry stood at the door and signalled for me to come.

I frowned as i walked to the door but stopped before going in, "What" Harry asked, "what did you do" i said shaking my head before walking in and following the rest to the lounge.

three black sofas sat in the middle of a room with a huge flat screen TV plastered right in front of them, a fire place sat in the corner of the room and canvases covered the cream walls.

An antic dining table sat at the back off the room with a silver knife and fork set laid out upon the table and the wooden floor creaked as i walked on it.

"Yeah its not really my style, if i wanted to pay the bills it would change but you know" Liam chuckled along with the boys.

We all sat down i was next to Louis and Harry, "so Style what is so important you would show up on my door step" Liam asked starring at him.

"We need the gang back" Harry answered, Liam starred at him before bursting into laughter.

"Please tell me your joking" he chuckled, "Liam we are serious" Niall answered, "you thought i would come back you people are mad" he laughed getting up and walking to the kitchen.

Harry groaned and followed along with the rest of the boys, i wasn't sure what to do but i decided to follow after them.

"Liam come on" Harry pleaded, "you do remember what happen don't you Styles" Liam asked a tad of anger in his voice.

"You do remember Her don't you" he asked, her? Who are they talking about?

Harry looked down, guilt filling his face, What did he do?

"Well do you" Liam yelled angrily, "yes i remember her" Harry sighed, "shes gone and its all you thought" Liam yelled, Gone, what dose he mean by shes gone.

"And i will never forgive you for that" he spat, Harry sighed and looked up, "come on Liam" Harry begged.

"Fuck off" he growled barging past him as he walked to the fridge grabbing a beer.

"Brett's back" Harry said quickly, Liam suddenly stopped what he was doing and just starred ahead, almost like Zayn did when Harry told him but it was different Liams hands began to shake in anger in fact his whole body began to shake in anger.

He slowly turned around his eyes were wide open starring at Harry, "your joking right" he growled his voice dark and frightening.

"Wish i was" he sighed, "AGHHHHHHH" he screamed in rage and grabbed a glass from the side and threw it at Harry, "YOUR LYING" he screamed, Harry quickly ducked and it smashed against the wall behind him. I let out a small scream and Louis pulled me behind him.

"WHY WOULD I LIE" Harry yelled and Liam threw another glass, "YOU ARE LYING I KNOW IT" he screamed this time Harry just lifted his arms up covering his face and the glass smashed against his arm.

"Harry" i shrieked and stepped from behind Louis just to find a glass flying my way, i shrieked and closed my eyes covering my face but it smashed before hitting me.

I opened my eyes to see Niall had swung his arm in front so it smashed against his arm, Liam kept throwing glasses of anything he could find.

"LIAM STOP" Louis yelled, "HE WOULDNT OF COME BACK" Liam screamed, "BUT HE DID STOP THROWING THINGS" Harry yelled but Liam just continued.

I shrieked again as once glass smashed above my head and this time Zayn pulled me behind him, "LIAM FUCKING PAYNE STOP YOUR GOING TO HURT SOMEONE" Zayn yelled.

He finally stopped and growled angrily, "he cant fucking be back" Liam yelled.

"I know mate" Harry sighed, "no you don't fucking know he didn't ruin you" he yelled.

"Mate he ruined us all" Niall pitched in, "that's why we need you in, we need to deal with him once and for all" Louis said.

"You in" Zayn asked, i was still frozen from all the glasses being thrown, "fine but this dosent change anything" Liam growled narrowing his eyes at Harry.

"Once hes gone, i will be happy to shoot you, get it" Liam growled and i gasped.

Harry nodded and Liam sighed, "so where do we start" he asked.



im so sorry i haven't updated in ages ive just had loads of school work and everything but i promise i will update soon ok x




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