Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


55. kissed

Hannah POV

I had nearly ran smack bang into the wall from how desperate I was to climb it.

I tried to jump and grab the edge at the top but it was way to high, then I tried to climb the two corners, that didn't work either.

Then I noticed, a door to my right, my feet stumbles towards it as I banged my fists against it heavily, "HELP!" I screamed continuing to smack the double doors.

It was an exit door so it could only be opened from the inside and I'm pretty sure there's no one inside.

My heart was racing and I could barley even breath, I was so out of breath, I could faint right this second.

But that most defiantly wouldn't help, I let out a cry knocking one fist against the door once more but no one was in there.

I wasn't going to climb the wall.

I wasn't going to get in the door.

I wasn't going to escape this.

I spin around hearing them and press my back firmly against the wall.

My breath hitches and my entire body begins to shake as I see sharpe piece of mettle each of them hold.

I continue to stare, it's like my eyes are glued to it and I'm unable to move them away.

I soon realise, that this is not like all the other times I've been chased. Because unlike this time, they all just wanted to kidnap me, to use me against Harry.

But this time, the guys don't give a damn about using me, they want revenge.

There going to kill me.

And this time, I don't have anyone to save me.

I feel a tear gather in my left eye and soon enough my legs give up on themselves and I've slid to the ground stretching my legs out, just completely giving up as I still stare at the blade.

"That's a good girl" the guy Harry punched chuckles, "just stay still" he grins whilst walking the rest of the way towards me, and at that moment i look down not wanting to see what could happen next.

And then I heard a loud crash, my head swat up to see the doors had burst open and someone had come out.

My heart raced as it all became a blur and all I could hear was thump......thump.......thump. It's all that ran through my head and my God it fucking hurt, it felt like my head was going to explode and then someone's voice I wasn't expecting.

"Going to get up beautiful or are we just chilling here" he smirks. I stare up at him waiting for my blurred vision to completely disappear until I'm confirmed by those big brown eyes.


Harry's POV

"Get out of my fucking way" I shout throwing a guy to the ground as I force my way out of the same exit Hannah went.

It was the only one around, it must be the exit she got out of, she's certainly not in here.

My heart was racing and I felt panic serge throughout me, I won't loose her, I won't. But I need to find her. Reaching the exit, I shove two guys out of my way bursting out of the doors.

I didn't give a fuck about others nor did I give a fuck about how they reacted, one guy had tried to take a swing at me but ended up just like the others all do.

On the ground, blood pouring from one place or another, my head snapped both ways pushing people out the way as I tried to search for that familiar luxurious caramel hair.

"Hannah" I shout hoping to hear a reaction but there's nothing and then.....

I'm angry.

My fist swings for the first up to no good guy that I'm sure if have had the chance, would of dragged her away.

"WHERE IS SHE" I shout holding him by the collar, my fist raised above his head ready to punch again if i didn't hear what I wanted.

He's startled a complied by pain, and sure as he'll frightened, "who" he frowns.

Another hit.

"Fucking Hannah, brown hair, brown eyes, small, THE ONLY FUCKING GIRL THAT WOULD BE HERE" I scream.

Seeing the dumb struck eyes, I shove him away and move onto the next.......... And the next.....and the next. And the next and the next, until I find what I want.

"I-I s-saw a a girl wi-with br-bro-brown-" "SPIT IT FUCKING OUT" I shout raising my fist ready to hit him again.

"Barry and Derek were chasing her" he says quickly flinching as I wrap my knuckles tighter around one another.

"Which way" I bark pressing my arm which laid across his neck more into him, he gags slightly clawing at my arm before adjusting his eyes to the left.

Immediately I'm off of him and begin to sprint, "HANNAH" I shout racing down the road, my heart ached hearing only the few cars and drunkens laughing on the curb.

But no Hannah.

I have to fucking find her, I snatch my phone from my pockets and call her, still jogging, eyes sharp for the slightest movement, she couldn't be far.

I almost throw my phone once hearing voice mail, fuck.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Hannah's POV

"You Bastard!" I shout shoving his chest which had no affect but it helped prove the point.

"That's a very nice thank you" he chuckles, "considering I was the one that just saved you, and on that note I suggest we get out of here before they wake up even angrier" he smirks looking to the two curled up guys lying on the floor unconscious.

I groan walking past him, purposely bumping into his shoulder on the way.

"Someone's got a temper" he laughs following me to the end of the lane, "You Fucking drugged and kidnapped me, how do you expect me to act, 'oh cheers for the kidnapping and oh the drugs were great' No" I shout angrily.

"Who said that was me" he smirks, i feel my insides begin to boil and I'm sure as hell, he can tell.

"Ok ok guilty as charged" he chuckles picking his speed up slightly so he walks quickly besides me.

"What do you even want" I snarl giving him a dirty look, "I told you gorgeous" he grins, "get yourself alone and I'll find you, which I did and oh did you need me".

"I did not need you" I spit causing him to roll his eyes, "so how did you get yourself in that situation" he asks and suddenly his hands in mine and I'm pulled into his chest.

I gasp and immediately try push him away, "get off" I shout pushing at his chest but he won't allow me.

"Have I told you, you're beautiful" he smiles sweetly and I scoff, I go to slap him but he catches my hand half way.

I breath hitches as he suddenly walks me backwards until my back hits the wall of a building, a solid look in his eye as he holds both wrists pinning them above my head with only one hand of his.

He stares at me for a moment, keeping his eyes focused until he shakes his head looking down, a sort of snort coming out of him.

"You know" he says and I close my eyes once feeling his breath on my face, he was so close, too close, as usual.

"No matter how much I try, I cant bring myself to scare you" he chuckles and my eyes narrow. "Scare me" I ask frowning, he grins and gently leans in towards my ear.

"Your toooo beautiful" he mutters, "I've been told" I roll my eyes, "now get off of me" I say wiggling trying to escape his grip.

He lets out a small laugh nudging his noise into my cheek before leaving a soft kiss on it, "GET OFF" I shout as soon as I feel his lips against my skin.

He lets out a chuckle and kisses my cheek cheekily once more before completely realising me and stepping back slightly.

He listened to me?

"So what do you want to know?" He asks so casually in his charming voice.

I give him a confused look and he grins, "don't you want to know anything, where I was, what happened to me, why I won't-" "what happened......where I can't remember anything" I ask quickly.

"Do you want to know the truth sweet heart" he smiles softly as we walk to God knows where, I nod my head slightly and he smirks.

"I'm working for Brett"

That's something I wasn't expecting.

"I thought you hated him" I frown, "oh I do but I also hate you're boyfriend" he mutters, "and it's easier to get to both Harry and Brett at the same time if I'm ith him" he smirks and I nod slightly, ignoring the whole getting to Harry part.

Know way, Harry isn't afraid of anything, there's literally nothing Harry's- wait......

"Me" I say suddenly, "he's scared to loose me" I continue telling myself more than Liam. "That's why you kidnapped me" I say spinning around and looking towards him.

"Smart and gorgeous" he smirks causing me to roll my eyes, "but you didn't answer, what happened" I ask confused.

"Ok so that was a bonus, the main reason why I needed you, was that Brett wanted you" my heart behind to race, "why".

"Not a clue beautiful" he says linking out hands which I quickly snatch away not even bothering to say anything. "Then why did you drug me" I ask suddenly feeling like I had an all easy access information machine next to me.

"Not that I'm guessing you'll believe me by I didn't want to drug you, it was wrong and I hated every second of it" he says suddenly with soft eyes, "but Brett needed me too".

"Why aw you telling me all this" I ask frowning, why was he.

"Because beautiful" he smirks, "I think you're beautiful and I must only be a gentleman to beautiful ladies" he grins, "gentlemen" I scoff.

"You fucking kidnapped me and drugged me, that's a gentleman is it" I snap, "and I'm telling you everything am I not now" he smirks which only caused me to roll my eyes.

"So how did you get all these" I ask running a hand down the side of his face where a large cut lies, he flinches away and I quickly apologise then curse for doing so, he didn't deserve one.

"Brett's men" he mumbles and I gasp suddenly remembering something.


I jump slightly when the door swings open and immediately climb further back on the bed away from the door.

Seeing them familiar brown orbs, I feel my insides begin to boil, "you bastard" I shout causing him to grin.

"That's a nice hello" he smirks and laughs loudly and my eyes shift to the door which is now wide open.

I could make a run for it, he's not directly in the way, I just have to duck under his arms and I can get out. It's worth a shot.

And with that I quickly jump off the bed diving for the door, "woah woah woah" liam laughs.

I don't even make it past him, his arms wrap around my waist keeping my back pinned to his chest.

"Agh get off of me!" I yell struggling to free myself from his grip. "That wasn't very smart" he chuckles and a small gasp escapes my lips.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood high as his breath brushed my skin tickling.

"Wh-what are you do-doing" I stutter closing my eyes and relaxing slightly.

I knew I wasn't going to get out of Liam's grip, just the same as any of the boys. "Getting a little pay back" he mumbles.

Once I feel his lips press against the back of my ear I immediately begin to fight him again.

"LIAM!" I yell and his loud chuckle irritates me, "mmm you are too beautiful you know" he smiles and rests his chin on my shoulder.

I try so desperately to get away but I know it's useless, he's in control.

"Why thank you, now let go of me" I remark sarcastically. "Hmm....I'll make you a deal, let me fuck you and sure I'll let you go" he asks.

"Your disgusting" I snap which only makes him laugh, "your choice" he shrugs and in one steady movement, once agin my feet are swooped from the ground and I'm thrown over his shoulder.

"LIAM" I scream and begin to pound my fists against his back which I wasn't able to do last time due to the ropes.

He laughs a little more before carrying me out of the room.

I don't even take in my surroundings I'm too busy pounding at his back, "I can't believe you" I yell.

"Ditto" he smirks and suddenly I'm swing back over his shoulder and placed on the floor.

Immediately I try to make a run for it but am blocked off my two large men.


With Liam I had a small small small chance, with these guys, they would likely squish me if I tried to run at all.

"He wants to speak to her" one of the men tells Liam.

The man has short brown hair attached to his chubby face, blue eyes and an extremely large body.

Where as the other, wins by height, he's extremely tall, bald headed with tattoos that smother him.

"I know that's where I'm taken her" Liam spits, he dosent seem like he likes them much either.

"She can walk" the tall one answers, "I'll go in with her" liam mutters, "No" the other answers strictly.

"He wants to see her alone" he tells him, I glance too liam confused who's face seams to have the slightest look of worry in his eyes.

He glances my way and our eyes meet for a split second before he swallows and nods.

"Through there" one of the men answers pointing towards a door besides me.

He has a rather deep and intimidating voice. I swallow myself before slowly walking toward the door.

I take a last nervous glance towards Liam who seams to be starring at me before pushing the door open and walking in.


"I remember....." I trail off, "the two guys, the bold one and the one coveted in tattoos" I say and he nods.

"You're remembering" he grins, "well Louis said the drug would wear off" I mumble.

"Good old Louis, always been the smart one" he smirks, "good old Liam always been the fucking prick" I remark mockingly.

He rolls his eyes grinning at me, "you love me really" before I can even reply, my phone begins to ring, I yank it from my pocket and immediately answer once seeing Harry's name.

"Harry" I cry into the phone, "Hannah" he gasps, "where are you, are you ok, what happened, I'm coming to find you" he babbles on worriedly.

"Harry don't worry I'm fine, I'll jus-" I'm cut off when the phones yanked from my hands.

"Liam" I shout trying to snatch it back, and suddenly my backs against his chest as he holds both my arms and body pinned to him with one hand.

"Harry! And how are you this fine day" Liam says cheerfully into the phone.

"Liam give it back" I shout trying to free myself from his grip but it dosent work.

I can even hear Harry shouting from the other side of the line, he's that loud.

"That's not a very nice attitude towards the guy that saved you're precious little girlfriend from the two big bad wolves. And besides, you don't seam to be doing a good job, letting your girlfriend out alone with all the trouble makers" he laughs.

"LIAM" I scream fighting at his arms, "she's fine, what makes you think I would hurt her, you know, you're not the only one that thinks she's beautiful" he grins continuing to wined up Harry. Whilst still ignoring me.

"We're on Titan road" Liam says playfully, I frown turning my head to him for a moment, he wasn't lying.

Why is he telling Harry where we are, I thought he didn't want Harry.

"She'll see you soon" Liam grins before hanging up the phone and realising me, which immediately I pounced away from him.

He chuckled handing my phone back which I quickly snatched away.

"Why did you tell him where we are" I frown, "well I need him to trust me don't i" he smirks.

I frown giving him a questioning look and he rolls his eyes, "I need him to trust me, you know, keep you're friends close and you're enemy's closer".

I scoff rolling my eyes, "ok one, he would never trust you anyway and two, who do you think he'll believe more, me or you" I mutter.

"Well then" he grins and takes a step forward, suddenly all I can feel is his warm breath on my face.

"I guess I'll just have to get you to trust me" he grins.

And suddenly!

He kisses me.

I'm to in shock to do anything, my body's frozen to the spot and I can't even do anything about it.

Moments later he finally pulls away, a wide smile plastered on his face, "see you soon beautiful" he says and with that spins around and walks away.

I bother to speak or even go after him, I just seam to watch him. Until he's out of sight.

My heart raced in my chest as I continue to stare still, off into the empty distance, I just allowed him to kiss me.

Kiss me!

And I have a boyfriend, who I love, what the duck is wrong with me. I love Harry and I just allowed his ex best friend, the guy he probably hates most in life kiss me.

I'm the worst girlfriend ever.

How could I do this to Harry.

And with that, I allow a tear to fall from my eye as I sit on the curb.

What have I done.



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Liam and Hannah kissed!

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