Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


24. Just a player

Hannahs POV

"I'll see you soon" Luke smiled sweetly and i nodded, "bye" i yelled and he waved as i walked out, it was 5 o'clock now and work had just finished.

I had invited Luke over tomorrow just to hang out considering i hadn't with him in a while.

I made my way home and managed to get indoors just before the rain began to pick up.

I sighed slipping out of my coat throwing it onto a hook, i walked into the kitchen and grabbed a can of coke out of the fridge.

As i turned around i saw a note on the counter, i picked it up and read the scruffy writing that belonged to my mother.

I set your alarm for work and will be talking to you soon im sure you know about what. See you at 10, mum x

I read and sighed, what a fun evening this will be, i didn't want to be talking about Harry i didn't want to even be thinking about him yet his face and words ranked my mind.

I sighed heavily and walked into the lounge just sitting down and watching TV, half my life is pretty much wasted watching TV waiting for my mum to get home.

*At 10*

I sipped the can and heard the front door open, then my mums hills click against the old wooden floor boards.

I kept my eyes focused on the TV as i felt her presences as she walked into the lounge where i sat.

I turned my head her way and she starred at me, her eyes were narrowed but showed no emotion what so ever but i knew she was flaming.

"Care to explain" she snarled and i rolled my eyes, "mum hes just my fri-" "don't you dare say hes just your friend because last time i checked you don't sleep half naked on top of someone if your just friends" she snapped and i sighed.

"Ok so hes a bit more than a friend" i muttered, "don't make a big deal out of it" i finished and her eyes seemed to grow bigger in fury.

"Don't make a big deal out of it, your kidding right, my 17 year old daughter keeps bringing boys home to fuck" she yelled and my head snapped her way.

"What" i yelled standing up, "you heard me" she snarled, "what the hell do you mean by boysss and you have no business in that im old enough" i snapped.

"Well im pretty sure the other one with tattoos has been here who knows how many different boys you bring home" she yelled and i felt rage build up, "Zayn is my fucking friend he came round once coz we were going to hang out and its nice to know what you think of your own daughter" i yelled tears filling my eyes.

"You don't make it very easy" she snapped, "OK YES I FUCKING SLEPT WITH HIM, ONE FUCKING GUY" I screamed, "THAT MAKES ME SUCH A BAD FUCKING PERSON DOSENT IT" i screamed and she glared at me.

"Get out of my sight" she snapped and i scoffed walking past her and quickly ran up the stairs.

I burst through my bedroom door and slammed it shut, my back slowly slid down the wall as i squeezed my eyes shut tightly.

I love her so much but shes not the best and nicest of people, I guess shes still depressed from my dad leaving, even though it had been 11 years but my mum was hopelessly in love with my father.

They were together as teenagers and survived throughout a lot considering she had me at 19, I guess that's why she hates me with boys at such a young age, she dosent want me to go through what she went through.

After everything for my dad to just drop us drop her, it must of hurt and i do understand it just drives me mad when she gets too protective.

I cupped my head between my hands and sighed, i could remember the day my dad left, there wasn't a lot of things i remembered from such a young age but sadly that was one of them.


"Rick please don't do this" my mother sobbed loudly, my small figure sat on the sofa, legs crossed with my blanket covering me.

"No I cant fucking take it" my dad growled knocking my mum to the side, "please think of your daughter how can you do this to her, you cant leave Hannah and I" my mum yelled as newly fresh tears slivered down her cheeks.

I could remember my favourite TV show was on but hearing my name ey my attention turned to my parents, they wouldn't stop yelling back then I had know idea why.


My little legs hopped off of the sofa dragging my blanket with me and i doodled to the hall where they were arguing, "daddy" i called making them both shut up.

There heads shot my way and i tilted my head to the side, "my head hurts why awe you shoutin" I frowned rubbing my sore head.

My mum stayed silent tears still soaking her eyes as my dad just looked at me, his eyes glistened in the light and he shook his head, he ignored me and turned back to my mum.

"Goodbye Kerry" he muttered before walking out, my mum screamed his name running back out after him.

I could remember her beating at his chest screaming at him that he couldn't leave me but she meant her. I just stood there never understanding truly why he had left, i still don't today.

I wiped the few tears that sat across my red cheeks then changed into my PJs and climbed into bed, this wasn't the best of weeks.

*in the morning*

I woke up to hearing my mums alarm next door, i groaned and shoved my head into my pillow.

I heard her get dressed then walked down stairs making breakfast, i felt my stomach rumble at the thought of food.

I ignored it and waited until I heard the front door close, i swung my covers back and quickly jogged downstairs to get some food.

I opened the cupboard and pulled out the bread box, stepping on my toes to reach.

I took two slices of bread out and put them in the toaster, I then walked to the fridge.

I opened it up to find nothing, literally nothing, i groaned loudly and just made my toast.

I grabbed some jam spreading it across the surface then sat down on one of the stools and ate.

After i had finished i decided to head to the shop to get some proper food. I ran upstairs and changed into a pair of light blue denim jeans and a white vest top.

I slipped on a navy hoodie and my white high top converse and grabbed my phone jogging down stairs.

I grabbed my dark blue body warmer and put it on before grabbing some money and went out.

The weather was rather chilly not to cold but a breeze had picked up and i was grateful for deciding to add a body warmer to my outfit.

I made it to the shopping centre and as usual it was packed tight, i looked around over the crowds of people and spotted starbucks, Luke was still working may as well pay him a visit even though hes coming round later.

I shoved my way threw the obnoxious people barging past and finally made it to starbucks.

Warmth filled me sending a smile across my lips, i could see Luke at the counter and lucky for me i had come when his break was about to start.

His smile widened as he spotted me and he called for someone to take over the counter before stepping out and over to me.

"What are you doing here stranger" he chuckled and I smiled, "came to see you stranger" i joked back and we shared a small laugh.

He made us two steaming cups of hot chocolate and coffee for himself before we sat down at a booth for two next to the huge glass wall window.

"What are you doing here i thought i was coming round later" he questioned taking a sip.

I head the boiling cup between my iced hands and starred into his blue eyes, "you are and I have literally no food so i came to buy some and thought to see you first" i smiled and he grinned.

"Well its always lovely to see me" he smirked and i giggled slightly. We spoke about random things catching up a bit and he was in the middle of telling me about his sister and her fiancé.

"Good for her" i grinned and he nodded, "yeah the guys alright" he smiled as i returned a smile.

Hearing his name his head turned that way, "I'll be back in a minute" he smiled and i nodded as he stood up causing the chair to scrap back and walked over to the counter.

After several minutes of starring ahead concentrated in thought my head drifted to the window watching the busy people rush around.

Some were just shopping in and out of the different clothes and food shops but others were business people rushing around.

There was a train station at the end of the many shops which caused new outbreaks of people to fill the space even more every 15 minutes.

The shopping centre was your average size, it contained many different shops, food courts and one huge supermarket.

It had a park for kids and a small grass area which i loved, in the middle of it a huge blue fountain sat freshly painted letting water flow easily out of it.

I smiled watching a small child with her father throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish, i had done that once with my dad.

I could remember that as well, i could even remember the wish, i had wished for doll. I could remember the thrill and excitement when my wish came true over such a small thing which my parents had bought for my birthday.

If only back then i new what my father would have done, i would have of wished for him to just be gone sooner, i wish he was gone before i even knew what to call him.

Just to take away the pain and memories, maybe my life could have been different if he just wasn't there in the start.

My eyes drifted past all the different people until they stopped, stopped on someone.

I could feel the sweat build up as i looked at the mop of curls and gorgeous face, Harry.

My stomach seamed twist and my heart beat quicker at the sight of another girl, my lips parted slightly as i starred at him.

Only a few feet away from the fountain Harry stood his hands planted on the girls waste. A smirk was planted on his face before he roughly pulled her closer and his lips crashed against hers.

My heart shattered at the sight and i chocked out a sob, my eyes watered slightly as i watched him push her back against the wall.

Salty tears slipped down my cheeks and i tore my eyes away looking down, i squinted them shut try to keep my tears at holt but i couldn't.

They ran freely and i shook my head, i was right he is just a fucking dick, how could i have thought for even a second he cared for me, a certain emptiness gained its way inside of me as the truth truly reviled itself.

He really was a player. He found success in the art of seduction and once he had got what he wanted, he moved on.

Why had he even stayed with me the day after we slept together, was it just the thrill and satisfaction of me think he actually liked me, is that wa sit was.

"Hannah" i heard a puzzled voice asked and my head snapped its way, to see a confused and concerned Luke.

Seeing my tears he was by my side immediately, his arms wrapped around me pulling me into his chest where i sobbed silently.

He looked around uneasily at the few people in the shop then slowly lifted me up so i was standing.

"Come on" he whispered and walked me to the back room, my head was still hidden away though.

He walked me over to the small couch as we sat down, his arms were still wrapped tightly around me as i sobbed uncontrollably into his chest.

I need to stop, he wasn't worth my tears, but the very thought of that sent me into another hysterical out break of tear.

After a few moments, Luke finally managed to speak, "whats wrong" he whispered gently hugging me tightly.

My own tears drowned me as i sat still sobbing and i nearly chocked on my own words spitting out his name.

"Whos Harry" he asked gently and i sobbed for a few moments more, "m-my bo-boyfriend" i stuttered and i felt my body heat up with anger, "no actually hes not my boyfriend hes a fucking dick who i stupidly thought cared for me" i spat but tears still drowned my face.

I was not going to call him my boyfriend, he wasn't my fucking boyfriend, he didn't deserve that tittle before he was even all over that girl.

Another burst of tears erupted at the thought of the girl and him, "hay calm down Hannah, its aright come on we better get you home" he whispered softly then called for Chris.

As he walked in his eyes were immediately on me, i could see him mouth what was wrong and Luke shake his head.

"Do you mind if i get her home and have the rest of the day off" he asked and Chris nodded quickly.

"Of course" he smiled lightly, "i hope your ok darling" Chris said gently rubbing my back and i weakly nodded my head but the sob that realised from my mouth as i did so confirmed that i wasn't.

I don't remember standing up and walking to Luke's car and i don't remember the drive home but i do remember sitting at home curled up in a ball on my sofa.

Luke walked out with some tissues and popcorn, "come on, you me movie marathon" he grinned trying to lighten up the mode and i smiled lightly.

"Yeah" i sniffed, i had stopped crying but small sobs were realised every now and again, i didn't want to even be thinking what Harry and that girl were doing now.

Yet the thought hung loosely in my mind, Luke put in Grown ups knowing it was a type of movie which would make me laugh and i smiled lightly appreciating the effort to cheer me up.

He walked over and sat next to me hooking an arm around my shoulder pulling me into him, so we were snuggled up.

Me and Luke were like me and Matt, we were extremely close and he was like a brother for me, it was great since Matt couldn't come down very often that i had practically another brother.

I smiled and snuggled closer and began to watch the film which now started.

*3 hours later*

I giggled as Luke laughed loudly, we were now on our second film ted, Luke's choice, it had cheered me up a bit but only a bit.

I tried as hard as i could to ignore the aching pain that wouldn't go away but i couldn't the pain still accrued and there was nothing i could do about it.

I sighed heavily and Luke turned his attention my way, "hay you ok" he whispered and i sighed shrugging.

"I need a drink" i muttered, he leant forward and took my drink that sat on the small coffee table in front of us and held it out for me.

"No i mean a real drink" i sighed and Luke shook his head, "no, no way last time i took you out and you got drunk you one nearly got hit my a car and two your mum wanted to hit me with her car" he chuckled at the memory and i smiled lightly.

"Please i need to get my mind off of him" i sighed and Luke looked down, "what" i questioned and he sighed heavily.

"I know someone whos having a party tonight" he mumbled and my eyes lit up, "please can we go" i begged and he sighed.

"Your mum will kill me" he said frustrated and i pouted, "fine" he groaned and i smiled widely, "yay" i shrieked and he chuckled.

"what time" i questioned, "well you need to be home by 10 and-" "No i don't" i said shaking my head, "but i thought your mum gets home and 10" he questioned and i nodded.

"she dose but i don't care, its a party, im not going home at 10" i mumbled and he sighed.

"Ok then, we can leave at 8" he said and i nodded, "ok" i grinned and he rolled his eyes.

This will be good for me, i can get my mind off of Harry for a while, i cringed thinking of him.

"Well its 4 now and i'll leave at 6 to get ready so lets just watch one more film" he smiled and i nodded.

He stood up and picked out a few DVDs and showed them to me, i pointed at 'The vampires assistant" and he rolled his eyes as i giggled.

We sat back down and watched the film.

*At seven*

Luke had left an hour ago and at the moment i was getting ready, at the moment i had a small bright red dress on but had soon changed my mind.

Finally i decided on a white vest top which was cut just above my belly button showing a bit of my stomach.

The word love written across it in atelic and some high black shorts with silver studs.

i threw on my high top converse, i don't do hills, and was in the middle of curling my hair sat criss crossed on the floor in front of the mirror.

I had done my make up just the perfect amount and my hair looked nice, i grinned once i was finished looking in the mirror.

Not being vein, but i looked good, i smiled and looked at my phone for the time, 7:45pm, Luke will be hear in 5 minutes.

By the time i had sorted myself out adding a few finishing touches there was a knock down stairs.

I jogged down and opened up the door to see Luke, he was dressed in a black plain top and some skinny jeans, simple but hot, i must admit.

"Hello beautiful" he smiled and i giggled, "come on" i said pushing him out of the door and towards his car.

"Someone's egger" he chuckled and i gave him a half smile, I just wanted to get my mind off of things already.

Getting ready only reminded me of the day i found Liam in the clup and Harry came to pick him up.

I need to forget Harry tonight and just have freaking fun, i climbed in Luke's car as we set off. 

I looked out of the window just watching as we drove past the different cars, "shit" Luke mumbled and i frowned looking at him.

"What" i questioned, "low tank just need to stop for some gas" he smiled and i nodded.

We drove a little more until we came to a gas station, he pulled in and climbed out of the car as i sank back into my seat.

I sighed and starred ahead, i frowned looking at the car in front of us, it looked sorta familiar.

I starred at it for a moment until it clicked and my lips parted slightly, it was Niall's blue sports car.

"Fuck" i muttered under my breath, i caught Luke out of the corner of my eye as he walked in to pay, my eyes followed him as he stood in the cue and just my luck Niall was freaking in front of him.

I glanced through the back window of his car and there wasn't any of the other boys, phew.

I watched as he paid then walked out of the car, walking to his car, i found myself sinking slightly as he walked further, he hadn't seen me and i hope he won- FUCK jinxed it.

He saw me, he frowned as he reached his car and starred at me for a moment questioning himself if it was or wasn't me.

"Hannah" i heard briefly and i chewed my bottom lip waving slightly, he began to walk towards the car and I bit my lip.

I jumped slightly at the sound of the car door opening and Luke sliding in, i hadn't even seen him come on of the station yet.

Niall stopped in his track and frowned even more when he saw Luke, "ok lets get going" Luke grinned and i nodded.

He started the engine and swerved around Niall's car and out into the road, i bit my lip looking back to see him still starring off at us in the distance.

i sighed and turned around, just what i fucking needed another reminder of that dick.

5 minutes later and we had reached the huge house where the party was, i could already hear the blasting music and crowds of people through the open-curtained windows.

"Come on" Luke grinned and i smiled as we climbed out of the car, we walked over to the open door and a rush of heat hit me.

We walked further into the packed tight house until we made it to the living room, i knew loads of people hear, the actually party itself belonged to a boy called Scott who went to my school when i went there.

"Scott" Luke yelled over the music and the blonde haired boy turned our way, he grinned widely walking over, "thought you weren't coming" he grinned fist bumping Luke.

"Changed my mind and hope you don't mind but i brought a friend" he grinned looking at me, Scotts eyes travelled my way and immediately lit up.

Scott kinda had a thing for me, not sounding vein but its the truth, countless times he asked me out back in school but after the whole......Damon thing....i just couldn't date anyone.

"Hannah Woods" he said shocked his mouth dropping slightly, "Hi Scott" i smiled and he starred at me in astonishment.

"You look...." he trailed off speechless and i blushed lightly, "you don't look to bad yourself" i giggled, i must admit he has gotten better looking since i last saw him, about a year ago.

He grinned and Luke chuckled, "lets get a drink" he yelled and i nodded remembering why i came to this party.

Then regretted it as Harry entered my mind but i pushed him away, to the back of my head, i needed to forget.

Luke handed me a drink and i could smell the fumes of the alcohol, i sighed starring at it, was this really the best idea, i cant ignore my problems......

No, i need this, it will do me good for one night, i sighed before shrugging and downing it.

It burned my throat as the liquid slid down my throat, i coughed slightly then shook my head, "another" i yelled and Scott grinned handing me another.

Then it all went down hill, i had no idea how many i had drank but it seemed to be working because i cant even remember what was wrong in the first place.

*An hour later*

I couldn't stop giggling, everything seemed so funny and everything seemed so much slower and blurry but i didn't care, i was having a good time.

I had been dancing for God knows how long when i heard a wolf whilst and turned to see Scott, "God your sexy" he muttered stepping forward and gripping my waist.

I giggled and pushed him away, "Scott" i giggled and he smirked, "dance with me" he asked and i rolled my eyes and nodded.

He smirked before turning me around and grabbing my waist pulling me back against his body as he started to grind against me.

"You know im only agreeing to this because im drunk" i giggled and he rolled his eyes as i suddenly felt his lips attack my neck as he sucked against the skin.

I moaned and he smirked widely, "my room" he growled in my ear and i shook my head, "your going to have to get me even more drunk to agree to that" i giggled and he groaned loudly.

"I'll get you a drink" he muttered and i giggled as he walked off.

I stood in the middle of everyone, the lights flashed different colours and the music blasted as sweaty body's danced all around me.

I was quite happy dancing by myself when i suddenly felt someones large hands grip my waist from behind, "Scott" i questioned and the unknown person squeezed my waist tighter, "angel" he growled and my eyes grew wider.

Even though i was drunk like hell, i felt very much sober now and everything I had forgotten now returned to my head very quickly as i managed to choke out his name.

"Harry" i whispered squinting my eyes shut.



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